Paternity Fraud: Man Wrongly Imprisoned for 5 Years by Modern Woman!

Wrongly Imprisoned for 5 Years by Modern Woman! Paternity Fraud | Karat Juice Podcast

Episode Summary

In this episode, we are discussing a paternity court case where a man claims he was wrongly imprisoned for 5 years by a modern woman. This topic is important because paternity fraud is more prevalent than previously thought in society & this episode will show you how detrimental it can be for men & the culture overall. In this shocking paternity court case where a man claims he was wrongly imprisoned for five years by a modern woman who claimed he was the father of her child, I will provide commentary and perspective on this sensitive and emotional matter. The man claimed that due to the modern woman’s claim that he fathered her child, he was arrested and imprisoned for 5 years. The man has been adamant that he does not believe he is the biological father and he had not been provided proof of paternity until this court proceeding. The man who was wrongly imprisoned is seeking clarity & answers. Additionally, the modern woman in this case wants him to be humbled & after confirmed paternity results she wants him to own up to his responsibilities as a father. Tune in to find out exactly how this paternity court manner unfolds!

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Wrongly Imprisoned for 5 Years by Modern Woman!😳 #paternityfraud | Karat Juice Podcast

Paternity Fraud Statistics

” The AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), which accredits DNA testing labs, released its findings about paternity testing in a landmark 1999 report. The report states that 30 percent of DNA paternity tests nationwide turn out negative.

Paternity Fraud

Mistake Prisoner: Man Claims H was Wrongly Imprisoned for 5 Years | Paternity Court

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