POWERFUL Seneca Quotes For Life (Stoicism) Self Development

Powerful Seneca Quotes for Life | Stoicism Quotes

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These Powerful Seneca Quotes will help you strengthen your mind. Stoicism reminds us to live in the moment & to focus on what we can control.

Who was Seneca?

Seneca, in full Lucius Annaeus Seneca, by name Seneca the Younger, (born c. 4 bce, Corduba (now Córdoba), Spain—died 65 ce, Rome [Italy]), Roman philosopher, statesman, orator, and tragedian. He was Rome’s leading intellectual figure in the mid-1st century ce and was virtual ruler with his friends of the Roman world between 54 and 62, during the first phase of The Emperor, Nero’s reign.

What was the nature of Seneca’s philosophy?

Seneca’s wisdom and these quotes will help you gain perspective on happiness, the power of reflection & life in general. If you haven’t heard of Seneca, then perhaps you have heard of men like Robert Greene, Ryan Holiday, and Elon Musk. These successful individuals have discussed how much Seneca has influenced and inspired them in their professional achievements.

Life Changing Seneca Quotes

POWERFUL Seneca Quotes For Life (Stoicism) Self Development | Karat Juice Podcast

Embrace Your Mortality with Memento Mori

What is Memento Mori?

the ancient practice of reflection on mortality that goes back to Socrates, who said that the proper practice of philosophy is “about nothing else but dying and being dead.” In early Buddhist texts, a prominent term is maraṇasati, which translates as ‘remember death.’ Some Sufis have been called the “people of the graves,” because of their practice of frequenting graveyards to ponder on death and one’s mortality.

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