A Real Conversation: Instant Gratification Culture is STALE.

Instant Gratification Culture Karat Juice Podcast Episode 66

Episode Summary

In this podcast episode about culture, we discuss purpose, authenticity and the importance of genuine connection. Do you feel like instant gratification culture, entertainment content, social media and sensationalism has impacted you negatively? If so, then tune into this episode because we will discuss the reason why instant gratification, viral content and the attention-seeking nature of the internet has taken such a toll on us. We will also dive into some solutions, where we go from here & what it all means. 

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A Real Conversation: Instant Gratification Culture is STALE. (Episode 66) Karat Juice Podcast

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
Welcome to the Karat Juice Podcast, where we observe society digest it. And through the nuance of it all, we attempt to make progress. I am your host Montay Lee, and I have been feeling something I think the more accurate way to say that is not much at all. Let me explain. I think that human beings are naturally social and drawn to authenticity in raw emotion. That’s definitely true for me. That is why I am fascinated and love dramas. And if there’s a documentary about a topic that sensitive or a particular issue, I’m automatically intrigued by. I say that to say that over the past year or so, I have started to consume more content online, and I’ve noticed that the majority of it is microwavable. What do I mean by that? It’s popcorn content. Its curated and produce, to get a quick reaction out of a viral moment. A sensational reaction. That’s instant. It’s fleeting, but behind the curtain, there’s something lacking what is that? It lacks? depth. It lacks nuance. It lacks what makes us human. This is the Karat Juice Podcast. Thank you for listening. In please, before we get into this story, do me a favor. rate and review the podcast on Apple podcasts or Spotify as it really helps out. Also share this podcast with anybody that you think would appreciate and benefit from what I’m saying here. I really appreciate you five star ratings are appreciated. Also. Ask me a question. If you have any feedback or anything you want me to cover on the show, I take what you say there into consideration and I am fairly very appreciative of all of my audio listeners

I promise in this episode to make you feel something real ask yourself when was the last time you had a conversation that made you feel something that made you remember it where you felt alive

Do you remember that? Why did it make you feel that way?

We’ll get there. This past weekend I went to a wedding. And while there I got to kick back. I relaxed which is rare for me because it seems like I’m always doing something. But over the weekend while at set wedding. I had some time to reflect and I realized that I had been missing something that I need it’s become apparent to me that the abundance of content that I was consuming for the most part lacks substance and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what it was, but I haven’t now it’s because it was not authentic. And on a biological, innate subconscious, and conscious level human beings we’re drawn to real conversations, stories, journeys, things we can relate to.

Personally, for me the last time I had a real conversation was actually over the weekend. It was on my way back from the wedding. And on the way back, I was a bit tired. I was a bit groggy from the wedding festivities, you could put two and two together. I did a couple of dance moves, did a couple electric slides. Had some spirits, you know, you get the idea. But on the way back, I decided to stop in Traverse City, Michigan. And while they’re in Traverse City, I got to experience some wineries for the first time. I know. Yes, I’ve been living under a rock. I am 33 years old. And I have never experienced wineries. Up in Traverse City, I have a feeling that that’s not a thing that a lot of men do all the time. So give me a little credit. But I digress. So I’m in Traverse City, I go to a couple of wineries. And if you’re not familiar with try Traverse City, it’s located in the northwest area of Michigan. It’s it’s right near Lake Michigan, you can see the water for many of the wineries there. And in Traverse City, there are a ton of wineries in the area, it has to be over 75 of them at least in a range of I don’t know what 75 Square Miles maybe something like that. It’s convinced. And part of the reason behind that is I believe the the soil is nutrient rich. The elevation is appropriate, because there are hills in the landscape in that area. And there’s also an abundant amount of water in the area due to the Great Lakes. And fun fact. I did a Google search while looking at the lake because that’s something that I do. Because I was looking out while having a flight of wine. And I’m looking at Lake Michigan and I’m just like, wow. I wonder how much water I wonder what’s the biggest body of water? I asked myself. So like a millennial that I am. I go to Google, and I find out that the Great Lakes holds 20% of all the world’s fresh water.

Montay Lee 8:53
1/5 Of all the freshwater in the world is right here on the borders of Michigan. So I’m looking out I’m searching Google. And I find that out and I’m just like, wow, you know what? And I got to just reflect and look out at the beautiful vista that I’m looking at at Mari vineyard. If you ever if you haven’t been there. It’s amazing. It’s got this Italian it looks like a mansion in Italy. It’s old world looking. It’s got all of this beautiful artwork inside of it. And I’m sitting out and you can look out and it’s like a VISTA in front of me with picnic tables. And the weather was perfect. It was around like mid 70s suns peeking out from the clouds and in the distance. I said People are laughing and smiling and observing the landscape I see trees in the distance blowing I see some boats out on the lake people out kayaking and just blue as far as the eyes can see. And while they’re everything slowed down and I had a conversation about the Great Lakes and I recognized during the conversation I was having that I hadn’t been present for a long time just in the past couple of months in life in the people that I’m around in the experiences that I’ve been having What’s the reason behind that I think the reason why I haven’t been present with the people that I have in my life the experiences that I’ve been having is the type of content that I’m always consuming the microwave content, the viral content, the quick hitting content, that doesn’t really need you to think it’s just there to entertain you. But it doesn’t do an important thing which is nourish you which is supply the h2 O which is authenticity to you to help you flourish like those vines on the hills in the vineyard in the breeze as I said on the Vista looking out sitting there and looking out in Traverse City forced me to slow down forced me to reflect on life. It forced me to have a conversation about life and about appreciating the people and things I have going on in my life and I thought this was an appropriate time to share this with you because I think we are lacking something that we used to have an abundance of here just in life which was real conversations social media online content and entertainment and media has its purpose and it is useful entertaining. It gives us something to always see but it clouds the bigger picture

what is that bigger picture I think it’s one another… let me explain.

Have you found yourself going about your day going about your regular routine and having conversations with people surface level conversations. Hey, how you doing how you been? Nothing much fi things are good keeping moving. We’ve all had it right. I know I have. It becomes common, fair and common things that you do in life but I would argue

Over time we can succumb to death by 1000 superficial conversations

Montay Lee 15:25
We are in routines. We are in patterns that are not our inherent nature I feel most alive and I feel more like my true self when I’m having conversations that matter are raw and unscripted in real and we’re lacking that in society. It made me think what can I do to get back to that I understand that it’s not I can’t have a genuine and authentic and nuanced conversation with everyone that I meet, that’s not reasonable or logical.

Montay Lee 16:47
But… I’m going to make a more concerted effort to spend more time with friends go more in depth with somebody that you meet, or that you see and they appear to be having a bad day or they appear to be wanting to engage you in conversation and rather than brushing them off, why don’t you ask them about their life and what they have going on? You might be surprised by what you find out because we’re all in this journey of life together. We all have our own stories our own struggles we all know with the economy with the uncertainty of that with the compound effect of inflation I saw on the news earlier rather a social media posts somebody took a picture of them at the gas pump in California. And I had to double take I thought the price was the price of like

a combo ad In and Out Burger or something like that. It was 950 No, it was somebody at the gas pump. They were paying 950 For one gallon of gasoline and that was recently like last week I think more than ever we need to reach out to one another. We need to spark up conversations with people. Because this crazy as it sounds things that are supposed to bring us together like social media where you can reach out to a message anybody in the world I can open up my phone right now. Slide in the DMS is a hi Rihanna. Hi Obama. You know Hi smooth They might not respond, but I can send the message that’s crazy. However, that same thing that allows you to reach out to anyone pretty much is the same thing that’s forcing people forcing that’s causing people to be less social, where it matters with one another I say all of this to say I encourage you to try this try to have one authentic and real conversation today. And you might be surprised by how it makes you feel because at the end of the day, life is about people and connecting with each other all the superficial things the constant strive to get more money which I think is important, you need to have money because it gives you options. But it’s not the meaning of life. Uncertainty about your job about your living situation about romantic interest about family it all harkens back to one thing, your journey are you adding value to other people around you? Do you feel connected to anything or anyone and it all boils down to our human experience so if you feel so inclined, try to have one authentic in real conversation today

because you never know how that might impact next person. And maybe just maybe that conversation that you have with someone could be the difference in changing your life and changing the life of someone else. We’re all just searching for belonging. We don’t all have it figured out. I definitely don’t have it all figured out I am trying each and every day to get better and to be better than I was the day before. And I encourage you to do to say

so as I said earlier in this episode The goal of this episode was to make you feel something

because if you don’t you will unfortunately be overcome and slayed by the death of 1000 superficial conversations let’s not let that be the case for you. And hey that’s been another episode of the Karat Juice Podcast. I am your host Montay Lee, do me a favor before we get out of here. rate and review the podcast please. Five Star five star five star Hey, let me know what you think about the podcast asked me some questions. If you ask me questions, I could read them on the podcast and get some interaction with you. I really want that so could you do me a favor, please rate and review the podcast five stars. Also, this podcast is produced, edited, written, whatever you might call it by yours truly Montay Lee and like I say, every time here on the podcast, love someone. hug someone doing something good for someone not expecting anything in return. And until next time Peace.

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