Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock – the SECRET behind it!

Will Smith Slapped Chris

Will Smith and Chris Rock have not buried the hatchet, despite reports to the contrary … in fact they haven’t spoken since the slap. A source with direct knowledge tells us Chris and Will haven’t settled anything, despite a claim from Diddy saying everything was cool. In fact, we’re told the whole thing stunned Chris … who went straight to his dressing room after the slap and there has been no communication since between the two men. In this episode, I will give my commentary on the developing story that evolved at the 94th annual Oscars ceremony where Acclaimed actor, Will Smith, slapped comedian, Chris Rock on live television after he told a joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock – the SECRET behind it! (Karat Juice Podcast)
Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock – the SECRET behind it! (Karat Juice Podcast)

Source courtesy of TMZ.

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Chris Rock: Jada, I love you G.I Jane 2, can’t wait to see it, alright.

Host: In this episode, I am going to give you the reason why the situation that involved will smith and Chris Rock shows that it is very important who you choose to cohabitate with to marry to spend the rest of your life with my thoughts on this might not be popular the most but if you are here at the Karat Juice Podcast you understand that I’m going to give you my commentary in perspective now I’m your host, Montay Lee and I’m gonna get right into it so everybody’s talking about this story. Everybody’s talking about what happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock. It’s the Oscars, the 94th annual Oscars and say what you want to say about the Oscars. It’s a very prestigious academy everybody doesn’t get invited over the years people who share my complexion have complained about how there was not enough inclusion in people being invited that’s been something that’s been a common theme. I’ve heard people speaking about the Oscars, nonetheless. Last night while Chris Rock, the host, who is a comedian.. a hall of fame comedian is doing what? He’s telling jokes! That’s what you do as a ‘Comedian’… okay the backdrop of what was going on I don’t need to play the video you guys have all seen it is all over social media. However, Will Smith, there’s a joke that gets stated by Chris Rock… and Will Smith found it necessary that he needed to respond to it.. so the first source is courtesy of TMZ and it indicates here. Chris Rock hasn’t spoken to will smith didn’t know Jada had alopecia.

Chris Rock: Now if she loses he can’t win! He is praying that Will Smith.. Plans like please lord. Jada, I love you, G.I. Jane 2 can’t wait to see it.. alright. It’s … that was a nice one okay I’m out here.. “oh Richard” (Crowd cheering)

Host: And at that point right there. I’m not gonna play it because everybody’s been playing it. Will smith found it necessary to walk up, stand up and to go slap Chris rock in the middle of the Oscars. What are my thoughts on this. My first inclination is it’s just sad because I’ve grown up watching Will Smith. I’ve grown up watching Fresh Prince, West Philadelphia born and raised. All that my favorite movie till this day is the pursuit of happiness. He’s one of the best actors we’ve ever had. We’ve ever seen and he’s still in his prime. The sad part about this all is he had never won an Oscar for best actor and last night he won an Oscar for King Richard and I thought it was deserving. But that’s been tainted by a poor emotional decision that he made to go and strike another black man on a stage for telling jokes. I don’t think that joke was out of bounds. I think that Chris Rock did not know that she has alopecia alright and even if she did people can’t take jokes nowadays. You know what I think. I hearken back to when we were in middle school when we were in high school back when you were talking to somebody or you were hanging out with your friends and you know we’ve always had that friend. If you can think back come with me come with me now let’s stink back. You remember when you were in like middle school or even high school freshman year and you were hanging out with your buddies. Your friends acquaintances right and then one of your one of your buddies gets a girlfriend. All right one of the first girls has ever showed him any attention, alright. And you guys were cool used to joke around you know play around with each other as far as you know giving each other [ __ ] that’s what people do from time to time. If you’re friends to me I think somebody’s not your true friend unless they can tell jokes with one another. It shows that you’re more comfortable, it shows that you can relate you’re not taking yourself too seriously. Alright, so if you’re my friend, I want to be able to make fun of you at times and jokes in love of course and vice versa. You know you’re comfortable around somebody if you could tell a joke around them I’m getting to the story with your friend Timmy. Let’s say Timmy as an example gets a girlfriend all of a sudden you’re busting jokes.. you’re busting his balls like you used to and now he feeling some type of way. If a joke comes out about his girlfriend that was always in bounds, it’s not disrespectful. It’s just a joke we’re just having fun and now he wants to puff up and come fight you. At the end of that we like (bruh). We just had fun it’s no malice behind it. That’s what I see when I see this situation here. It’s like we’re at the playground.. like it’s middle school or high school and Will Smith got in his emotions not because he felt some type of way about it. He looked over at Jada and saw she felt she was triggered by the joke. Because if you watch the video, he chuckled at first and was laughing then he looked at her face & she was over there looking like this (smug facial expression). And then he had to puff up like a like a puffer fish and go slapped Chris Rock. I’ll say this, it’s sad oh how the mighty have fallen and I’ll close with this. I started this by saying all this did was highlighted how you must choose who your mates are correctly or you can end up in a situation like this. Will Smith, wins an Oscar last night one of the highlights of a career of an actor and it’s all being glossed over now because of his emotional decision.. spurned and triggered by the emotions of Jada Pinkett Smith. And it’s really because of the underlying issue that nobody’s talking about the entanglement that happened back what.. was it 2016 or whatever having to do with the information that came out about August Alsina and Jada Pinkett Smith. People want to gloss over all that for all these years the past five-six years people have been talking about Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith they’ve been sharing all of their business on public display on the Red Table Talk. Literally, Jada Pinkett Smith has been embarrassing Will Smith on a daily basis. Putting out all their business but Chris Rocks talks about her hairstyle and then you want to go and hit him with the people’s elbow on live tv. Make that make sense?

That right there was not about Chris Rock. He took out all of his emotions and frustrations and getting dragged and being humiliated over the past six years by Jada Pinkett Smith on Chris Rock and that is Will’s fault. And another thing that is Will’s fault. it’s will’s fault for allowing jada pink and smith to continue to embarrass him on a daily basis and men I’m gonna bring it back to us what we can control as a man. What you need to do is look at the relationship between Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith as a cautionary tale. If you are a man who’s accomplished as much as Will Smith has in his life and then you’re going through entanglements.. you’re going through situations like this. Where her emotions are causing you to go and lash out and be humiliated and act like this on a day where you’re supposed to be being praised you’re getting dragged through the mud.

You ain’t make the right choice, bruh got to live with it now but I don’t want other men to make the same situation that you did and that’s what i’m thinking about it with this. I wish them nothing but the best but if I’m a man whose accomplished as much as Will Smith. I damn sure don’t want to be in no entanglements and I damn sure don’t want to be looking crazy all over TMZ. Because we already got enough stuff to be dealing with as black people. We don’t need to be all over the Oscars acting a damn fool just because somebody’s in their emotions. How should this have been handled? Will Smith should have went and talked to him as a man after the set and told him straight up as a man. What was going on and how he didn’t appreciate that. You don’t have to resort to violence on a situation like that. Especially, not in front of all those people when we have our image to consider as black men. So Will Smith, I don’t think he’s a bad person but I think he’s in his emotions and that slap didn’t have anything to do with Chris Rock. It had a lot to do with Jada Pinkett Smith and all the things she has put him through and continues to put them put him through and it ends and begins with Will Smith. The only reason why she’s running all over him like this is because he’s allowed it over time. That’s my thoughts on it. Let me know what you think. This is the Karat Juice Podcast, I am your host, Montay Lee. If you enjoyed this content and this raw commentary. Do me a favor, like the video subscribe to the channel to get more content like this! I know some people might not like what I had to say. But hey, I’m willing to have the dialogue with you in the comments as long as you keep it respectful and without being too long-winded we’re going to end it there and I’ll see you in the next video. Peace.

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