47 YO ET Host Nischelle Turner wants an EDUCATED THUG!

Nischelle Turner is a beautiful and successful Black woman – who is single and looking for the man of her dreams. Nischelle Turner appeared on Shaq’s new podcast and explained the characteristics of her ideal man, which surprised everyone listening. “I’m looking for an educated thug,” Nischelle Turner told Shaq and his friends. The beauty continued, by saying that she prefers a man who is covered in tattoos. Nischelle Turner is one of the most successful Hollywood journalists of the past decade. She’s been the co-host Entertainment Tonight (2014–present) and Secret Celebrity Renovation (2021–present). In this video, I will give my commentary and perspective on the comments made by ET Host Nischelle Turner regarding her dating preference of tattooed men who are quote on quote educated thugs.

47YO ET Host Nischelle Turner wants an EDUCATED POOKIE! Karat Juice Podcast

Source courtesy of MTO News. https://mtonews.com/et-host-nischelle-turner-47-goes-viral-says-she-wants-to-date-a-thug-w-tattoos

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Nischelle Turner: fix this in your head because I don’t know another phrase to say but like an educated thug that’s the vibe.

Montay Lee: What’s up youtube Karat Juice Podcast here for another video! You guys saw that title you saw the thumbnail you know exactly what we’re talking about here today. I don’t want to waste your time so I’m going to get right into it.

I’m your host, Montay Lee, If this is your first time watching do me a favor! As it does not even cost you anything at all.. just like the video. I’m not gonna even ask you to subscribe yet. Today we’re talking about some comments that Nischelle Turner made while she was on the big podcast shout out to Shaq. I’m gonna get right into these comments they go without stating and then I’m gonna give my reaction to it. Here we go! According to E.T. host, Nischelle Turner she went viral because she said she wants to date a thug with tattoos. Let’s get into this article here. Nischelle Turner is a beautiful and successful black woman who was single and looking for a man of her dreams. Nischelle appeared on Shaq’s new podcast, The Big Podcast, shout out to him.. and explained the characteristics of her ideal man which surprised everyone who was listening. She said I’m looking for an educated thug, however, I’m just gonna play what she had to say.

Tracy McGrady: You know I’m in a different mind frame right now you know what I’m saying. I got my tattoos when I was a teenager and you know I was trying to find my way. So yeah i’m taking them off.

Nischelle Turner: Okay there is a thing about a tatted man that I really really like! I think that you can be like, fix this in your head because I don’t know another phrase to say.. like a educated thug. That’s the vibe, that’s doing his own thing gives you yeah.. I love that.

Co-Host: Yeah you’re in there.

Tracy McGrady: I don’t know If I want my kids to have a dad as an educated thug

Montay Lee: (stares at the camera intently) .. All right.. I don’t want to just like pile on with this woman. But, this is something that a lot of men know have known for the longest time. We’ve talked about it. I got nothing against if you’re a pookie. I got nothing against if you want to wear your jeans down to your ankles. However, there has been this notion that not all women are like that, not all of us want this. However, what we realize is the majority of women that we have been interacting with coming up.. I’m not saying it’s something that happens all the time.. but in high school & in middle school fellas talk to me, we’ve all had experiences where there were guys who you know we’re doing some questionable activities and they were getting a lot of the attention. I’m not knocking it — I’m not hating it’s just what i observed with my two eyes. However, usually, a lot of women move out of that stage by the time they get in their late 20s–30s and that’s when they’re looking for a good man. Okay, shout out to Coach Greg Adams and “THAT’s YOU a good man”! Right.. but what surprised me is this woman here Nischelle Turner is 47 years of age and she’s talking about she wants an educated thug. Let me say this if you’re a man worth his salt & doing big things and have some aspirations and good and positive things going on. Should you be taking this woman seriously? (Nope sound effect)

Why is it that a lot of women who are educated are going for pookies and ray rays? It’s a phenomenon that I don’t see happening in a lot of different cultures. However, especially when it comes to black women as it indicates in this article it seems to be a recurring thing. I’m not saying all right but it’s something that is prevalent and worth talking about. I’m going to continue on with the article here it also indicates Nischelle is one of the most successful hollywood journalists of the past decade. She’s been the co-host of entertainment tonight since 2014 and secret celebrity renovation since 2021. Previously she was a former entertainment correspondent for showbiz tonight and an CNN and entertainment correspondent for KMBC in Los Angeles. She was a general assignment reporter for KTTV Fox 11 from 2004 to 2008 and worked as a sideline reporter for fox Sunday NFL broadcast and did segments for a show called dailies. There’s a picture of Nischelle there.. attractive woman.. and her caption here says this is 47 and “focused.. I choose me grateful for another trip around the sun” Okay, nothing wrong with that anybody that’s saying “I choose me” is single for sure so umm.

I mean nothing against that but if you’re looking for an educated thug like you know we’ve said this over time a lot of women want Tupac… a lot of people want a faithful Tupac.

and this is just adding on to that trope. Prior to KTTV, she worked for weht the abc affiliate in evansville indiana and the wvue the fox affiliate in new orleans and new orleans. They say she’s a native of columbia missouri she attended the university of missouri or people say missouri and graduated from its missouri school of journalism in 1998 so she’s very successful she’s very successful has a lot of good things going for her but the draw and the allure of the all you know the pookies has even you know allured her so i’m just giving my thoughts on this this is something that as men we already knew happens and what you need to do as a man is don’t get drawn into trying to get tattoos i don’t have any tattoos don’t get drawn in trying to get tattoos trying to be hard trying to be tough if that’s not you now if that’s your mentality and that’s how you rock and that’s what you want to do then do it but as a man do not change yourself do not change your characteristics do not change your mentality trying to attain women what you should be doing is trying to be the best version of yourself if that’s being a geek and being weird then be the best geek okay if that’s being somebody who likes math if that’s being somebody that likes architecture and likes to create things then be an engineer and be the best engineer that you can be. Do not get caught up in trying to be tough. Trying to be some badass or something like that when that’s not your M-O or mentality. Because you know what most of the time that leads to is you in jail and that’s not a great place to be. And that’s not something you should aspire to do just to try to get women. There are some women who will appreciate you for legal things that you do, for your mentality, for your ability to provide before for your ability to add value to the world and I’m just going to keep it like that so that’s my thoughts on this. If you enjoyed this content and you enjoy my commentary here on this podcast. Go ahead and drop a like also subscribe to the channel! Hit the notification bell so you get a notification anytime I drop some content. I don’t want to be too long-winded. So I’m gonna let you go until next time, peace.

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