Online Dating is a WASTE of TIME for young guys | The Dark Side

online dating is a waste of time karat juice podcast

Episode Summary

In this episode, we are going to discuss why online dating is a wasteland & waste of time for young guys. As a young man, online dating can be very dangerous and detrimental to your development in a plethora of ways. To combat the obstacles you will face while dating online, young guys must become aware of what they are going to face out on the dating market as well as the dangers, traps, and pitfalls of the modern dating climate. Tune in to episode 72 of The Karat Juice Podcast where we dive deeper into the danger and pitfalls of online dating for young guys for the culture.    

What say you? Is online dating a waste of time for young guys? Do you think that online dating is a wasteland and pointless? Have you struggled with dating and looking for solutions on how to get the outcomes that you want. If that is the position you find or have found yourself in, this episode should help you gain a deeper level of understanding on the dark side of online dating.  

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Online Dating Is A Waste Of Time

Online Dating is a WASTE Land for young guys | The Dark Side

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Online Dating is a WASTE of TIME for young guys | The Dark Side (Karat Juice Podcast)

Online Dating Is A Waste of Time Podcast

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