Me Too meets Brian Banks.

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Episode Summary

In this episode about culture, we discuss Me Too Movement, Brian Banks, False Accusations & how detrimental they can be to society. This conversation is multi-faceted.

*****LISTENER DISCRETION is advised as the topic of sexual abuse is covered in this episode. *****

In light of the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial the topic of false accusations and there impact of society since the inception of the Me Too era is at the forefront of the conversation in the aftermath of the trial. The last time I broached this subject I mentioned Brian Banks and his story. I think what happened to him would provide further context to the conversation & allow for a deeper level of understanding. Or at least that is what I hope to accomplish in this fresh episode of the Karat Juice Podcast. 

Me Too meets Brian Banks (Episode 67) Karat Juice Podcast

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
Welcome to the Karat Juice Podcast, where we observe society, we digest it. And through the nuance of it all, we attempt to make progress. In this episode, I wanted to speak about a story that I heard about maybe five years ago. This story, I must admit, impacted my life in a profound way. When I first heard it, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. It is my hope in this podcast episode, that you will gain a deeper level of understanding and maybe through the context and nuance. You will be able to push the conversation forward in your life with people that you’re speaking with, the next time you hear a story we are trying to gain a deeper level of understanding. So it is my promise to you in this episode, that we will illuminate the unimaginable power of a couple specific words and the impact they can have over your life. Before diving all the way into the story I want you to close your eyes and I want you to imagine if Brian banks was you imagine if it was your son your brother your father, your uncle your friend. Imagine that for a moment. We’ll have more on that later. So as you already know, I am your host Montay Lee here on the Karat Juice Podcast. I provide commentary in perspective on pop culture, we’re talking about dating, we talk about true crime. And I also add in productivity tips. If this is your first time listening, do me a favor, rate and review the podcast please five star five star five star if you’re watching on YouTube, YouTube stuff like the video subscribe, hit the notification so you get notified anytime I drop content. So without further delay, I don’t want to waste your time. So we’re gonna get right into the story. Who is Brian? Banks Brian banks grew up in Long Beach, California. He was born on July 24 1985. From his parents Leo Mia Myers and Jonathan banks. I’m going to fast forward and I’m not going to talk about all of his youth. However, the story picks up in high school in Polytechnic aka poli High School in Long Beach, California. Back in 2000 into his junior year. Bank Banks was a standout super talented, high school football player. He had already committed to USC

what happened from there, his junior year and high school acquaintance why Netta Gibson happened

on one fateful day so in 2002, Brian went to a secluded area of his high school to make out with wi Anita Gibson, his girlfriend at the time the two had their makeout session. But no intercourse was involved with the interaction. Nevertheless, later that same day, bro Bryan was approached by a fleet of cops who pulled up to the high school. The officers arrested Brian and declared it was for a rape of one Anita Gibson.

From that moment, the 17 year old who was about to emerge at USC on a full scholarship and pursue a professional NFL career had his life up ended. How does something like that happen? From a makeout session to being accused of rape.

There’s more to the story. Brian gave his account of what happened after he was arrested. Brian’s stated I was facing 41 years to life at this time. Before I could get the trial, my lawyer put me into an interview room. And she sat me down with this huge grin on her face. As I sat on the other side of the glass, she began to tell me that she came up with this amazing deal with the district attorney’s office. This was the deal. Brian said. He was told that if he pled no contest to one count of sexual assault, he would undergo what’s called a 90 day observation at Chino state prison. He says my lawyer on this day looked me square in my eyes and said, Brian, I guarantee you will get that probation. You’re going to talk to the counselors. They’re going to sigh with you. You will get that favorable report. The attorney continued. But if you walk in there right now and start selecting a jury. I can guarantee you that you’re going to end up selecting a jury. That’s going to be an all white jury. And they’re gonna find you guilty because you’re a big black teenager

could you imagine what was going through Brian’s mind at that point. He made out with his girlfriend. He was arrested by the cops and taking the jail. He’s speaking to his attorney. She’s saying that she made up a deal. She came in and had a deal on the table with the district attorney’s office. And he will be facing an all white jury as a black teenager, if he doesn’t take the deal Brian was only 17 He didn’t have the ability to consult his mother. He was given 10 minutes to make a call on this impossible dilemma to either plead guilty to a crime he didn’t commit or risk facing life behind bars in the end he couldn’t he couldn’t afford to take a chance on 41 years to life so he took the deal but instead

but instead of getting the probation, she promised he got the maximum since five years in prison

what happened from there after serving five years Brian was released. He had to register as a sex offender. wear an ankle monitor and essentially live his life

as a prisoner on the outside for a crime he didn’t commit. Eventually he would go on to play in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons. So there is a bit of a happy ending to look forward to. But what happened to Brian banks, accuser Wynette a Gibson

there was a break in the matter Brian banks

went from prison sale to the NFL. But that was only possible because of what happened in 2011. While he was still on parole one day Brian received a Facebook friend requests from somebody he was familiar with

when Netta Gibson he says I remember closing my laptop he says I remember closing my laptop like real quick and just thinking like what did I just see? Brian acts one Netta to meet at a private investigators office and that’s where she said this

Female Host 14:33
they’re reporting you know, doing false reports of rape needs to ask the woman closest to them in their lives about this. Ask a woman that you know if she would do that, or if she thinks that other women would do that and you will get the answer no. He’s Brian

Male Reporter 14:51
Parrish’s son played football with Brian banks at Long Beach Polytechnic High in 2002. I wanted to Gibson made her false rape accusation. Gibson’s family got a million and a half dollar settlement settlement from the school district. And banks got five years in prison and five more on parole, shackled with an ankle monitor. So I know I’m not behind bars and I know I’m not locked up right now, but I’m still very much incarcerated. Then last year Brian banks kind of Facebook friend requests from one and a Gibson of Mr.

Private Investigator Parrish 15:22
Banks caught my son Freddie and asked him What should I do? My son naturally says, Hey, you gotta call my dad. He’ll help you with this. Once I was able to read the case. There was no doubt in my mind that this young man was innocent.

Unknown Speaker 15:34
Parrish devised a plan to clear Brian banks name. He wired his office, we have a pin like this with hidden cameras sitting in this pin holder and with microphones we

Male Reporter 15:46
have put the device in that tree right there behind her. We saw on the private

Private Investigator Parrish 15:49
I suggested banks first invite Gibson to his office for a friendly chat about their past. Brian banks asked Gibson for help in clearing his name.

Wanetta Gibson 16:01
I will go through we’ll help you but but she’s afraid of losing all that money from her settlement. All that money they

gave me gave me. I don’t know how to pay back all that because that will take a long time.

Unknown Speaker 16:14
Now comes the hard part. Banks had to convince Gibson to come back the next day and talk to the private eye who was helping free him.

Private Investigator Parrish 16:22
I needed to get her to basically recant everything that she said that Brian did 10 years ago. If I let this man down, I would have to live without the rest of my life.

Unknown Speaker 16:32
The mood in the room was light, but investigator perishes questioning got heavy. Now the big question when she said those things, what did you say to yourself? Wow, I got it. It was the key evidence that banks lawyers from the California Innocence Project needed to go back to court. And that undercover video got Brian banks rate conviction thrown out. Banks lawyer Justin Brooks.

Male Reporter 17:05
While the videotape is a slam dunk in the sense that she’s recounting her testimony she specifically saying that he did not rape her

parents she has had big celebrity cases and well known clients. But this assignment had a different kind of payoff.

Private Investigator Parrish 17:21
Now I had an opportunity to make a difference in a man’s life.

Montay Lee 17:27
That was hard to hear.

That was hard to hear. Even still to this day.

So Bryan, went on in on April 3 2013. He fulfilled his dream of going to the Atlanta Falcons and Bogaard began participating in Falcons practices and training camp. He made his NFL debut in a preseason game against the Cincinnati Bengals. He made two tackles. In that game. He played three additional games before the Falcons released him on August 31 2013. Following the 2013 Seasoning season, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hire Brian banks to work in the NFL is Department of operations. And he also worked in the newly created replace center and also assistant with the league social media. Banks ended up working for the NFL for a few years in New York before getting transferred to Los Angeles. Eventually he resigned to pursue su public speaking opportunities. If it wasn’t for the California Innocence Project, he said I wouldn’t have played football. I’d still be a convicted sex offender. So I know that’s heavy. There’s a lot to chew on there. But the moral of the story is it’s a new age an age of awareness of logic and understanding despite popular belief, I think that more than ever, people are starting to wake up and recognize that the common narrative that has been pushed time and time again will no longer suffice at the beginning of this episode, I mentioned how a couple of words could possess unimaginable power and when use they can destroy lives those words are me too

the obvious response in light of this story would be men too. But I’m gonna go in another direction. I propose this trust proof. Let me explain. In the aftermath of the metoo era, it’s not believe all women. It’s listen to all people. Investigate and believe all truth. The truth will only be revealed with proof moving forward with any accusation before casting any judgment, we must trust proof.

And I’ll let you know, I’ll let you go with this one last takeaway. A false accusation can harm anyone regardless of gender, as it affects the cues as well as real victims. Let this story be a reminder that the ultimate goal is equality. The ultimate purpose of the justice system is due process, liberty and justice for all. Regardless of gender. This topic has been at the forefront of the culture because of the recent trial of Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard. And I recognized a similarity between Brian bank story and Johnny Depp story in the correlation is sometimes the difference in you spending time in prison and and you winning a case like this, both sides are innocent. However, sometimes your socio and economic status, your age, your circumstances could be the difference in you spending time. Are you not? And I don’t think that’s justice.

I think that with any accusation, with anything that you hear, it is important to take what the person is saying into account and listen intently. But ultimately, there needs to be an investigation and there needs to be a due process. And there needs to be innocent until proven guilty when it comes to the accused, because it keeps balance in the system when they sway too far to the left or too far to the right. That is when there is chaos and people lose trust in the system. And that is not what we want in the society overall. So I know that was a medium and heavy episode. But I think that the conversation is worth having. Because you never know anyone is literally one accusation away from being in a situation like this. Do you want the benefit of the doubt? Do you want the presumption of innocence? Do you want a thorough investigation? And do you want for there to be proofed? Before you can be put away in prison? I would guess the answer to all of that would be yes. Hey, that’s been another episode of the Karat Juice Podcast. I am your host Montay Lee if you enjoyed this episode, do me a favor rate and review the podcast please five star five star five star also share it with somebody that you think would enjoy this show. You can also find anything Karat Juice Podcast at Karat Juice That is Carrie Ka are a tea juice I’m also on Instagram, Tik Tok and YouTube Furthermore, this podcast is written produced edited everything else by yours truly Montay Lee Oh will leave today. Like I say every time with the Karat Juice Podcast, love someone. hug someone. Do something good for somebody not expecting anything in return. And until next time, peace.

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