Wife Beaten by Thugs over Rolex Watch

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In this podcast episode about crime, we discuss the rise in crime revolving around expensive Rolex watches. We are talking about the wife of Darren Seamen, 53, his wife, Laura Seaman, 45, was attacked by three 6 ft thugs in black balaclavas over a Rolex watch after their night out at a celebrity restaurant, Sexy Fish. According to the report, masked muggers knocked out Darren Seaman’s wife and knocked her unconscious. The criminals who mugged the woman were after a Rolex submariner watch that Darren Seamen was wearing which was estimated to be valued around $15,000 dollars. In London, rolex watch crime has been on the rise.   

Rolex Watch

Wife Beaten by Thugs over Rolex Watch (Karat Juice Podcast)

Spotify Podcast

Wife Beaten by Thugs over Rolex Watch (Spotify Podcast) Karat Juice Podcast

Source is courtesy of The Irish Sun

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
What’s up YouTube Karat Juice Podcast here for another video, you guys saw the title you saw that thumbnail, you know exactly why we are here. Before we get into that YouTube stuff, like the video please for the YouTube algorithm. I really appreciate you guys and subscribe to the channel. If you haven’t done so it hit the notification bell so you can get notified anytime I dropped some content. Now today, we are talking about a story that comes out of London, where a woman a wife intervened while her husband was being jacked by three thugs for a $15,000 Rolex watch. This is very jarring so keep in mind there’s going to be some disturbing photos here. The lady has some really bad injuries. So without further ado, let’s get right into the story

so this story comes courtesy of the Son and I believe it was published. Let me get the exact time published on October 12. So it states here a woman scarred for life after three masked thugs knocked her to the floor as they tried to steal a $15,000 Rolex watch. This is the woman here, Laura semen and she has some really horrible injuries as a result of this incident. So let’s go on with the article here. Mass muggers knocked a mom unconscious and left her scar for life as they tried to steal her husband’s $15,000 Rolex and posh Mayfair area district. This is sad. Darren Seaman 53 and his wife lower 45 were attacked by three six foot thugs and black by lock balaclavas after a night out at a celebrity restaurant sexy fish. I mean she really got this is damaging. I hope none of this is permanent and I hope she’s able to make a full recovery because this is really bad. So Lauren semen was knocked out after mass muggers brutally attacked her and her husband on a night out. Then another photo of her here a lot of swelling and bruising. So it says Laura was left with horrific bruises and cuts after the attack. She was covered in blood and need it 14 stitches in her lips after being punched in the face by the callous gang. Near Berkeley Square dad of two Darren from Southend on sea Essex said he thought she was dead as he held his wife after she was brutally knocked to the pavement. The mass mob had leapt on Darren and tried to rip his Submariner watch from his wrist. As the couple walked back to a five star Langham Hotel with two power pals around 2:15am On Sunday, as Darren fought them back and grappled with assailants. five foot two Laura bravely raised over to defend her husband from the muggers as they swarmed him. So she was trying to have his back and be right or die and really take up for him. You know, so Darren is the director of a roof tiling company and he said he has three six foot men hooded with hoods come up in come towards them. So they came to came to me they came out from our watch. I was windmilling with him. The other two came around and I was attacked. It was terrible. She came over and was saying leave my husband alone. She was covered in blood. And the husband said he thought she was dead. Apparently a mini cab driver witnessed the attack took them to a hospital. And then the cabbie also said he saw that these fleeing empty handed in a Volkswagen Golf after failing to take off Dan’s Rolex. So Laura, who’s a school administrator says she doesn’t remember anything. They just knocked her unconscious. She got stitches, and she says she’s annoyed with the police because they haven’t contacted her yet. And if this happened again, what if they hit someone in a different way and killed them or pulled a knife? She said she got off quite luckily lucky. So Darren also indicated he’s furious with the police and said they they’ve heard nothing from them. He wants to warn revelers in central London to be Where amid fears the muggers cook pounds again. So it This comes after a tourist was stabbed in the elbow after having his $115,000 tourbillon watch wrenched off his arm in February 2020. Just yards from where Darren and Laura were attack Darren ad at the state of London is terrible. I haven’t even had one phone call from the Met Police. All right, and this is the couple here should be able to walk on the town and not worry about getting your your watch wrenched off your wrist. I know it’s expensive watch. But that’s just just ridiculous in the police response being that slow. There’s really no space for that. So what’s in question? What are we talking about here? So the watching question in the watch that

it looks like they were going after was this right here, the Rolex, the $15,000 black Rolex Submariner, okay, this right here. So this is what it looks like he had and what they were trying to go after. So the aftermarket price of this is very expensive. I don’t think I think they start at around yet. They retail at 8000. But the aftermarket price of these things is scope just soared. And they’re almost double what they usually are used right now. So let’s go back. Let me give you my thoughts on this. So what are we learning from this situation? Me personally, I like watches. I have. I have a couple of nice watches. I mean, I don’t have a Rolex, but I have some nice Swiss watches in this is unfortunate. Like, there’s no place for people mugging people, if you’re not gonna get it on your own way. Just stop. And the police presence from this incident is uncalled for. And it should be higher, in my opinion. And anybody that’s out mugging people and jacking people. What are you doing with your life, man? Don’t you want to earn the things that you’re gonna get in life? People have, you have to protect yourself, you have to watch how you move, unfortunately, especially if you have nice things. If you can afford it, it might be wise to hire some security. And I don’t know, I’ve never been to London. But this has been a recurring theme there according to the some of these reports. And that’s very unfortunate. So I know myself personally, I am very aware of my surroundings, how I move who I associate with. I’m not a flashy person. I’m not flashy and stuff all the time. But I thought this story was interesting because I’m into watches I like washes I like horology, the mechanics behind the watches. And some of these pieces have gotten very expensive over the years. And it’s just so unfortunate to see people trying to make a come up off of somebody else’s hard earned belongings. So I am somebody that I’m gonna call the police if you try to take something for me, I’m gonna defend myself I’m gonna do what I have to do. I’m not above calling the police. I’m a law abiding citizen I pay taxes don’t believe that you’re gonna come through and try to take something from me and not have the police knocking at your door and that’s just what I’m gonna say I’m not trying to you know tough hard nosed guy anything like that. I pay taxes I’m gonna call the police and I’m going to expect to get my belongings back in your report you if you do anything crazy so yeah, that’s what I had to say for this video. Hope you guys are doing well. And hope whoever these guys were that mug this couple gets prosecuted to the full extent of the law and they find out who they who did that because it’s not cool. So yeah, that’s been another video go ahead and like the video for the YouTube algorithm subscribe to the channel if you haven’t done so already hit that notification bell so you can get updated anytime I dropped some content. And I’ll see you guys in the next oh and go ahead and comment. Give me your thoughts on what you guys are thinking Are you into watches are you not Would you ever get a Rolex would you not? Yeah, let me know what you guys think about it. And I’ll see you in the next video.

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