Be Stronger Than Your Excuses!

Episode Summary In this episode, we discussed why you should “Be stronger than your excuses” & how it can improve your life. I think it is important to understand why we make excuses in the first place. We will also figure out the ‘Anatomy of Your Excuses‘. By forming a deeper level of understanding asContinue reading “Be Stronger Than Your Excuses!”

How to find PURPOSE in your life

Episode Summary In this podcast episode about productivity, we will be discussing the importance & why you must find your purpose in life. Far too many people are lost and searching for meaning. Not having purpose is a major factor and reason why so many people lack enthusiasm and feel stagnant in their lives. InContinue reading “How to find PURPOSE in your life”

Happiness is a CHOICE. (Pursuit of Happiness)

Episode Summary Listen Up. In this episode, I have something to say about happiness, it’s relevance on the culture & on the pursuit of it on the majority of people in society. Does the ’pursuit of happiness’ affect the decisions you make? Do you think it’s something that happens to you or is it somethingContinue reading “Happiness is a CHOICE. (Pursuit of Happiness)”

Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do!

Episode Summary In this episode, we discuss how during tough times the importance of mental strength and determination and why working on your mental fortitude, determination, and awareness is the key factor to you ultimately reaching your goals. I also spoke about someone who I am inspired by Ali Abdaal, who is a content creatorContinue reading “Tough Times Don’t Last, Tough People Do!”

It’s Here! Now What? How to Survive A Recession

Episode Summary In this episode, we discuss the unfortunate news that a recession is looming and many people are feeling uncertain about the future. In this installment of the Karat Juice Podcast, we discuss why the recession is upon us and more importantly what type of mentality is needed to succeed during these trying times.Continue reading “It’s Here! Now What? How to Survive A Recession”

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