The Power of Living In The Moment | Stoicism

The Power Of Living In The Moment | Stoicism

Episode Summary

In this episode, we discuss the importance of trusting the process in whatever you are doing in your life. I have found myself at times looking ahead and attempting to reach certain goals & which is useful. However, there is peace and power in being present & trusting the process.

What Is Stoicism?

Simply put, Stoicism was designed to help people live their best possible lives.

It’s a philosophy of life that maximizes positive emotions, reduces negative emotions, and helps individuals to hone their virtues of character.

At any moment, in any situation, and at any stage of life, Stoicism provides a framework for living well. It reminds people of what is truly important, providing practical strategies to get more of what is valuable.

Stoicism was deliberately created to be understandable, actionable, and useful. Practicing Stoicism doesn’t require learning an entirely new philosophical lexicon or meditating for hours a day. Instead, it offers an immediate, useful and practical way to find tranquility and improve one’s strengths of character.

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The Power of Living In The Moment | Stoicism (Episode 79) Karat Juice Podcast

Stoicism Podcast

The Power of Living In The Moment | Stoicism (Episode 79) Karat Juice Podcast

How To Be Stoic

My personal summation of what it means to be stoic is this… seek knowledge and wisdom. To be stoic is to not focus on the outside factors and external conditions around you but rather… look inward and be intentional about what you can control. Which is what is happening right in front of you in the present. With that guide and blueprint, you can embrace change and adversity as it is something that comes and goes like the tide and it’s not in your control. Stoicism to me is all about finding peace and fulfillment through practicing of logic, reason & mental awareness.

Who is Marcus Aurelius

The Meditations, the thoughts of a philosopher-king, have been considered by many generations one of the great books of all times. Although they were Marcus’s own thoughts, they were not original. They are basically the moral tenets of Stoicism, learned from Epictetus: the cosmos is a unity governed by an intelligence, and the human soul is a part of that divine intelligence and can therefore stand, if naked and alone, at least pure and undefiled, amid chaos and futility. One or two of Marcus’s ideas, perhaps more through lack of rigorous understanding than anything else, diverged from Stoic philosophy and approached that Platonism that was itself then turning into the Neoplatonism into which all pagan philosophies, except Epicureanism, were destined to merge. But he did not deviate so far as to accept the comfort of any kind of survival after death. – (Source courtesy of

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Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

Book Mentioned ‘Meditations – Marcus Aurelius – Meditations: Adapted for the Contemporary Reader (Harris Classics)

Stoicism Quotes

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