Horrifying Newborn Murder Case in Maryland

Episode Summary In this podcast episode about crime, we discuss a horrible murder case in Maryland where a woman reportedly killed her newborn baby directly after birth. A 41-year-old mother was recently found guilty of second-degree murder and first-degree child abuse involving the suffocation death of her child in 2018. According to a news releaseContinue reading “Horrifying Newborn Murder Case in Maryland”

29YO Florida Woman CHARGED with 1st Degree Murder.. SHOT bf!

Episode Summary In this true crime podcast episode we discuss a 29 year-old Florida Woman who was charged with murder after she shot her boyfriend in Gainesville Florida. A Gainesville woman has been indicted for first-degree murder for the shooting death of her then-boyfriend, the state attorney’s office announced late Monday. Rachael Laniese Wilks, 29,Continue reading “29YO Florida Woman CHARGED with 1st Degree Murder.. SHOT bf!”

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