HEAL YOUR SOUL | Powerful Socrates Quotes

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Episode Summary

Socrates was a famous philosopher who is often cited as a source of inspiration for self-improvement and inner wisdom. In this video, we feature beautiful & powerful quotes from Socrates set to a beautiful soundtrack with the intent to help you develop a stronger mind. If you’re looking to improve your mind and increase your awareness of observed reality, then you need to watch this video!

Who was Socrates?

Socrates, (born c. 470 BCE, Athens [Greece]—died 399 BCE, Athens), ancient Greek philosopher whose way of life, character, and thought exerted a profound influence on Western philosophy. Socrates was a widely recognized and controversial figure in his native Athens, so much so that he was frequently mocked in the plays of comic dramatists. (The Clouds of Aristophanes, produced in 423, is the best-known example.) Although Socrates himself wrote nothing, he is depicted in conversation in compositions by a small circle of his admirers—Plato and Xenophon first among them. He is portrayed in these works as a man of great insight, integrity, self-mastery, and argumentative skill. The impact of his life was all the greater because of the way in which it ended: at age 70, he was brought to trial on a charge of impiety and sentenced to death by poisoning (the poison probably being hemlock) by a jury of his fellow citizens. Plato’s Apology of Socrates purports to be the speech Socrates gave at his trial in response to the accusations made against him (Greek apologia means “defense”). Its powerful advocacy of the examined life and its condemnation of Athenian democracy have made it one of the central documents of Western thought and culture.

Socrates Quotes

HEAL YOUR SOUL | Powerful Socrates Quotes

Socratic Philosophy Podcast

HEAL YOUR SOUL | Powerful Socrates Quotes | Be Wise, Admit What You Don’t Know (Podcast Episode)

Socrates Quotes Podcast

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