The Billionaire Stare: Rihanna

The Billionaire Stare : Rihanna. Rihanna is a billionaire and she has had an astounding career. It is my opinion, that the keys to what makes people successful are often over looked. The purpose of this series is to magnify the journey & habits of extremely successful people. It is my position, that there are lessons that we can all learn from these stories. That is if, we take the time to truly see. Welcome to the first installment of The Billionaire Stare where we are highlighting R&B superstar and Fashion & Beauty mogul, & now Billionaire, Rihanna. In this video, I hope that you get a deeper understanding of Rihanna, where she comes from, her achievements, trials and tribulations, as well as what it all means for her future.

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The Billionaire Stare: Rihanna Karat Juice Podcast


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