The IG Model who would literally KILL for likes!

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Genie Exum, Onlyfans Model, was really mad & assaulted / stabbed her boyfriend in New York. Genie Exum is an instagram model, social media influencer, and Onlyfans model has went viral recently from this incident. According to reports she was mad at her boyfriend, whose known as babyboy pajulas on Instagram. Then at the courthouse after the alleged assault, Genie Exum displayed clout seeking tendencies to reporters. What would have happened if it wasn’t an attractive onlyfans / Instagram model assaulting a man? Is it a double standard between criminal penalties amongst men and women? So many questions and so little time. Lets talk about it and see if we can learn anything from this story about this Onlyfans Model, Genie Exum, and her recent erratic and attention-seeking behavior.

IG Model

The IG Model who would literally KILL for likes

Spotify Podcast

The IG Model who would literally KILL for likes! (Spotify Podcast) Karat Juice Podcast

Source is courtesy of New York Post.

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
What’s up YouTube Karat Juice Podcast here for a nother video. Thank you for watching the content. Thank you for driving and rocking out with me. Let me get my hat here right here. All right, so you guys saw the title, you guys saw the thumbnail, you know exactly why we are here while you were here. And while I have your attention, go ahead and like the video and subscribe to the content and hit the notification bell so you can get more content like this. So today, we are talking about a story that I just saw from the New York Post regarding Jeanne ExIm. And she allegedly say for YouTube poked her boyfriend with an object a sharp object in the New York City area. And that’s not even the worst part about this story. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

This is courtesy of the New York Post. Instagram model Genie Exum stabbed her boo with a kitchen knife and New York City cop say an Instagram model stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife during a fight inside her Midtown pay police it Tuesday and later walked out of a Manhattan courthouse touting her only fans account. I’m gonna say that again. I am going to say that again. In this grand model, assaulted her boyfriend with an object during a fight inside our Midtown pet. Police said Tuesday and later walked out of a Manhattan courthouse touting her only fans account. You can’t make this stuff up. That’s what I’ll say. You can’t make this stuff up. So Jeannie ExIm, a 22 year old social media model who recently flashed her chest in front of an NYPD cop car aggressively poked her boo baby boy polu has put us in the back and arm around 6:45pm on Monday inside her 10th Avenue apartment in Manhattan. She said subscribe to my only fans to a Post reporter with a smirk even spelling out the name of her account and she got back into her high rise late on Tuesday. They have no shame. They have no shame. That’s what I’ll say about that. No shame. This is the the girl right here. The legit model. First of all, we need to stop calling these girls models. You’re not a model unless you’re walking down a runway wearing designer clothes. You’re just a chick on Instagram. Okay, you’re just a chick on Instagram. I don’t care how you make your money. But let’s stop calling the models because they’re not models to be a model you need to be you need to be modeling something let’s just stop using that altogether. And this is the boyfriend right here baby boy pull you lost. I’m guessing that is a social media handle. And he was assaulted and poked in a bat in his back and arm by Jeanne X. Okay. All right. So this is the picture of her walking outside of the courthouse. Okay.

All right, so this is more of the article. The blonde was released without bail at her arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court, though prosecutors had asked her to be held on the 10,000 bail or 50,000 bond for the second degree assault charge. Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Grace London argued in court that this is a violent case where the victim was sta BB E D twice. One in the arm, forearm and once in the back. The man was bleeding when he went down to the lobby where a door man called the cops prosecutor said he was taken to Bellevue Hospital. where he received stitches. exomes public defender. Brooke Quincy Meyers of neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem claimed the victim who he described as an older man much larger than Miss exome told him that he doesn’t want the case going forward. The lawyer added the exome is a high school graduate graduate, who began college until the Coronavirus pandemic scuttled her higher education plans. Judge Michael Gaffey sided with the defense but did issue a full order of protection against exome requiring her to stay away from Poulos so he’s not going to even charge this chick and she’s the admin the back end and are the double standards could you imagine that this story was involving a man could you just imagine guys so this is the girl clearly flaunting off her body we all know what she’s doing on Instagram and only fans okay. And a too hard to tell she’s making sure that it’s being no All right, and then this is the video of her allegedly walking out

Reporter 6:12
1000s of Instagram followers how about you? Yeah. So how did you start baby boy thing is it’s gonna be all over the internet. This is Jesse did you guys get in a fight? I don’t know.

Montay Lee 6:58
So this is her walking out of the courtroom. We minimize this so you guys can see it a little better. All right, so this is our walking out of the courtroom.

It says last month the Instagram model who has more than 35,000 followers posted a photo of herself in front of the NYPD cruiser with her chest exposed along with the words caption this she’s clearly just trying to get clout. This is another video of her here.

Reporter 7:36
Genie, Why did you stab your boyfriend?

Montay Lee 7:41
She says subscribe to my only

Genie Exum 7:43
my onlyfans Subscribe to your own Mkhize Genie with 307 JD

Reporter 7:54
Why did you stab your boyfriend?

Montay Lee 7:56
You can make this shit up.

That’s where her heads and that’s where her heads at right now. Can you make this stuff you can’t make this stuff up. Finish the article she says she describes herself as a free spirit from Alabama with a loud mouth and dirty mind. When her only fans account after her hearing Tuesday night. She ran over to two of her girlfriends in the back of a gallery and gave him a big hug. She then added a Yankee cap to her outfit which I don’t care what why that matters. But she walked out of the courtroom ignored the reporters been on her way. And she says scribes mountain fans. So that’s the caliber of person that we’re talking about here today. And I want to get my thoughts on the situation. What is going on here? And what’s going on in America right now is a de evolution of character. And I know far too often on YouTube, and what have you. A lot of things get people are just talking about how bad women are of all different types of races. Black women get a lot of flack. And what I what I would say is I look at the person and modern women. Overall. The image of modern women has been shot lately. And it’s because of stories like this. I’m not saying that all women are bad, but the image and what is starting to be pushed out here in society and what we’re seeing it’s not good. It’s not a good look. At a time like this, just imagine if it was a man who aggressively poked his girlfriend and then was walking up to the courthouse for court. What would a man have to say well, what would a man say comparable to that? What would a man say comparable to that? I don’t know, showing my fantasy football crazy Why are you thinking about your only fans account at a time like this? That’s where their heads at right now that’s where this lady’s head set so anybody who’s subscribing to our stuff right now why are you doing that and why would she think assaulting a man is going to make somebody want to follow her or support her in any way she’s just treating it like a game and you know what it’s gonna be a bunch of dudes that go and support her because they’re gonna be like you know what she did though she picked up me know you got to be better than this you got to have more you just have to be better than this simple input. So do not go and support that foolishness. Because when I see something that’s hypocritical and something that’s not aligning with how I’m moving and how I want things to go in my life and how I want people to move that is a low frequency individual that no match we have to deal with right now. No matter what color you are no matter what age you are, just know you deserve better than that. Anybody move in like that? And that’s gonna assault you. And then while going through the legal proceedings, and what have you, is trying to have a come up and get clout is not worth your time. So hey, that’s been another video here on the Karat Juice Podcast channel. Interact with me in the comments and let you go and let me know what you guys think about this situation. If you haven’t done so already liked the video. I appreciate you guys subscribe to the content if you enjoy this and you want to get more content like this. And I will see you guys in the next video.

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