Ray J EXPOSED Kim Kardashian LIES w/ DM Receipts!

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In this podcast episode about culture, we discuss R&B artist, Ray J who exposed Kim Kardashian for alleged lies about a second adult tape that was mentioned in the new Kardashian show. Ray J spoke to the Daily Mail about the matter & he also shared a DM conversation he had with Kim Kardashian about the matter. Ray J spoke out & said he is tired of hearing his name mentioned in the media and wants to clear the air about what really went down before the tape ‘leaked’. In this developing story about the infamous tape & the reported second copy which has caused so much buzz online after the airing of the Kardashian’s new show on Hulu.

Ray J Exposed

Ray J EXPOSED Kim Kardashian LIES w/ DM Receipts! (Karat Juice Podcast)

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Ray J EXPOSED Kim Kardashian LIES w/ DM Receipts! (Karat Juice Podcast)

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
As message did you actually watch the episode because I didn’t say a single bad thing about you question mark. The show filmed in real time, the day inhale that I had with my lawyers. In this episode, you are going to find out why. When you are watching something on TV, you shouldn’t believe everything that you see. This story involves r&b artists and actor Ray J. And socialite. Reality TV Star Hollywood. I don’t even know what they explain her as Kim Kardashian. Everybody knows who she is, don’t really know much about what she does. She has multiple business. She’s multifaceted when it comes to that now. However, this story involves Ray J. Who spoke out about something that happened on the Kardashian show. Now, I haven’t watched this show. I don’t plan on watching it because it just is not my cup of tea when it comes to watching content. It’s very popular. If you don’t already know the Kardashian show moved from E and now it is on Hulu and there was a big commotion. And a lot of people have stuff to say about the out the outbreak that Kim Kardashian had after her son, saint was playing a game playing Roblox on the phone or tablet and an ad popped up. That alluded to another s tape or unreleased s tape. And she broke down started crying there was a whole thing. That story got a lot of attention. And there are some people that are saying that it was a stunt just to boost ratings and get more exposure for their show, which is not out of the realm of belief. This episode we are going to discuss what Ray J did in response to that Ray J is coming out and speaking out and clearing his name because he saying there is more to this story. Let’s find out exactly what he is talking about. If you’re watching on YouTube, Like the video, subscribe to the channel if you enjoy this content. For my audio listeners. I appreciate you leave a rating and review if you get value out of this episode. So the first source is courtesy of Media Takeout news and indicates Ray J this was published today May fifth 2022 Ray J exposes Kim Kardashian over s tape claims rage eight threatened to pull out his receipts over the s tip s tape drama after Kim Kardashian brought it up on her show several times. He states I’ve sat in the shadows for over 14 years allowing the Kardashians to use my name to abuse my name make billions of dollars over a decade and a half talking about a topic I’ve never never really spoken about. Ray J told the Daily Mail Ray J also released D isms between him and Kim Kardashian. Let’s dive into that content. Now. So this is Glock topics. Shout out to them posted this. Let’s get into this real quick. So this was posted by Ray J I want to say on May for recently. That’s what I’ll say. I don’t want to be incorrect. So estates here. This is Ray J talking all of the videos and pics and texts from me. And you because I was trying to make things okay and make you feel better. Now I realize this is another promo stunt for you. Unless you reach out to me soon. I’m gonna take it to the level where it shows all of what we did all of the meetings and Convos about the plan, date and times of our meetings in the whole lie. You and Chris planned since the beginning. This is not a threat. You taking this too far.

He sends another message. You know what we did? Your mom control this whole s tape deal with blank and blank. It was her idea to put out the Why are you playing games can I’ve been nothing but a team player. We all had an agreement. Now you are trying to drag my name for your new show. And that ain’t cool it blank up my business and relationships when we sat down with blank and your mom and we plan all of this together now you really are taking this lie to the next level making me look crazy. Ray J continues I don’t want to expose the real blank that we did but you are leaving me no choice que se he say you want it the footage and I gave him all of the videos and pics and texts from me. A you because I was trying to make things okay. And I was agreed. Now you want to make it seem like I’m doing it again without your control. He continues referring to what happened on the new show. The outbursts, all those fake tears. Your fans trusting you to be honest and sincere, but it’s all fake for the cameras. I was playing my part until you started doing all of this. Why are you trying to ruin me? When you know I was just a player in this you have to stop believing your own lies I have to let the world know the real because you’ve taken it too far now. Blank. Somebody needs to explain the play you are doing to me asap or I will have no choice but to protect my brand and family and expose the real at that moment that’s a live look at a Kim Kardashians heart as she’s reading this message. Let’s continue. Ray J continues. I know how promo goes and I get it 100% But it’s gotten out of control with this new story and my team is Oh my head thinking it’s true. Me sticking a D il do and your blank while you were asleep is pretty out of control. lol wouldn’t you wake up if you felt that in your bu TT question mark. I would hope so, Kimmy. It can never be that Lou. I’m guessing he went to say loose and open. LOL jk. But seriously, it makes me look like an artist and dirty perv. And I’m catching a lot of slack from it. That’s why I hit you like this. Out of all these years since the tape, we’ve been able to build brands and make a lot of money. You already got to the Billy’s referring to her as being a billionaire. Please help me stay in a positive light. And I want my kids to be proud of me. They are three and two years old. They are innocent. Please don’t make their dad look like a loser when you know me more. And he goes on to say it’s Ray J You don’t know who this is. It’s Ray J so it looks like he sent this back in April. Okay, from this timestamp. So what is Kim Kim’s response to all of this. What is Kim have to say about all of this because remember when the show originally aired, there was a lot of exposure and her crying and everything having this hanging over here for 20 years all of that. Is Ray J telling the truth or is there validity to what he is? Or is there validity to what he’s saying? Or let’s see what she has to say. Kim Kardashian responded by saying hi. So sorry. And she said this on April 14 at 7:56pm According to this text receipt, hi. Sorry I’m only seeing your above DMS now. I am happy to hear that you’re doing well and curette congrats on your beautiful family. In regards to your last message. Did you actually watch the episode because I didn’t say a single bad thing about you question mark.

The show filmed in real time, the day in hell that I had with my lawyers when your man If you’re threatened to release another tape that doesn’t exists. And my son who was five years old at the time, seeing an ad with my cry face emoji that said Kim’s new S tape, as clickbait in Roblox, it was upsetting to have to deal with N I am have to deal with and I am sure you can understand also how that feels. If you’re upset about the di l d o comment, it was clearly a sarcastic joke. And I was laughing when I said it

she said, This is what if you’re upset about the di l do comment, it was clearly a sarcastic joke. And I was laughing when I said it. So she’s saying it was a joke. Really. Let’s continue. She said, My burn them to the ground comment was a generalization to anyone threatening to hold this over my head 20 years later. We are both parents now with young kids and careers. And I’m sure you want to move on from this like I do. But your manager is the person who brought this all up out of nowhere, and I have a right to share how it affected me. Next week’s episode airs where Kanye brings me the computer, and he says he got back from you, which shows you in a positive light from giving that to him. Thank you for doing that. Rage a response? My team is demanding me to respond to what’s out there now. Because it gets worse every day. I don’t say nothing. Now that we talked, I feel different. I was gonna go extreme, but not anymore. How should I respond? He says I completely understand. And I appreciate hearing this from you. I want you to know that I wish nothing but the best for you. This has hurt us both in so many ways. And I know we are aligned in wanting to move forward in our lives and not continue to be defined by something we did 20 years ago. Thank you for reaching out. And my hope is the after next week was everyone sees that the computer was given back to chi that this story will be dead and done with.

She also says just spoke to my team, we will get something out tomorrow to clarify that this was a joke, and that you would have never done something like this. Hope this helps. And I’m sorry to hear how this has affected you. It wasn’t my intention. So what was your intention? Exactly. So it was a joke. Right? Talking about Ray J saying all that stuff about him. But it could affect his career. You Do you know how much influence you have? Kim Kardashian has so much influence. And to talk about that man in that light, when you already know that he gave the stuff back. Is it just strictly a grab for views? Are you guys hurting for ratings that much to get your show pushed? Because you already know that he gave the stuff back? That is first of all, editorially, whoever edited this is not doing a good job. Because you’re trying to bolster ratings, but then you’re allude to somebody doing X on someone while they’re sleeping. It just is not in good taste. Okay. Ray J has a right to speak up and say his piece just like Kim Kardashian does, because they both have huge platforms, Kim Kardashians is bigger. So it carries. It goes further and has more reach. And if what is being put out there is negative about that man, he has a right to speak up about it. So what I said initially, in this episode still rings true. When you’re watching anything on TV, I know from my experience, if somebody is releasing a new show, if they’re releasing a book, if they’re releasing a song, and there’s some story, there’s some drama that comes out. I look at it skeptically at the beginning. Because far too often what I’m noticing is people are using drama in situations like this, no matter if it paid somebody in a positive or negative light to get exposure to get promotion to give us to get notoriety. And there’s something about the just human experience and our human nature that if it’s a negative story, it gets more pub it gets more exposure. So I’m glad that Ray J is speaking You know, that he showed these receipts, these receipts defending his name, clearing it, talking about he really hasn’t said much about it in 14 years. And that’s the thing that thanks that he gets. You got to hold people accountable when they are here speaking on your name in a way that can affect your bottom line affect your brand. Conversely, Kim Kardashian has done quite well from the tape. She wouldn’t be Kim Kardashian as we know today if it wasn’t for that tape. So one thing that she’s gonna have to deal with is the consequences of that later when it comes to her children. Because as we all know, kids can be ruthless. And eventually they’re going to find out and it’s gonna probably be their classmates that are saying, like, Hey, I saw this and I saw that and your mom did what and Well, kids can be ruthless. So either you’re going to have to homeschool your kids or you should already eventually start preemptively letting them know what you did in the past. And I don’t wish that on any kid. So without being too long-winded that’s my thoughts on this matter. If you enjoyed this episode, do me a favor like the video if you’re watching on YouTube, and if you’re listening on the podcast, do me a favor rate and review the podcast five star five star five star drop a question if you want let me know what you think about this. And without being too long winded. I don’t want to waste your time. I’m gonna let you go right there. Till next time. Peace.

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