Insanity Takes Over the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial

Johnny Depp Trial

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In this podcast episode about culture we discuss the latest updates from the Johnny Depp trial vs. Amber Heard. The Cross-examination has been underway and closed today in the Johnny Depp trial and the information shared has been at the forefront of internet & media headlines. There have been explosive allegations made on both sides from Johnny Depp & Amber Heard and we will discuss what has been said & what it means for the outcome of this high profile court case. False accusations are a very serious matter and I think this case is important because it is causing a nationwide conversation around false accusations, domestic violence & sexual assault allegations.

Insanity Takes Over the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial (Karat Juice Podcast)
Insanity Takes Over the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard Trial (Karat Juice Podcast)

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Podcast Transcript

Montay Lee 0:23
Johnny Depp versus Amber Heard continues here today, April 25, 2022. I covered this already. And I said in my initial episode, that I will be doing a follow up on some developments in the case. There has been a lot of things said during this trial, there’s been mentions of mega pores, and of allegations of violence and of abuse on both sides. And like I said, initially, listen to all people investigate and believe all truth. So, the story is there’s a defamation lawsuit, where Johnny Depp filed a lawsuit stating that his ex wife, Amber Heard, wrote an op ed, and insinuated that she was abused. And because of that a lot of people in the metoo era went after Johnny Depp. And he got claimed to be a wife beater, he got claimed to be an abuser. And He is suing her as a result of that for $50 million. The sources courtesy of TMZ, I don’t want to waste your time. So I’m going to value that I’m not going to be doing a long courtroom, live stream or anything like that I have this story, we’re going to go through some of the information that is in this story, courtesy of TMZ and I’m gonna let you go about today. So without further delay, let’s get right to it. So we have here published today, courtesy of TMZ. Johnny Depp accuses him, Johnny Depp, Amber accuses him of putting a cig out on her

courtroom audio. I’m just gonna play the audio. Let’s see what it let’s see here. Let’s see what he’s what this what’s going on.

Defense Attorney 2:56
Mr. Depp, we’ve talked about this a little bit, but you’ve testified that abuse can come in many forms. Correct? Physical being one of them. Right.

Johnny Depp 3:06





psychological abuse.

Indeed. Some of those sort of flew into the other light

Defense Attorney 3:16
to talk. Understood. I’d like to talk about some of that abuse. Can we pull up exhibit 582? Please?

Your Honor, this is a recording defendants exhibit 582 that we will play the entirety of

Plaintiff Attorney 3:36
any objection to 582 No Objection, Your Honor. All right. 582 in evidence

Amber Heard 3:46
for your fucking cigarettes on someone else, you fucking have consequences. Reactions. That’s it.

Johnny Depp 3:52
Shut up Fat A#$.

Amber Heard 3:53
Yeah, you got me there.

Defense Attorney 3:59
Can you play that one more time? Please, Michelle?

Plaintiff Attorney 4:03
Objection, Your Honor.

Judge 4:04
I’ll sustain the objection move on

Defense Attorney 4:06
Mr. Depp. And when when miss her tells you in that recording to go put your cigarettes out on someone else. You don’t deny that but instead you simply say shut up fat ass like correct?

Johnny Depp 4:18
I think that was another grossly exaggerated moment of miscarriage. I don’t I did not put a cigarette out on her throw a cigarette at her.

Montay Lee 4:31
So to be fair here, Johnny denied putting a cigarette out on Miss heard, but I must admit in that initial audio, it seems quite damning. And something that I’ve seen during this trial is in the courtroom, you have to read between the lines you have to kind of chill Try to see what the attorney is trying to convey through their questioning. Are they asking leading questions? Are they saying Correct? After every time they ask somebody a question and trying to lead the witness trying to lead the person that’s on the stand. I’m paying attention to all those things. And I will say this relationship had a lot of tension between it the entire time because it seems like they were always arguing I know we are only getting the bad bit but I will say that this was not a healthy situation in the slightest. Let’s continue on with the article. This was an update as of 1:21pm today and it states Amber Heard stated, I’m gonna die. You’re causing me so much stress. Those were Amber’s words. During yet another of her heated arguments with Johnny. her legal team played an audio recording of the face off in court while Deb was on the stand. Let’s play that

Johnny Depp 7:05
this is not not happiness, this is not

Amber Heard 7:12
so much dread. I’m gonna die this entire causing me so much stress. Please stop. Please. And I really want a day comes every day. Please stop. Please. Please. Please stop. Please stop everything you just said Can we please have a normal argument just even a normal conversation for the normal argument and for the last hour of you please leave it at that. Let’s go on with our night I would have been able to come in with you. We would have been able to let it go to a few minutes. It would have been fine. It would just be louder. So the fucking normal arguments, please uh, you’re killing me with this. You’re killing me.

You’re F&$#ing killing me.

Johnny Depp 8:04
Shawn, could you please, I want you to just go. I want you to take your medicine, or whatever. I’m sorry that I’ve upset, I think.

Amber Heard 8:15
Thank you, Shawn. I’m ready to go. Thank you so much.

Plaintiff Attorney 8:22
Mr. Depp in the beginning? Well, first of all, do you know where you are when you’re having this discussion with Miss Heard?

Johnny Depp 8:33
The only, excuse me, the only clue that I have is that Shawn is being called called Shawn and to drive her home, or I believe it was probably at Sweetser. So then she could drive back he would drive her back to downtown. And I was three with a she didn’t seem in any shape to drive to me.

Montay Lee 9:21
So as you see there, as you heard, Amber Heard was they’re very emotional. She was begging for him to stop fighting with her and instead have a normal argument. He agreed that they needed some time apart and asked a driver to take her to their home in downtown Los Angeles. I noticed that he was very calm and reserved at that point. Johnny said he Johnny also said that she didn’t seem like she was in any shape to drive. I would concur with that based on just the or emotion level. And it also indicates here that on the recording depth also says, This isn’t love this is not happiness. The article goes on to say that in what is just another chapter in the toxic relationship that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had. There was new audio that accuses Johnny of using Amber as his personal ashtray. The audio was played Monday in court, day four of Johnny Depp’s testimony day four. You hear Amber say put your effing cigarettes out on someone else. F having consequences for your ash effing have consequences for your actions. While there is no visual evidence in this instance, Amber herds lawyer pointed out the fact that Johnny doesn’t doesn’t deny burning her with a cig in the audio. He simply responds, shut up fat a during the cross examination, Johnny Depp denied ever throwing a cigarette at hurt or using her to put one out he said, I think that was grossly exaggerated by Ms hurt. And we have that recording as well. So we’re gonna play it

Amber Heard 11:37
I bumped up and cry in my bedroom after I dumped you a fucking week, week prior? A fucking week prior after you beat the shit out of me. And then a week later you show in my show up at my doorstep in my room saying you want to say goodbye. Okay, say goodbye.

Johnny Depp 11:54
Oh I said it?

Amber Heard 11:55
Yes, you did. I’ll go to the text messages. So that we’re clear that

Johnny Depp 12:02
Yes you said it before to me.

Amber Heard 12:04
Okay. No doubt

me you did not.

Say you’d come over to say goodbye?

Johnny Depp 12:10
I made a huge mistake.

Amber Heard 12:11
You didn’t You didn’t say that. You didn’t says?

Johnny Depp 12:15
I won’t do it again

Amber Heard 12:16
What’s the mistake? They didn’t? Did you? Did you not say you’re coming over to say bye?

Montay Lee 12:27
My question is why are so many of these things being recorded? If you’re in such emotional distress, and you’re so like afraid of things, why are you like recording all of these interactions and all of these interactions where Johnny Depp presumably doesn’t know that he’s being recorded? He’s being very reserved, very calm. What I would say is the opposite of somebody that’s aggressive. Yes, he’s caught her out of her name at times. And yes, he’s been upset, obviously. But I do not see somebody that is emotionally unstable based on the interactions, especially since he doesn’t even know that he’s being recorded. And he’s, from what I’ve heard, and what I’ve seen throughout the entire trial. And throughout all of the testimony that I’ve seen him endure during this entire time throughout the court process and cross examination. He remained that same level of emotional, you know, stability and calm throughout. So that’s not consistent with some of the things I’ve seen. Amber, her claiming during this trial. That’s just my point of view on it. Let’s continue on with the article. It also says here, this is the latest claim, damning claim to come from the ongoing trial. Amber’s lawyer played another audio clip where Amber says, After you beat that ass out of me, then a week later you show up at my doorstep. It also says, as you know, Deb is suing his ex wife for $50 million, claiming she lied when she was accused when she accused him of physically abusing her. Amber is countersuing for $100 million dollars for defamation, claiming he coordinated a smear campaign against her last week. Johnny Depp took this in and this is what he had to say, when he did that

Johnny Depp 15:19
about six years ago misheard made some quite heinous and disturbing brought these disturbing criminal acts against me that, that were not based in any species of truth it was, it was a complete shock. That it would it, it just didn’t need to go in that direction.

Unknown Speaker 16:10
as well. Nothing, nothing of the kind that ever happened, though the relationship

Johnny Depp 16:23
there were arguments and things of that nature. But Never did I myself reached the point of striking misery in any way, nor have I ever struck

any woman in my life. And so I, at the time, because the news of this, her accusations had sort of permeated the industry and then made its way through media and social media became quite a global

let’s say quote, unquote, fact, if you will. And since I knew that there was no truth to it whatsoever, I felt it my responsibility to to stand up, not only for myself, in that instance, but stand up for my children, who at the time were 413 and 16. And so they were in high school, and I thought it was diabolical that my children would have to go to school and have their friends or people in the school, approached them with the infamous People magazine cover with misheard with a a dark bruise on her face. And then it just kept the kept multiplying, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. So it was my responsibility, I felt to not only attempt to clear my name for the sake of for many reasons, I wanted to clear my children of of this horrid thing that they were having to read about their father that was which was untrue.

Montay Lee 19:21
also indicates here last week, Johnny Depp he kicked off his testimony by saying what we just heard there. I reiterate, he said he’d never hit Amber despite her claims, and that he was there in court seeking the truth, no matter what. It has been a complete showdown in court with both making explosive accusations against against one another. And it looks like it will only Continue. So that is the source. And that is a lot of information to process right there. What I’ll say is, I think it is important in today’s day and age with the advent of so much information readily available to us, in the modern era, that people are not quick to just be right. I would rather not be the first person to publish a story. I would rather not be the first person to talk about something. I would rather observe what is actually happening, day digest what is going on. And then ultimately, process all of that information and package it in a way that other people can progress forward and learn from it. That’s the whole reason and the whole purpose around this channel. I think in hindsight, Johnny Depp wishes that he never dealt with Amber Heard in any way. I can tell through his testimony, and just from how he’s interacting. He appears to be somebody who doesn’t want to engage in confrontation. If you watched my last episode, where I talked about Johnny Depp, you would see a you would know that he talked about his childhood, where he was abused that as a child at the hands of his mother. In regards to the situation, I think that the me to movement went too far. I think that the me too, movement started to lump in people who were having regular conversations have in normal interactions with one another in dating, and it started getting lumped in with abusers. And I think Johnny Depp is a victim of that. I am not posing or reserving judgment on the outcome of this case, innocent until proven guilty when it comes to Amber, her when it comes to Johnny Depp. But I will say, from whatever, from what I’ve heard up to this point, April 25 2020 Zoo in this trial, I have not heard anything where Johnny Depp has been physically aggressive and abusive towards Amber Heard, even during the audio snippets and things that I’ve heard. She’s very emotional, very erratic. At times, he seems to be very composed and chill during all of those interactions. And he doesn’t even know he’s being recorded. Somebody that doesn’t know they’re being recorded, and they’re being calm like that. In all of those instances, she was purposely trying to catch him at a moment that was tense. That’s just Common Sense right there. And if he’s being calm in those situations, I would assume that that’s just his character. And this case isn’t over. I wanted to use this as a learning tool and experience for people to learn from the situations like this and some wisdoms that I will give for somebody that’s in a situation that’s toxic like this.

Walk away man, it is not worth you doing something that you might regret. If somebody is constantly looking for conflict, constantly trying to argue with you, it is not worth it. Walk away. Leave. You deserve to be around somebody who is going to give you peace, who is going to be a value to you and not a liability. And far too often. People are in situations that are not serving them at all, and they think they need to continue Need to stick and stay in that situation? I don’t know. I don’t know why for their reasons because of love or because of emotional ties and because of time, but I’m a huge proponent. And if somebody’s not adding value to you anymore, and there are more cons than pros, you know, there’s there’s in our situation, then what are you in it for? Some being in a relationship with somebody should benefit, you should be doing better in that situation, and not worse. And that’s kind of how I weigh those type of things. And that’s the perspective that I have. I don’t have the perspective of most I would say, I’ve lived life. I’m not a young cat anymore. I’m not old by any means. I’m 33. Going up through high school, I’ll admit, I really didn’t know my worth. Like should I really didn’t start understanding how valuable my time is, and really not putting up with just bull crap from people. Until I was, I would say, late 20s round when I time I turned 30. And I think that’s the case for a lot of men. And what I want people to start recognizing is your time is the most and that your time is the most valuable asset and resource that you have in this world and wasting it and giving it to somebody who doesn’t respect you and who is not valuing your time at all, is all you really and I don’t want you to fall into that situation. So that’s been another episode here of the Karat Juice Podcast. Just giving you some insight perspective on this case with so many turns, ebbs and flows. That involves Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. If you enjoyed this content in this commentary on this topic, do me a favor, like the video if you’re on YouTube, if you’re listening to the audio version of this, I would really appreciate it. If you rate the podcast five star five star five star. Leave me some feedback on what you think about the show. I really appreciate my audio listeners. And I don’t want to waste any more of your time. So until next time, peace.

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