Dark Cheating Stories EXPOSED (r/offmychest)

Dark Cheating Stories EXPOSED (r/offmychest) karat juice podcast

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In this episode we discussed dark cheating stories from the depths & dark corners of the internet. We cover a heart-breaking story of a man who in a moment of weakness agreed to open up his marriage with his wife & after that, their relationship began to spiral downward. Modern dating and relationships have evolved over time and the topic of open relationships has been pushed by many in society as a alternative to traditional relationships & monogamy. In this podcast episode, we will attempt to gain a deeper level of understanding about dark cheating stories from the dark abyss of the internet. Do you think people are inherently pre-disposed to cheat? Or is there something else more grim at the root of the lies, betrayal and deception that infidelity can cause in a relationship? Listen to this installment of the Karat Juice Podcast to find out!

Source courtesy of Reddit (r/offmychest).

Cheating Stories Podcast

Dark Cheating Stories EXPOSED (r/offmychest)

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Dark Cheating Stories EXPOSED (r/offmychest) Karat Juice Podcast

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:01
We’re talking about cheating. Yes, we’re talking about infidelity. Why do people do it? What’s the cause? What are the stories that people are telling about the topic? I wanted to talk about this topic personally, because I’ve been cheated on. It’s happened to me. Has it happened to you? What’s the reason behind it? Is there any way to prevent it? Will it happen inevitably? Are people just selfish? We’ll dive deeper into it with this conversation. So this is your first time listening. Buckle up. And if you’re getting value out of this, do me a favor and like the video. So my story back when I was in high school, run age 1717. Yeah, I was by 17. I had a girlfriend. And it was my first, like, real relationship really. And I, personally have never cheated on somebody still to this day. And I really liked her. It was a I thought the relationship was going well, we was together for about maybe close to a year. And I knew around that time in my life, I really didn’t have that much going on. Okay, I was maybe 170 580 pounds soaking wet. I was working some job, those minimum wage, I was in high school. Had a busted, busted vehicle, you know what I mean? I wasn’t doing much, okay. But one day, when I was just sitting at home, talking to my girlfriend on the hone, she told me, you know, sobbing and all that, that she cheated on me. And at that moment, I was hurt. I was hurt by it. Because I did. I hadn’t been awoken yet to life to reality to things that happen in relationships. And

I tried to make it work, you know, the whole thing? What’s going on? What’s wrong? What’s happening? And is it anything that I did you know, all of that type of stuff when you don’t have any awareness. And long story short, we didn’t get back together, we went our separate ways. I don’t have any anything ill to say to that person. But I thank that person, because it actually helped help me. It helped me to come to the realization that it’s just something that’s going to happen in life. And you can never invest too much into a relationship with a woman as a guy. You can’t be fully invested, especially not as a young man, because I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t think love is real. You Yep. Let me say that again. I don’t think love is real. I think you choose who you invest in, and who you quote unquote, love. But I don’t think it’s something that I don’t think a lot of people who say they are in love or whatever actually love that person. It’s a choice. It’s not something that you can just cut off and on. You have to choose who you invest in who you put your resources into, who you put your time in, and who you commit to. And I think that gets kind of strong about not nonchalantly in these relationships that people are having. And that’s why so many people getting back to the topic. I think that’s why so many people are get cheated on are depressed are sad, don’t understand it. And at the end of the day, it’s about people choosing to commit to who they want to commit to people choosing if they want to be in a relationship with you or not. And a lot of the times people, they’re out for their best interests. I’m not saying people are evil or anything, but people are just out for their best their best interests. And if people can just kind of get this fairy tale idea of love out of their system, I think they will have way better relationships because they’ll realize that investment and commitment to somebody is a choice. So without further delay, that’s just the set Though we’re going to actually get into some of these stories here, around infidelity. And I wanted to bring up this story in particular, because I think it’s, it was it was interesting. Now this is a long story. Okay. We’ll get into it. I’ll give my commentary on it. And we’ll go from there. So, I was browsing on Reddit and I found this story. I haven’t read all of it. So we’re gonna get through it. And then I kind of want to get some of your perspective in the comments about this. Alright, I’m interested in knowing what you guys think about this. So here we go. Courtesy of Reddit posted by Andre Andre. Andre draw Asti. Sorry, 99. All off. So here we go. We’re going to show the screen. And I’ll read along from all audio listeners. So it’s indicating here. Title is I am a 33 year old man and attempting to recover from unfilled open marriage with my wife. That’s already open marriage. Yikes. What are you you’re already asking for something. They’re just saying just being honest. So it says here, I am truly at a loss as to what to do with my marriage currently. And I am not only venting here, but seeking genuine advice from experience, if possible. My wife and I got married four years ago. And we now have a two year old daughter, this two year old is in the mix of this. Here we go. I work 50 to 60 hours a week. So she is able to stay at home and be a full time mom. That’s a good thing. Things between us starter off extremely passionate, and slow down to a nice place where there was was still passion, but more balanced with everyday life and having a family. That’s a good thing.

Here it goes. But here goes. It says that about six months ago, I had an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury and was on disability for four months while I recovered. That sad. It says here during this time, my wife began to become distant

who she began wanting to go out to the bars with her girlfriends more often and even expressed that she wanted more from me emotionally and physically. Even though I was going through a very rough time mentally, being forced to stay at home instead of work to support my family and being unable to have sex in a traditional way due to my back injury, which is understandable. He says after a few months into my disability, she began showing signs of serious depression and was more distant than ever. So I decided we needed to sit down and have a talk about everything. So that’s why I think context is important. I wouldn’t do it, but I’m understanding now why he was feeling a little bit more open about open marriage will Oh yeah. If he doesn’t have the ability to I wouldn’t do it but I have some empathy for that. So let’s continue says to sorry, tracking back. He says after a few months into my disability I already said that porn says during our talk it turned out that she wanted to try to have an open marriage. She said she was miserable. That she felt disconnected from me and that she wanted to explore the polyamorous side of her let me put this on for you guys.

Alright, she said, which I had never heard of or suspected was a part of her personality until that moment. Poor guy it says, I have always loved her more than life and I hated seeing her miserable This is a sad story, man. Oh I wasn’t expecting this store

here we go I’m kind of losing my track here. Here we go was

our Here we go. It’s indicating he says I’ve always loved her more than life and I hated seeing her miserable and I was currently under a medical impression of medical, multiple sclerosis. So in the state of mind, I agreed to let her see other people but with very specific rules in place. Okay, so what were these rules? Don’t catch feelings. If feelings are suspected and ended immediately. No extra partners are allowed near our daughter. Don’t stay the night for me from each other. We have been inseparable up until this point. Use our house as a last resort to meet people. No sex in the house, and no one comes near our bed. If one of us is unhappy with the situation and no questions, says our family always comes first no matter what if it seems like our marriage is at risk of our daughter, or our daughter is being affected negatively, then we’ll call it off. Use protection always during any sexual encounter intercourse. So that was his rules. Ooh, this is getting heavy guys. So it also indicates over a three month period, every single rule was broken on her end. Not two weeks into the trial run. Two weeks, only two weeks after two weeks into the trial run what happened? Let’s see here.

So after two weeks into the trial run

she met this guy named Jesse. I noticed early that she was talking to him all the time snapping him face chatting. And when I brought up brought it up she said they were just good friends brah yikes says By this point, I was already miserable, and had already been expressing almost daily that I wanted to open marriage to end so he wanted it to stop it and that it wasn’t working for me. And I’d rather put all my energy into our marriage. I even got clear to the muscular sclerosis, shout out to him. Shout out to him. Okay. Then what what happened after that? He said he was starting to go back to work and was feeling like himself again. Slowly. He he assumed that he would be able to give her more attention, get out of the disability fog and that she would be happy again. That was not the case. She told him that he was making her more miserable than ever by not letting her explore the poly relationship freely.

He says, I assume became a bummer to her new lifestyle. And she completely threw everything we work for four years in our marriage out the window over the next few months all over this complete loser who had no job no car Yeah, no place of his own. And he was four years younger than her and immature from what I gathered about him. Hmm are you guys tracking with this right now? This is getting Yikes, this is sad. This is sad. Why is it full? All right, this is sad. So just a little bit of a recap here with the story. So the man here who had this horrible accident where he had a spinal cord injury, out of a point of love and a low point in their lives, he accurately acquiesced. It’s hard to say that word to his wife, his wife’s request to have an open marriage, because he wasn’t able to fulfill his end of the bargain. So that’s the route that he went, Okay. I’m not going to judge him. But I wouldn’t do that. So he laid out the rules, we went over the rules, one of the most the first rule that he had was to not catch feelings for somebody. I think it’s evident based on what we’ve heard so far that that started to happen. Because as we know, men and women are different. Especially when it comes to women and sexual encounters. A woman they released like a hormone when they’re having you know, intimate contact with somebody that’s going to make them bond and attach to the person. So I think that’s what happened here. And once that starts happening, the guy could be broke, no job, all that type of stuff, like he was saying, and she’s starting to get attached to him. Red flag. That’s why you don’t want to do this if you can help it. But we maybe we can learn from this. Hopefully we can learn from this situation. So let’s continue on with the story. It’s getting good. If you’re watching on the replay, listening to the audio version of the podcast, I appreciate you YouTube people liked the video subscribe to the channel. Let’s continue. So indicates here. Oh, man, this is really getting sad. Sorry, he says over the next few months. I began to become s I can’t even say it. All right. S You idle? All right. He said I hated the idea of other men. effing my wife. And even worse, her having emotional feelings for them in the process says I hardly ever saw her anymore. And my daughter didn’t see her as much either. And was beginning to want me more than her. Which was never the case before. I became broken mentally. I will yell, throw items in the house. I leave call her horrible names and tell her she was cheating on me every day, because I was begging her to stop and she continued anyway. Oh, this took a turn. He said, This is real does the real story he says I know I was in the wrong completely for lashing out that way. But I had never experienced so much heartbreak. In my life. I had no idea what to do with all the feelings and emotions. I was dealing with every second of every day. I would be chilled for a few days at a time and try my best to just leave her alone. Then I will expose I would explode all of my thoughts onto her being unable to keep it all in. It was exhausting for her. I know. And I wish now I acted differently. Oh so he’s gonna go into

the conclusion of the story, but I kind of want to give some commentary here. What I’ll say is in this new world that we’re in, with people being more open and open, with women being more sexually liberated. What it is caused is it’s called I was situations like this where men who sacrifice a lot to get married and everything are in this weird predicament now, if they open up that box of shale, I mean, once you put the the toothpaste out of the tube, you can never put that back in again, once she starts emotionally bonded with another guy, or multiple guys, your toast pretty much the way I see it, so why Why even go down that route? Why even open that up? So I feel bad for this guy. But he made this decision on in a point where he was in a bad way that unfortunately beat him in the butt. And I think he acknowledges that it’s just this is a very sad story. And I didn’t know it was gonna be this. See, I didn’t want to read all of this story. I just kind of read a little bit of it before I went live. Because I wanted this to be an honest reaction and commentary on the subject matter. All right. So let’s continue and conclude what’s going on with this story

I see Alright, let’s better zoom in a little bit better. There we go. That’s better. So it indicates here so long story shorter. She finally ended up breaking things off with the guy when she realized all they did was argue half the time and he treated her like shit

so he wasn’t even treating her well. No job. Yikes. He says after that she finally decided to agree to one of the many broken rules we set up. And she stopped the open marriage trial completely. He says it’s been about a month now and things are at a strange place with with us I feel. She says she’s not in love with me anymore but still loves me and thinks she could fall in love with me again over time. Question mark. And that she wants to stay with me and even have more kids in the future. No, stop. That’s not a good idea. Not a good idea. Don’t subject the kids to that. Alright, let’s continue. So it also indicates

during the last month, I had to procedures and my back is nearly fully recovered, recovered. That’s awesome. Shout out to him. Shout out to him for that. That cannot be easy. He says I am working out now regularly taking care of myself working 60 hours again taking care of my wife and our baby the best of my abilities. I flirt again with my wife. We F every now and again. And the sex seems to be better than ever physically but I don’t feel any intimacy. And I also don’t believe I love her anymore. Hold on What?

Okay, I wasn’t expecting that. He says, Every time I look at her, I see the men she asked all while I was begging her to stop so he has resentment. I’m gonna guess this. He says every time I look around our house, I think about how she F that Jesse guy on our couch and probably in our bed when I was at work or at a friend’s house. Every time we F I wonder if she’s thinking of other men. I started therapy and it hasn’t helped at all. It just makes me resent my wife even more. Hmm. This is the dangers. Okay. This is the dangers of the poly lifestyle, the open lifestyle. People think they can handle it for a period of time but you can never put that toothpaste back in the tube. I’ll say again, I’m killing that analogy, but I’m gonna keep doing it. I’m not going to knock anybody if they want to do it. However, you have to understand the consequences of this. Once you do that, you will always have that image those thoughts in your head. That’s going to be tough for any man to swallow. I’m sorry. And I’m not trying, there’s no pun there. But that’s gonna be tough for any man to swallow. Knowing or imaging, imagining his girl, you guys get the picture. Okay. I don’t have to spell it out for you. All right. So this story has really taken a turn. Let’s finish up the story. Okay, if you’re getting value out of this, if you enjoy this dark story from somewhere deep dark, underneath the couch somewhere in the internet, but go ahead like the video for the YouTube algorithm. I really appreciate you for being here on this Karat Juice Podcast channel. Now let’s continue with this despicable dark story about infidelity. All right. Here we go. He says, my bearings here we do alive. He says, My problem now is I feel like I am no longer with the same woman I married four years ago. She’s always on her phone 24/7 She has guy friends, multiple now. And she never did before. And if I bring it up, she gets super defensive and annoyed. And says I’m being gross and insecure. Do we think that’s actually the case? Nope. You got boundaries. A man has the right to have some boundaries.

Man has the right to have some boundaries. Call or scream. Or. And that’s what he had when they were initially doing all of this. And unfortunately, she didn’t respect those boundaries, which is a red flag. And now he’s in a situation like this where he resents his wife. Let’s continue. He says here. If I bring it up, she gets super defensive and annoying. Says he’s being grossly insecure. She stays at home all day depressed again. And still goes out every other night. It seems like with her girlfriends. She’s where she’s not cheating. Does anybody believe that? Nope. Unfortunately, brother, and she, and she says she’s not seeing Jesse anymore, and that she doesn’t even flirt with men that come near her at the bars. But I still have so much distrust for all the lies. She told him promises she broke during the open trial? Absolutely. She says yes, something. He says pardon me that something is making him stay. And that’s the child which is, which is understandable. So what’s the conclusion of the story? All right, he says, My wife of four years and I attempted an open marriage. She was feeling stuck and depressed due to our marriage being in a stale place during his disability. And he wanted it to stop. She continued with it for some time. And now. He doesn’t know if he wants to stay with her anymore after they ended the open marriage because he has all of these thoughts in his mind. And stuff from what was going on. That’s why so many people say why would you get why would you do the open marriage thing I know, personally, a lot of men aren’t going to be able to handle it. But society and everybody around is going to be telling you hey, you’re being insecure, you’re not accommodating her needs in the hole. And a lot of the things that are being fed into media is you just need to know that’s not that’s not how it’s going. Right. All right. That’s not how it’s going. Right. And that’s not how it should be. All right. I think that a lot of people think it sounds good on paper. Yeah, options in making sure that You’re being free and, you know, open and it’s it’s 2022 now and it’s a new world new day, no people still have their heart hardwired biology, and men naturally are like, repelled by promiscuity because back in the day, we didn’t have DNA testing to be able to determine paternity and things like that. And if a woman was promiscuous, you couldn’t tell or know if the child was yours if you ended up getting her pregnant. So we are inherently disgusted in a way biologically by women who are promiscuous because it doesn’t allow us to ensure paternity. And I can understand that now. Women who are promiscuous, who are exotic dance, what have you def definitely are attractive, and men are going to definitely be sexually attracted to him. But you cannot have your wife out here engaging in those behaviors. Even if you’re somebody who would say that you’re, you know, open and that you’re trying to be accommodating and all that. So this is a cautionary tale for men. This is a cautionary tale, okay? Don’t do it. This open marriage, this open relationship stuff sounds good on paper, but you will be in a world of hurt and more likely than not. She’ll get attached to somebody else more likely to not if you got resources and all that type of stuff. If you’re married, she’ll divorce you and take half your stuff. If we know anything about what we’ve learned just through what’s going on in the US with divorce, you are setting yourself up to be screwed in court. If you allow that to go down. Don’t risk it is not worth it.

Wow, that was quite the story. I didn’t know that it was going to get so dark. Man. I didn’t know that he was going to be talking about all that. But why don’t we lighten the mood a little bit. And I want to go in a different direction. And then I want to go into cheating storytime and then I’ll react to this. We’re going to go over we’re going to travel. Alright, do I guess we’re going to travel? See if I got my my traveling south of Santa Fe. Alright, we’re gonna travel and we’re gonna go to Kirsten Morgan. All right. And she’s going to talk about a cheating story when she got cheated on. All right. So let’s hear what she has to say. Alright, so let’s let’s check this out. All right, trying out different things here on this podcast. Let’s see what Kristen has to say about her cheating story. All right. I haven’t seen all of this yet. So I’m reacting to this. Right now with you guys. Here we go. Let’s pull this up. Alright, it’s better. Or here we go

oh, well, we don’t so hold on. One second. Oh, here we go. Alright, let’s try this.

Unknown Speaker 38:30
This is part one of me finding my fiancee naked with his America worker. She’s super country, record all of us together and post all at one time. a doozy of a story. Here we go. Okay, for context. We started dating in 2014. got engaged March of 2017. And we were supposed to get married September.

Montay Lee 38:47
What kind of accent you guys think that is? I’m gonna guess that’s Arkansas. I’m gonna guess that’s Arkansas. She is soup country. All right. Shout out to you, Kirsten. Let’s see here. Let me pull us back a little bit. All right,

Unknown Speaker 39:03
in, got engaged March of 2017. And we were supposed to get married September 30 2017. Okay. And the days leading up to the wedding, it was five days before and I just wasn’t feeling right about things. I was like, something’s not right. We had been like really hanging out a lot with his coworkers. And there was like, something just not right with this one girl that he worked with. And they were like, really close. And I was like, You’re crazy. There’s nothing going on yada, yada. I’m like, okay. So, five days before the wedding, he’s like, You don’t trust me enough to get married. We need to postpone. We’re gonna like stay together. But like, we need to postpone it because you just don’t trust me enough. And I’m like, what? Like my whole life is falling apart or that’s how I felt at that time. So my parents were like calling the vendors and I’m like, What in the world we had met with our marriage counselors. And they were like, Kirsten, there’s nothing going on. Like he says there’s nothing going on. There’s nothing going on. And I’m like, You There’s something that’s not right. I just felt it. I knew.

Montay Lee 40:05
And that’s the thing with a lot of women, they they say they have this women’s intuition. I don’t know, ladies, all four of the ladies that are going to be listening to this or watching this. I don’t know. No, I got more ladies in my audience shout out to the ladies. Do you think you have write this in the comments? Do you think that you have a woman’s intuition? And you can kind of just sense if something’s wrong or not going right, let me know. I’m curious. All right. Let me know if you got a woman’s intuition. Hey, maybe sit. Tell me a time without giving too many details that you use that intuition and you caught somebody? Are you all right? You caught somebody in a lie or something. All right. All right, let’s continue.

Unknown Speaker 40:57
So we call off a wedding. I’m like very anxiety ridden because I’m like, okay, either he’s cheating on me. Or, like, I’ve completely lost touch with reality. And both of those options are terrible. So I was eating, I was really struggling. It was horrible. It was it was really, really horrible. So we made the decision that we would remain together and work on building trust. Because he told me that like it was my fault that we weren’t going to get married. And it was just because I didn’t trust him enough. I was trying to establish boundaries. It was not going well. So anyway, fast forward. It’s September 30, our wedding day, and I unlocked the door to the house that I had bought for us. He’s living in the house I bought, like we closed on our house in June, I put the downpayment down. He was living in it, I was living with my parents still until we got married. The only thing that he had in this house was $500 towards closing costs that his dad had given him so he had none of his own money on the house OB did the entire downpayment, put it in both of our names. You live and learn right? So a lot the door to this house and walk inside and he is button I could

Montay Lee 42:15
he was trying to blame her. What happens that? What happened? Was he just taking a shower? We have to know we have to figure this out or look to the

Unknown Speaker 42:24
mic. Um, why are you in the living room naked? And he’s like, why are you here? What are you doing here? And I’m like, It’s my house. What do you mean?

Montay Lee 42:33
What are you doing here? Brah brah? What do you mean? He got? All right, what happened

Unknown Speaker 42:42
here? And I looked down and I see some like girls boots or women’s boots in the floor, and I was like, I immediately knew this is that girl. So okay, I think I need to go ahead and start part two.

Montay Lee 42:56
All right, I don’t think I need to hear part two. Because I’ve been think we got the gist right there. So she called him. And he said, Why are you here? Bruh. Why would you say that? He know he’s caught. So I’ve never cheated. If I was in that situation, getting a little more serious here. If I was in that situation where it was, I felt like cheating or something like that I would just leave. Because I just don’t have the time to be like sneaking around and all of that because I don’t know I just I’m not a good texter, all that type of stuff, I really don’t got time to be trying to chat with people all day. So that’s just not my thing. So people who are out here rotations, all that type of stuff might take them multiple people, I don’t know how people got the bandwidth, the energy to do all of that. But more power to you. But what I’m trying to say here is people cheat. And it’s something that’s gonna happen. And I think more people, if they would just be honest with themselves, and just be like, hey, like, why am I in this relationship in the first place? Is this person adding more value to me? Is this person adding value to my life? And if the answer to that is if they’re more of a liability than an asset to your life, that you might want to consider why are you even in a relationship with the person if you are going about and cheating on them constantly and all that type of stuff? So I know it’s a lot of people online and everything talk about high value men and how they have all these options and stuff like that. And that is true, and that is something that’s a whole different thing from this conversation. But if you’re a normal guy, or if you’re a guy, above average guy I or whatever, most love average guys, and what have you don’t have that many options. So that’s something that you actually need to be seeking out if you’re out and about doing that. And what I would say is just like, why aren’t you spending more of your time trying to get better and trying to develop yourself, that’s a time that you are wasting on something where you could be improving. So that’s just kind of like my mindset and my mentality towards the whole cheating thing. I think people got way too much time on their hands, and they’re not doing the things that they need to do. Now, I understand that it happens, I understand a lot of people do it. But I think people should be honest with the people that they’re with, they’re gonna engage in that type of behavior. I think they should have an open conversation and be like, Look, man, I’m not gonna be monogamous for this, this and that, and let the person choose. I know why people aren’t going to do that. But I think if people are being open and honest about what expectations they want in their relationship, that’s the right way to go. Will that happen? That remains to be seen. So I think that’s a good place to close it here. I’m going to try to put out more episodes more frequently on relationships. And let me know what you think about the thought about this episode and the topic of cheating. The first story, shout out to him, recovering from a spinal cord. Industry is enough in itself, and then going through an open relationship, the despair, the anxiety, the jealousy, the resentment of all that shot out to him. And that seemed like a crazy experience that he went through. And I wish them all the best. I hope they can mend their marriage, but I think they’ve caused a very serious and severe wound to that marriage with throwing in that open marriage grenade. All right, that’s the best way I could say that. And as far as the the last story, woman’s intuition and cheating. I think it happens I think women who are in relationships, they know if the guy stepping out, they could tell if the guy’s attention is elsewhere, I think when they can just sense it. And let’s be honest, let’s be real guys aren’t that good with hiding stuff? Not like women, I think women cheat just as much as men. A lot of studies have shown that but they’re better at hiding it and you know, manipulating things. So at the end of the day, basically what I’m trying to say is if you’re thinking about cheating, or if you are cheating on somebody ask yourself why are you even in a relationship with the person in the first place? And

and it’s probably in your best interest to just take a step back and just think like why don’t I just break up with this person? If I’m not if I if I don’t want to be with them, you know, fully anymore and I’m seeking stuff elsewhere. Consider breaking it off before you’re being dishonest because that’s just not good for your spirit. You know what I mean? But that’s my perspective. Take with it what you will and hey, that’s been another episode of the Karat Juice Podcast do me a favor if you liked this content you liked this episode talking about cheating and relationships do me a favor like the video subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell so you get notified anytime I drop an episode it for my podcast and my audio listeners do me a favor rate and review the podcast please. Five Star five star five star. The ratings really help out so other people can find the podcast and like I say every time here on the Karat Juice Podcast, love someone. hug someone. Do something good for someone not expecting anything in return. And until next time, I’ll see you peace. We are gone.

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