A Terrifying Alabama Prison Break Haunts America!

alabama prison break

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In this podcast episode about crime, we discuss an Alabama prison break story that has caused a nationwide manhunt! This story involves an alleged murder, deception, espionage, romance, gun smoke & a high-speed chase. Sometimes a story just speaks for itself & this is one of them. So tune in to the latest episode of the Karat Juice Podcast to get filled in on the latest of this developing and wild story about a new age Bonnie & Clyde who attempted the impossible in Alabama. This story involves Casey White a convict who was awaiting trial for murder, Alabama Corrections Officer, Vicky White & the timeline of how the prison break happened. Listen to find out what we know about the story as of right now. 

Alabama Prison Break

A Terrifying Alabama Prison Break Haunts America! (Episode 62) Karat Juice Podcast

Spotify Podcast

A Terrifying Alabama Prison Break Haunts America! (Episode 62) Karat Juice Podcast (Spotify Podcast)

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Source Courtesy of Fox News & TMZ.

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Alabama Prison Break

UPDATE: Since the recording of this episode there was an update to Vicky White’s health status that was not determined at the time of recording. Please refer to this report for further information on her status. 

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
What are you willing to do for love? This story is going to boggle your mind in the depths that one would go for a relationship. Keep in mind that in today’s society, there are people who have done a lot of bad things. But it never ceases to amaze me that for some people it doesn’t matter what you did. They’re still willing to give you a shot. So this story, this story developed out of Alabama in a prison apparently there was a prison guard corrections officer who while working in Alabama prison met somebody who was this person that she met? Let’s find out more about it. So, Casey white age 38. was accused an accused murderer. Okay, an accused murderer

and let’s go here

we’re going to Fox News for the report. So according to Fox News, Casey white escaped and Alabama inmate could try suicide by cop as Doc shows he wanted to have police kill him. What?

So warrant from Casey White’s arrest Reports says he told women he wanted to kill her and half police kill him. As the man HUD for escaped Alabama inmate Casey Cole white and fugitive prison guard Vicki white moves into its 11th day. experts are warning about White’s possible propensity towards suicide by cop. As past criminal record show. He has an alleged history of calling for it. New details are slowly trickling out of the Florence Alabama escape of accused murderer Casey white 38 and the high ranking jail guard who allegedly fled with him. 56 year old 56 year old Vicki white Breath and note they are not related. The pair who are not related were said to have been in a special relationship. Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick singleton told Fox News digital, they did not believe Casey White was taking his prescribed medication. While on the lam whenever that means a warrant for one of Casey wise pass arrest describes how he told a woman he wanted to kill her and have the police kill him. The Warrens stem from his attempted murder and kidnapping case from 2015 in limestone County, Alabama.

This is very strange. According to the 2015 murderer, Casey white allegedly broke into his ex girlfriend’s home one night and fired several shots at the woman but missed her. Four others including two children were in the home at the time, the warrant state, he allegedly fatally shot the family’s dog. Why he was arrested after allegedly committing a bevy of other crimes that night. At the time of his arrest, he stated not only that he was trying to kill the woman, but that he wanted to kill her and have the police kill him. Goodness gracious. Does this seem like the type of person that you will want to possibly get into a special relationship with? I mean, I’m not a rocket scientist. I’m not a genius. But I think it’s safe to say that the person who is accused of murder is not an ideal candidate to have a relationship with. Maybe that’s far fetched. You guys tell me. Let’s continue. So the article here also says he only regretted his only regret was that neither was successful. He stated that if he was released, he will kill the victim.

And the man hunt at this point, this was earlier today may 9. At this time, law enforcement agents are juggling with their steadfast efforts to find the payer while also ensuring public safety. They asked about existing safety threats. Longtime US Marshal Service commander Lynnie de Paul, who is now retired also cited his concerns about possible suicide by cop. De Paul states. That’s what I think we’re law enforcement may be looking at, you know, what’s his vision? What’s his mindset? And you got to approach that very carefully. The Paul spent decades with the US Marshal Service where he served commander of the US Marshal Service New York and New Jersey Regional Fugitive Task Force. He retired in 2013. And is not involved with law enforcement man HUD for the couple. So this was a developing case at the time, but we have a development, something that just recently broke here within the past hour. But before we get there, let’s find out a little bit more about the jailhouse romance. You ready for this? Nope. All right. We’re gonna do it anyway. Vicki and Casey had been in the throes of a jailhouse romance when they slipped away from the Lauderdale County Detention Center in Florence, Alabama, on April 29. At the time, Vicki left alone with Casey telling coworkers she was transporting him for an evaluation at the county courthouse. But lo and behold, there was no evaluation at all. But Casey was nice schedule. Like I said, in the month before the escape, Vicki white allegedly sold her home. She was supposed to retire that day on April 29. But the paperwork was not ever officially filed with the state denied She also purchased an orange color 2007 Ford SUV, which Investigators tracked down to Bethesda, Tennessee. There’s also a developing thing here. There’s apparently surveillance footage of Vicki white at an adult store in buying menswear before the pair fled According to multiple reports and authorities, so this is her at that store. Let’s play this 14 second clip.

She’s walking by a counter of the store. Standing there she’s wearing a black hoodie. It looks like looking over the counter. And then pacing and walking back. She’s got blonde hair, there’s really not much there. Let’s continue. Casey was serving a 75 year sentence for a slew of crimes from 2015 including carjacking a home invasion and a police chase. He had been serving his citizens at the William E. Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama, but had been transferred to the Lauderdale County jail while he awaited trial for the 2015 murder of a 58 year old Connie Ridgeway. recipes to them. Casey and Vicki white met in 2020 When Casey was being housed in the Lauderdale center after confessing to the 2015 slang authority. Authorities have said the pair maintain contact and are said to have spoken by phone between 2020 and 2022. So for two years they were speaking by phone. Even when Casey was transported to the Donaldson center, before he sent back to Lauderdale to await trial. They continue their correspondence. Apparently, the US Marshal Service revealed that they gotta tip around 11pm On Thursday, about a vehicle matching the description of a 2007 Ford Edge Thursday would have been may 5 2022. With the help of that tip, they were able to track the vehicle to a tow lot in Williamson County, Tennessee, about two hours north of where the manhunt first began. The Office said there is a picture of the vehicle it’s a 2007 Ford SUV, and it is a kind of gradient Sunkiss orange color. And this is according to Twitter of the W. C S. O Franklin, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office. They also provide pictures and images of what they will look like together. And here is a picture of Vicki white on the left. And then on the right, that’s her in her disguise, which is just a black wig. Bruh bruh. What would in like what would make this woman want to throw away her life she’s about to retire. For an accused murderer. This always boggles my mind. What is it about people who are violent? What is it about? People like that. That attracts some people, there has to be something mentally tied to a person who would even see that as a viable option because this phenomenon is not something that’s uncommon. I’m not gonna say the majority of people are attracted to things like that. But I found that people who are like serial killers, very violent people, people who have done heinous things. They they’re infamous, and they get this visceral and crazy attention from women at times that I can’t explain Marilyn Manson serial killers. Ted Bundy The list goes on and on of these deranged killers who have gotten, you know, love letters and affection from women over the years, there has to be something mentally going on. That needs to be looked into further because this isn’t the first time or the first story where a corrections officer sheriff’s officers, somebody that works in the jail has engaged in a relationship with an inmate and it compromises the entire system when stuff like this happens. So that’s the back story. That’s the backdrop of what is going on here.

So let’s continue with the story and see what the developing update is. So apparently here according to TMZ, there’s more footage so apparently the Alabama jailbreak. This is the surveillance bullet footage that apparently shows an escaped inmate and this is him here

the inmate in the first shot, it looks like we’re on the shot on the right he’s wearing his scrubs is Ma scrubs. Okay, and then in the shot on the left, it looks like when he’s walking out he’s wearing a pink shirt with some khakis and some gym shoes. And, and a black hat. So a little bit of a different look. All right, kind of looks like a civilian there with the phone. Interesting. So the inmate who fled and Alabama prison might have just popped up at a carwash some 300 miles away at least if you buy this surveillance footage. So the photo on the left there is him at a carwash. The photo on the right is was him in prison. Interesting. So w e v v obtain a screenshot of a video that was taken at Weinbach carwash in Evansville, Indiana, where investigators reportedly believe Casey White might have absconded too with too, with prison guard Vicki White, a woman of no relation, but who authorities believe helped break him out in late April. The outlet reports that US marshals are on the ground and looking into this footage. The feds believe Casey might be using a vehicle that was reported as stolen in the area. No official word on whether this is a red herring or the real McCoy. Wow, this is some real life. Prison Break stuff. I mean, have you seen the movie The show Prison Break? Like this is it to a tee like you can’t make this stuff up. Goodness gracious man. So we have Vicki white Casey white No relation. Vicki White is set to retire. But before then she has been having a relationship correspondence with this accused murderer and she decides you know what? I’m about to retire. We’re gonna go off live off in the sunset. What? You can’t make this stuff up. This is just This is so strange. It’s comical. Wait, but wait. Yeah, you guessed it right. There’s more. Also courtesy of TMZ it looks like today, as of May nine at 615. Eastern Time 3:15pm. A development happened. What was it? So apparently prison guard shoots herself and the inmate was captured. Got it. Got it. So the local sheriff in Evansville says Vicki got herself when their vehicle was ran by cops and that she is not in good condition. The alleged murderer who escaped from prison late last month and the gar who allegedly helped him have been cornered and captured in Indy in an Indiana cornfield for a quarter according to Fox 59 in Indianapolis. It went down Monday afternoon in Evansville, Indiana. When police tracked down a pickup truck Casey white and Vicki White were driving a 2006 Ford F 150. The pair apparently fled to a nearby cornfield where cops surrounded them and wait for it we also have dispatch audio this incident Let’s listen in

ah money

Dispatch 21:03
waiting to three just confirm his Carrier Vehicle pursuit they’re not currently in pursuit I believe they’re just following it. charcoal gray palette regular industries going through anger industry three of them six just getting notified by ISP if they have a question they can call my my cell phone

Officer 21:29

Dispatch 21:31
you in Angry industries parking lot. Cleon in anger industries parking lot. Press crash out in an open field along Long guard just want to make clear he’s still inside the vehicle

Unknown Speaker 21:55
there is fresh out still inside the vehicle. No still gonna be in a vehicle we believe we possibly have him on 911.

Officer 22:07
Later on AMR he shot himself when we could hear her on the line saying she had her finger on the trigger. And I feel that Baumgarten Burch victim. Female is still armed. Apparently had shot himself female still on 41 didn’t eat on a birch will no enforcement vehicle to patients as

Montay Lee 22:35
well. So it goes on to say here that the Lauderdale County Alabama sheriff says Casey had been taken into custody after surrendering. And Vicki has been taken to a local hospital. It’s clear Vicki is in rough shape. The sheriff said I hope she survives this. I don’t know the extent of her injuries. We don’t wish any ill will on Vicki with her health. But she has some answers to give us a bow Absolutely. So as for Casey white, he’s also in custody. And there are unconfirmed reports he too was shot unconfirmed reports that he was shot to. Although it’s not clear if it was his own gun, or someone else’s, as reported Casey White, who was in custody on a murder charge escaped, as we said before, and that man hunt lasted for two weeks until it came to a close there recently. Now, what is the moral of this story?

The power of relationships or perceived romantic relationships and feelings can lead to violence. It can lead to community. Community, the community being at risk having a accused murderer on the loose without a conclusion in that case. And it can lead to other prisoners, other personnel that’s in the jail being at risk as well. So the nature of it’s almost getting to a point now where as like the sheriff’s and the police officers and the prison Do you almost live They may or try to eradicate female officers, sheriff’s and stuff like that interfacing with male prisoners and vice versa. Would this work out better, if you like kind of segregated it in a way to where only men would be in the male prisons and only women will be in the female prison? I don’t know. I don’t mean that to sound sexist, but like, how could you? Guard against this? How could you mitigate this? And I know this is probably just an outlier. But I’ve heard about this happening. I did a episode on something similar to this about a woman who was, you know, having relations biblically with an inmate in the prison. And she was attractive too. I think I did a as somebody found out about it, she end up losing her job, and she ended up doing service and time in jail, because as an A your authority FIDIC figure when you’re in there as a corrections officer, and that is definitely a miscarriage of the public trust. But yeah, how do you stop this? How do you mitigate something like that? Is their policy is their policies that need to change? As a society, should we be looking at reform in some of the policies when it comes to appropriately? You know, managing people who are incarcerated in prison? I think these are questions and things that we need to think about on a more holistic level, to make sure things like this don’t happen in the future. Because I foresee this continuing to happen long as once people can have the opportunity to give you some attention, especially when it’s the on the side of the women because women are more emotional when it comes to relationship if somebody’s given her the time of day giving her some attention. I mean, she was he was 20 years younger than her. She was 56. I mean, he’s giving her that attention. He’s always there, he ain’t got nothing but time. He just sitting there the whole time. So he probably was telling us telling her sweet nothings, you know, giving her all the attention she could handle. And it led to something like this. So I want to see them both prosecuted, to the full extent of the law. And I hope she pulls through. I don’t want to see her any ill will on her. Hopefully, nobody got injured seriously, in this incident. Hopefully, she makes a full recovery. And she could be prosecuted and Apoc eviction serve her time, which I definitely foresee coming. And yeah, this is just a bizarre case. Because it literally is Prison Break. It’s Prison Break all over again. And that has been another installment of the Karat Juice Podcast. We are discussing prison breaks, romance. And also high speed chases, murder. It’s all there. This story is nuts. This has been the 62nd episode 62 of the Karat Juice Podcast. If you want to know what I’m rocking right here, this is

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