WHY Tinder background checks for ‘SWINDLERS’ WON’T work!

WHY the Tinder background check for ‘SWINDLERS’ WON’T work! Tinder is rolling out tinder background checks isn’t a response to Simon Leviev’s alleged handiwork — detailed in “Tinder Swindler” — but if it prevents similar cases from happening, the app will be thrilled. Tinder just announced this week it will require the new tinder backgroundContinue reading “WHY Tinder background checks for ‘SWINDLERS’ WON’T work!”

The Jeen-Yuhs Reaction to the Kanye Netflix Documentary

Kanye West “Jeen-Yuhs” reaction part 1 | Kanye Netflix Documentary. In this video, I will give my reaction and commentary on Kanye West “Jeen-Yuhs” A Kanye Trilogy courtesy of Netflix. the Netflix documentary, Jeen Yuhs which is a trilogy depicting the life of billionaire artist and creative genius, Kanye West. DISCLAIMER .. If you haveContinue reading “The Jeen-Yuhs Reaction to the Kanye Netflix Documentary”

What the Tinder Swindler REVEALED about..

(Episode 51) This is karat juice podcast episode number 51. What the Tindler Swindler REVEALED about.. When Cecilie Fjellhoy, a 29-year-old Norwegian grad student living in London, swiped right on a 28-year-old supposed billionaire diamond heir on Tinder in 2018, she thought she’d found her Prince Charming. But the supposed dream man, who called himselfContinue reading “What the Tinder Swindler REVEALED about..”

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