Lauren Smith-Fields & Miss Mercedes Morr HAD THIS in common!

The Lauren Smith-Fields & Miss Mercedes Morr cases HAD THIS in common! In this episode, we will discuss the breaking story that Lauren Smith-Fields was found dead in her apartment after a reported online date with an older white man. Her family is understandably seeking answers after hearing the unfortunate news. Lauren Smith-Fields was foundContinue reading “Lauren Smith-Fields & Miss Mercedes Morr HAD THIS in common!”

Modern Online Dating, Greed & Fragile Egos

Episode Summary (Episode 45) Modern Online Dating, Greed & Treacherously Fragile Egos. In this episode we discuss modern online dating and what the climate is currently like. We also dive into the stats as of 2021. Also we talk about money. In particular, how much money is considered enough to be happy? Lastly, the dangersContinue reading “Modern Online Dating, Greed & Fragile Egos”

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