Powerful Stoic Quotes from Epictetus

Episode Summary Epictetus was a Greek philosopher who lived in the first century AD. He was one of the most influential Stoic philosophers and his teachings still resonate with people today. In this post, we will discuss some of the most powerful stoic quotes from Epictetus and how they can help you in your personalContinue reading “Powerful Stoic Quotes from Epictetus”

Stoic Quotes on Mortality You Need To Hear! (Free Your Mind)

Episode Summary Ten minutes of stoic quotes on mortality that you need to hear from great Stoic Philosophers. Free your mind with these life-changing quotes on stoicism. Embracing your mortality to truly live a fulfilled life is a foundational tenet of stoicism. Listen to the wisdom of these quotes to find out why. What isContinue reading “Stoic Quotes on Mortality You Need To Hear! (Free Your Mind)”

Embrace Your Mortality To Truly Live | Stoicism

Episode Summary Memento Mori: “Remember you must die”. In this episode, we discuss stoicism & in particular the reason why it’s essential to embrace your mortality to live your life truly. The Stoics believed that for someone to have no regrets in life they must live a life built on good character, which includes gratitudeContinue reading “Embrace Your Mortality To Truly Live | Stoicism”

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