There are Woods in the West filled with Kombatants.

Episode Summary (Episode 3) In this episode, I cover some topics of note from the past week.  – Tiger Woods, what happened? What does this mean for golf moving forward and his career…  – A rant …. does the culture really need coverage on KimYe departure?! – Mortal Kombat 2021 Trailer/Reaction… nostalgic goodness bringing backContinue reading “There are Woods in the West filled with Kombatants.”

Ep. 1 A Long Time Coming

Summary Welcome to the Karat Juice Podcast. This is the pilot episode of The Karat Juice Podcast where you can expect to get Commentary & Perspective on Popular Culture, Dating, True Crime & Productivity. On todays show, I introduce myself, dive into consumerism in America, and discuss The Association. So sit back, relax, grab aContinue reading “Ep. 1 A Long Time Coming”

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