IG Model Assaults Baby for Likes! DISTURBING VIDEO SURFACED

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In this podcast episode about crime, we discuss the alarming story about an ‘IG Model’ who allegedly assaulted her child on IG live. A disturbing video was posted on social media showing a woman slapping and hitting a 1-year-old child. That video has led to the woman’s arrest yesterday, Media Take Out has learned. Police in Sanford, Florida arrested a 23 year old woman named Tay Posley who describes herself as a “model” on Instagram. The disturbing video surfaced online and what is even more alarming is what happened after the incident. Watch the video to find out more about this story that involves Tay Posley (Tya Posley) and a disturbing video that surfaced online of her assaulting her baby.

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IG Model Assaults baby for likes! DISTURBING VIDEO SURFACED

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IG Model Assaults baby for likes! DISTURBING VIDEO SURFACED (Spotify Podcast) Karat Juice Podcast

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:00
Smirkin’ was on IG slapping the baby. Goodness gracious man. This is why a lot of people out here shouldn’t be having no kids. This episode goes without stating. Sometimes you see a story that needs no introduction. It needs no preface it needs no hook. I saw this article hour or so ago and yeah, it’s disturbing. I’m not going to show all of it or even most of what the subject matter is but it involves a young woman who they’re reporting as a IG model. Tape Hoesley to be exact. Who was arrested recently after allegedly beating her baby. on IG live for likes. Even worse than that, she gets released on a $2,000 bail and some of the stuff that this lady was saying. You just have to see to believe we’ll go to media take our news for the report. IG model right here. Okay. IG model. T pose li arrested for allegedly beaten her baby. That’s the lady right there. It says here nowadays people will do anything for likes. And now a poor innocent baby may be suffering because of it. A disturbing video was posted on social media showing a woman slapping and hitting a one year old child. That video has led to the woman’s arrest yesterday. Police in Sanford Florida arrested a 23 year old woman named tape Hoesley who described herself as a model on Instagram

they need to stop this. Y’all not models. Are you with an agency? Do you have an agency? Have you ever done any modeling work? Nope. Oh my goodness. According to police investigators, it was Hey in the video saying to the child. Your daddy wants to pose bleep right? He wants to post he wants to effing point whatever he wants to expert of post expert and not answer the GED phone. I hate your bleep before brutally slapping the one year old in the face and on the back. My goodness gracious. There is a link to the video I’m not going to play that because I don’t think that’s appropriate. And in another video, which includes a screenshot below the woman who Police claim his take can be seen whisking around the baby in a violent manner like that like so hope holding the baby like that there’s a special place for people who treat children like this she deserves to be all the way up under the jail you don’t do things like this to children the child’s father also released text messages with suggest the woman in the video was preparing to kill the child here are the messages here I’ll try to cut what I cut out what I can the woman stated in the alleged messages scream into the top of her lungs cuz I do too much. She getting cut more and more long as you keep playing with me. I’m gonna kill her by the end of the day. And that’s on Jamar grave ain’t none new. Ahmed do it every trip, but this time I’m gonna make sure I kill her. I effing hate this baby more than you. I’ll go on and on. And then there’s an audio call. Goodness gracious. The officer said they went to pose Lee’s home to perform a wellbeing check on the child They were not able to see any bruises on the job. Police said they were able to identify the one year old as the victim seen in the video and identified Tay as the woman hitting the child. Goodness. Child Protective Services were called and took custody of the one year old and Tay was arrested and charged with child abuse. Absolutely. But she was given only a $2,000 bail. Is that even possible and was quickly released from jail? Lot. This is the picture of the person right here. smirking, was on IG slapping the baby. Goodness gracious man, this is why a lot of people out here shouldn’t be having no kids. I’m just gonna be 100% honest with you. A lot of people out here shouldn’t be having no kids. Because I think in society, people assume that somebody has a child that they are going to be a mother. But there’s a lot of people who are having children, and are nowhere near a mother. They’re people who have a childlike mindset that are out here and really doing harm to children. And people need to speak up about this crap. If you don’t care about the kid, give the kid to the Father. Somebody’s got to step in with this. Where’s the family? Where are the other people that are in this child’s life. And I think stuff like this needs to be talked about more because Child Protective Services, I really appreciate them for what they do. Because there’s a lot of situations where they can help a child in a dire situation from being killed. This happens in America. This happens all over the world children are in traumatic households where people who are emotionally damaged. And man, it’s just a sad situation. And for all the people who say, Oh, well, why would you give to the dad? How do you know if he’s toxic or not? I don’t know the man. I don’t know who he is. But I do know a lot of the times when I see men taking care of their kids, this is the type of stuff that I see. And it doesn’t get talked about enough.

A lot of the men who are single dads do a great job. And I have friends who are single dads and they do a great job. And this is what I think of when I think of a single dad. They need to work on that right? Yes. Okay. Did you understand it though? No.

Unknown Speaker 8:04
Oh, mister grand finale.

Montay Lee 8:09
Yeah. I was wondering, I don’t know what’s the next season because they did some stuff this last? Exactly what I would go Yeah, yeah. Right, don’t bring that young, young man. That’s what I think. That’s what I see men. I see guys stepping up taking care of their kids. And shout out to the legit mothers out there who are taking care of their children who are nurturing and caring. But there are kids out here having kids. And in that situation, if you don’t want your kid, give it to the Father, or give that or give your kid up for adoption or whatever. Nothing somebody else does to you should make you want to put your hands on a child. What kind of sick person are you? And anybody cosign in this and trying to say, Well, what did he drive her to? Or what did he do or whatever that shifts are irrelevant? Straight up. So if anybody sees any, any abuse of a child or anything like that, make sure that you’re reaching out to child protective services because no child needs to go through your drama, just because you’re in your feelings and emotional about a situation. Absolutely not. And hey, this has been another video it’s been a somber one. It’s a really tough topic but I think this was worth talking about about because there I can’t believe she got released that quickly given And what was seen in the video and also the circumstances of those messages. But um yeah, man, that’s all I got for this one. So I’ll see y’all on the next one. Like the video if you enjoyed it, let me know what you think about this in the comments. I’m interested in seeing what you guys are, what your interactions is about this story sheet. And until next time, peace.

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