The IG Model who would literally KILL for likes!

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Genie Exum, Onlyfans Model, was really mad & assaulted / stabbed her boyfriend in New York. Genie Exum is an instagram model, social media influencer, and Onlyfans model has went viral recently from this incident. According to reports she was mad at her boyfriend, whose known as babyboy pajulas on Instagram. Then at the courthouse after the alleged assault, Genie Exum displayed clout seeking tendencies to reporters. What would have happened if it wasn’t an attractive onlyfans / Instagram model assaulting a man? Is it a double standard between criminal penalties amongst men and women? So many questions and so little time. Lets talk about it and see if we can learn anything from this story about this Onlyfans Model, Genie Exum, and her recent erratic and attention-seeking behavior.

IG Model

The IG Model who would literally KILL for likes

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The IG Model who would literally KILL for likes! (Spotify Podcast) Karat Juice Podcast

Source is courtesy of New York Post.

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