Should Paternity Tests be Mandatory at Birth?

mandatory paternity testing

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In this podcast episode about culture, we discuss the topic of mandatory paternity testing at birth. It is widely known that when DNA test results have gone wrong they can ruin a family. Paternity testing is also big business and is now being considered by policymakers as an item on their agenda to be enacted into law. For example, the Maury, show has gained immense exposure from documenting when (DNA Maury Tests) have gone wrong. With the high rates of paternity fraud in the USA, mandatory paternity testing has grown in support from men. DNA testing could be the solution from a legal perspective to ensure biological parents are identified at birth as well. In this episode, we will react to a debate/discussion that was held on Mina TV on if paternity testing should be mandatory. The debate was intense on both sides so let’s talk about it. Should policymakers consider mandatory paternity testing?

Mandatory Paternity Testing

That is the topic of discussion… what are the pros and cons.

PATERNITY TESTS should they be Mandatory at birth? (Karat Juice Podcast)
Should Paternity Tests be Mandatory at Birth? (Karat Juice Podcast)


The source is courtesy of Mina TV & Poor Man’s Podcast Reacts

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
Hey, what’s up YouTube Karat Juice Podcast here for another video. You guys saw that title you saw the tumbnail you know exactly why we are here we are talking about if paternity tests should be mandatory at birth. There has been a lot of discussion about this. This is a hot topic, we’re going to be reactingo a video that involves the African millennials, I saw a content creator that I really look up to and I really appreciate poor man’s podcasts check out his channel i will link it in the description talk about this first, but I thought this was an interesting topic and I have some of my thoughts on it. So I want to talk about it as well. If you haven’t done so already liked the video I really appreciate you guys subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already if you enjoy the content so without further ado, let’s get into this conversation and see what we can learn from this. Godfather

Unknown Speaker 1:16
we’re here the energies is perfect. I would like to fish the bass to take us into the topic today.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
The love feud over here, there’s a lot of things going on. Dear AMS What’s your stance on mandatory DNA testing for kids? lately? I’ve been very paranoid about unknowingly taking care of another man’s child and then finding out years later dot dot dot man’s not man’s not Santa coffee from English. UK. Thank God

Unknown Speaker 1:56
for a few coffees good. Wow. Oh, my goodness. Talk about representation. I’ll start with this. I think it should be you can see the stress in his forehead behind you need to reframe the way you think about black men, black men. With seven kids,

Unknown Speaker 2:39
I want to have something good. The question

Unknown Speaker 2:46
should definitely be I think that testing needs to be mandatory

Unknown Speaker 2:55
that you won’t be scared about. Wrapping before I think that the United States making DNA testing mandatory is stupid. I don’t think that, you know, she would think that if you benefited chance, go do that on your own time. Because you feel that way. I don’t think every person is millions of people in the United States. Like it doesn’t make sense that people could be using that time to do other things like you could be Yeah. If the child

Montay Lee 3:28
is actually there. And what are we talking about here to

Unknown Speaker 3:32
be the father of the child, you may you know, let’s say you’re not with that woman, which that happens a lot. You know, in today’s society, there’s some doubt that this is probably not my child, but instead of, you know, on both ends where I feel like you should just be a manager don’t tell somebody to father a child. But you know, that is a doubt like if you’ve had slept with someone in between, I mean, you can

Unknown Speaker 3:52
doubt by going by God and getting married

Montay Lee 3:55
by God. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa

Come on, sis. Going by God. God ain’t got nothing to do with this. We go all the way back to God. We’re going all the way back to Egypt. Egypt ain’t got nothing to do God in the commandments and got nothing to do with a man trying to find out and trying to be certain before he signs his name on the dotted line and before he gives his resources to what he thought was his child. A man deserves the right to know. To be certain I don’t see a problem with that. If you’ve been being faithful and doing everything you need to do. It’s mandatory. So both sides will No, I don’t see the problem with that because there’s a lot of legality in making sure that the child is actually biologically yours. Let’s get back to the video. I mean, I get on my soapbox

Unknown Speaker 5:09
real life in real life, what actually happens? In a practical, practical universe? What actually happened? Especially mistakes happen?

Unknown Speaker 5:20
Man have the right to know for sure. But it’s definitely, definitely thank you guys though I mean, I think men definitely deserve to know it’s there, right? Just like if a woman’s like out there like that she deserves to know who the father is as well. But I think it’s definitely insulting. If you’re in a relationship and you’re married and you’re proud about

Montay Lee 5:44
your feelings.

Unknown Speaker 5:47
No. You raise it and that’s, you know, that’s your child the end of the day, but you ever had that? You didn’t get that person that decision?

Unknown Speaker 5:58
I feel like if you’re in marriage, you’re happy. You’re having babies. And it takes a lot to get to that place where you know, you’re having babies with someone that if you’re

Montay Lee 6:10
married, don’t get married on cheat. Can

Unknown Speaker 6:13
you take a DNA test? I mean, are you kidding me? Like,

Montay Lee 6:16
are we talking about? Like,

Unknown Speaker 6:17
what did we go down the aisle forward to me sales vows for if you’re not gonna automatically know that this baby is yours. So this is what I’m gonna say.

Montay Lee 6:30
Here we go. I think

Unknown Speaker 6:31
that y’all want this to be mandated, because of a conversation, you are not strong enough to have with your girl. One to you requesting DNA. First of all, this is a very gendered question, right? There’s no way for a woman Well, let me not speak for every woman. For me specifically, there’s no way if my man came up to me, I wouldn’t feel some type of offense. But fine. If you have you have the right to know whether it’s your child or not. Because I know this is my child. Right? But to say that it’s mandated as well, I have a problem. Who who’s picking up those costs the US government, the US government should be paying for these mandatory tests for you to not No, no, no, first of all, we have so many issues in this country already. To fat to to then place that type of payment on the US government. No, no, no. Health care doesn’t, does not cover so many ailments that are like people are dying from

Unknown Speaker 7:38
ailments I just like.

Unknown Speaker 7:41
So for you to make that mandatory, that would have to be a government issue. You know, if you want a mandatory test, which I do.

Unknown Speaker 8:00
I personally pay taxes. And I care about where my money goes. I’m not here to pay for so and so because there’s a confusion about who’s the father, that’s not my business, handle your, your personal shit. And for me, I want to fund schools. I want to find the MTA because the trains are never on time. We got bigger problems. We have bigger problems. I’m sorry, I’m not paying for no mandatory times. Mandatory mandatory requires everyone to do it not not everybody can pay for us know that you add it you added you’re adding stuff.

Montay Lee 8:37
Let me say this, oh,

Unknown Speaker 8:40
when you say mandatory, that includes people that are having children that don’t necessarily have the money to pay for this test, a mandated thing is you want is going to be covered by the government. So if you can afford it, so which are not. So the US government is going to take care of it. We have too many other issues that are way more pressing than you know me, the biological your biological child, and whether that be your child, if you personally want to check for your child, that’s you, but to say that it’s mandatory across the country, that’s crazy.

Unknown Speaker 9:18
You say that you will pay for it. Right? So if it costs $5,000 You’re gonna pay for a DNA test that cost $5,000.

Unknown Speaker 11:13
though Would you be okay with your wife having you do a lie detector test whether you cheat on her? Why not but what if you weren’t doing something wrong though? I wouldn’t be as a result in

Unknown Speaker 11:29
the hospital a woman and a hospital woman do X for DNA test men do people do X on the leg don’t pull the nurses out and be like you

Unknown Speaker 11:40
question is about it being mandated

Unknown Speaker 11:46
this question I think for sure that the person that was writing this was talking about a part like they’re talking about like when you’re requesting it like it should be mandatory where like let’s say a dad is is like acting like this isn’t his child you should be to say oh I had this DNA

Unknown Speaker 12:02
but that is their child

Unknown Speaker 12:04
and they just say

Unknown Speaker 12:06

Unknown Speaker 12:13
cross the country understand the effects of what that’s going to be completely different things so when you’re while you’re talking about yes while is saying that it shouldn’t be mandated for the whole country when there are so many other issues that we have to attend to because of personal issues with

Unknown Speaker 12:33
me you will not country what is a personal problem you don’t know if that’s your child that’s personal the country this lady

Unknown Speaker 12:54
why she’s so gruesome

Unknown Speaker 13:02
that is personal only be

Unknown Speaker 13:04
mandated if it’s if you’re not in marriage if you’re in marriage to women in this situation about the topic in which we’re talking about pregnant pregnancies and DNA tests in most cases they’re not going to be you have doubts about who the women cheating and that’s why the baby may not be yours. The direct topic question was from a man asking he doesn’t want to raise another man’s child so in that case, who would have cheated the woman so yeah, in those situations is going to always be about a woman you’re trying to get a DNA test. It was a man he gonna bring the evidence of the cheating he gonna bring the child and that’s exactly the part where That’s where it hurts the most like that’s the time where it shouldn’t be mandatory if I’m in

Unknown Speaker 13:55
charge it’s not when it’s in a situation more times than not when it’s like a relationship is usually the woman who’s committed infidelity. Because the guy the guy the guy is assuming if you’re a relationship like you’re married and you’re in a relationship the man is assuming and most of your murder you watch these cases you hear about restores

Montay Lee 14:19
it happens in life that is actually to happen. Maury, where she lives

Unknown Speaker 14:23
unfaithful he sounds like he’s guilty or something because a lot of time and a lot in a lot of culture. The men is normally the one that’s out there cheating.

Montay Lee 14:33
Do you see that? Do you see how the women keep on misconstruing it? They’re talking about mandatory paternity test. women cheat men cheat at about an equal rate. Okay. So let’s just squash that right there. They’re trying to make it seem like women who are in marriages are just like these fairies who can do no wrong but new slash people public service announcement. men cheat and marriages and women cheat in marriages. The thing is, women have a womb to where if they cheat, there’s a possibility they get pregnant. It could be another man’s child. mandatory testing. What protect both of them so they would know exactly who the father is. But they’re feigning ignorance here. They’re feigning. Oh, that’s those women over there. No, it’s a pressing issue. And there’s something What’s the problem with it? You’re already there. You’re at the hospital. I’m pretty sure 80% Of the men, probably 90% of the men will be willing to pay $500 Just to have the test right there. Put it on the bill. Go ahead. Even if you don’t have any, even if you have no doubts that the baby’s yours, why not you’re already there. Just do it. You know, it’s in your best interest it’s in her best interest because if it’s not yours, she needs to know who their father is because you’re gonna have to be going after him for child support or what have you right I just don’t like seeing these cases where it’s like men are raising a child for years and years build an attachment a bond and then come to find out after the fact the kid is not theirs. That’s some of the worst pain that a man could ever feel in his life. And that’s trying to help in cut that off at the path but no, they don’t want to see that they want to continue status quo why because it benefits them

Unknown Speaker 16:33
and even even guys that aren’t religious even people that are I know people personally that are you know that go to church every Sunday but they still cheating on their wives. So absolutely talking about the person

Unknown Speaker 16:43
that you want is automatically that’s that’s your child and that’s why a man acts as question it was it was directly gender related. A man is asking that question if you’re outside that’s another big thing because everyone’s right to do they were single whatever but when you’re with somebody the person to have a question about if they’re the father of that child they go through the rest of their of this child’s life taking care of it and if that was me, like Yeah, after 18 years I’m not gonna turn you back on the child but if I had known from day one I’m out I’m gonna head out

Unknown Speaker 17:13
all the fucking time you don’t make a big deal but you have a choice you know

Unknown Speaker 17:26
what I’m making a declaration between is the fact that this is a personal problem that you have with your girl and you’re making a country responsibility when we have other things to attend to first.

Unknown Speaker 17:37
It is not mine I’m walking away exactly that’s it another notes talk about exactly just talking about what I’m gonna do. I don’t know what they’re gonna do, but I’m out.

Unknown Speaker 17:45
I don’t think there’s any issue with a man taking care of another man’s child. We do it all the time. You knowing that

Montay Lee 17:54
guys guys, did you just hear what she said? Let’s let’s rewind this back let’s rewind this back.

Unknown Speaker 18:07
I don’t know what they’re gonna do but I’m out.

Unknown Speaker 18:09
I don’t think there’s any issue with a man taking care of another man’s child women all the time whether you know

Montay Lee 18:24
what is she talking about? I don’t have a problem with a man raising another man’s child it all makes sense now where she’s coming from Goodness gracious. You cannot make this stuff up

Unknown Speaker 18:40
child and say Oh, I had I had drama what’s going on with

Montay Lee 18:43
that copy?

Unknown Speaker 18:44
What are we gonna do? Oh, he’s taking and paying child support to another family. You had no idea. So when we’re just like jumping like Oh, I’m not gonna do this. I’m not going to do that. Hold on. It’s already been done.

Unknown Speaker 18:56
You could have been doing masculine energy in your life. I don’t know feet and pigeons. I don’t know doing anything. But you raising a kid that is not yours. I mean, if you had the option to know that was your kid and you wanted to raise that kid? Um That’s perfectly fine. A lot of people do that. But when you don’t know you’re doing it out of the obligation or the mindset that this is my child. I’m gonna raise him or her I’m raising them up. I love them. This is my DNA. This is my blood and they come to find out that’s not your kid.

Unknown Speaker 19:26
There’s a clear like disrespect going on right if I have Yes, I understand. It’s It’s fucked up. If somebody has a child for you. And and it’s not for you. It’s not my kid. Women first of all has to do that all the time. But we have these women when are any circumstances finished

Montay Lee 19:56

Unknown Speaker 19:57
circumstance where they need to take care of A child that isn’t there all the time. And I understand that, that ends up being a choice, right? Because you can. So that’s what I said Shabbat. So what’s the point he can’t do

Montay Lee 20:21
oh my god

Unknown Speaker 20:24
you’re not giving the person a choice, a choice. Everybody’s sitting there looking at you the same way

Montay Lee 20:35
oh my god, these dudes are doing the same thing I’m doing like what the hell is going on she crazy,

Unknown Speaker 20:42
we end up doing a personal problem for the government, the government to handle government because the government, we’re talking about a mandatory mandatory decision someone else has to pay for it. What I’m saying is that women had to face this all the time by choice or not, it doesn’t matter if the government doesn’t need to take up for you because you didn’t know about something matters

Unknown Speaker 21:22
that whole situation you can say not a damn thing let me finish. After you made that choice, you know that this, this child does not come from your womb, you’re sitting there or you take a man that has kids, you make that choice. All I’m saying we’re all playing fields equal. If I know this is not my child, then let me get the choice. Don’t allow somebody to go through the whole life of the children be

Unknown Speaker 21:53
what don’t make it mandatory?

Montay Lee 21:55
Why not?

Unknown Speaker 21:57
So boss can do whatever he wants with whoever he wants. As many times as he wants, I really don’t care. You have a right to know if this is your child. My issue? Issue specifically is that you are making it a bigger a bigger deal than it needs to be. No you are because you yell about this child being yours. handled that on your personal level. No, don’t give the government or the country that responsibility to handle your shit. You was man enough to stick it in whoever be man enough about asking about the results?

Montay Lee 22:31
Hey, I’m gonna flip it right here. She said be man enough to be able to ask about the results. Okay. Okay. So why don’t you Be woman enough to be able to handle the results when they come back? If you got nothing to hide? Let’s get the test results. You got nothing to hide? What’s the deal? What’s the problem? Why would you care? Why would you care at all? If you got nothing? Hi. Huh? Like, what is she trying to keep for and Stan look like? What is she trying to prove? By saying that you need to handle it on your own time? No, make it mandatory because it’s in both sides of US interest to know who the child actual parents are? Your man enough to put it in and she says, Well, your woman enough to open your legs up. And there are women out there 14 That 30% paternity fraud where a man finds out after the fact that the child wasn’t is any percentage of that is worth something like this going down because no man should be raising the child. That’s not his. Okay, so let me know what you guys think about this in the comments. If you enjoyed this video, make sure that you like it for the YouTube algorithm. I really appreciate you guys. So subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already. I’m going to keep this content coming for you guys. And yeah, it’s been real. Stay safe out there. And we’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace.

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