Lana Rhoades has DEEP REGRET after multiple butt injections!

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Episode Summary

In this bonus podcast episode about culture, we discuss former adult entertainment star, Lana Rhoades, who opened up about her dangerous experience with Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) injection procedures which can be lethal and have become more prominent in the culture. Lana Rhoades is known for her figure and she went into detail about what she went through to get the look she has. explained on the 3G1K podcast that she has gotten multiple butt injections and she regrets some of the procedures. Tons of women are getting plastic surgery, bbl to get a more ample bum region. Lana Rhoades is a former p star (adult film star) and part of the reason she was so popular was her beauty and assets. Let’s talk about what Lana Rhoades discussed in this clip from her podcast 3G1K.

Lana Rhoades has DEEP REGRET after multiple butt injections! (Karat Juice Podcast
Lana Rhoades has DEEP REGRET after multiple butt injections! (Karat Juice Podcast)

Lana Rhoades Podcast

Source courtesy of Lana Rhoades’ podcast 3G1K. 

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Podcast Transcript:

Lana Rhoades 0:00
motel seven something like that. There’s a woman who came with like giant horse needles and a jug of silicone. It was literally like a

Montay Lee 0:12
What’s up YouTube Karat Juice Podcast here for another video. We’re gonna get right into it here today, like the video, please for the YouTube algorithm. And let’s get right into this story here. We’re talking about Lana Rhoades and the fake butt injections that she got, and that she would not recommend. This is courtesy of her podcast three girls one kitchen don’t shoot the messenger. That’s what it’s called. Let’s get into it.

Lana Rhoades 0:38
Yeah, but then you might get stretch marks in other places. Should I finally tell people what my buddies made?

Co host 0:43
Honestly, I want to know

Lana Rhoades 0:44
I haven’t been like, Oh,

Co host 0:45
you have the nicest

ass! Yeah, that’s what I want to know. Because everyone’s good.

Lana Rhoades 0:50
Okay. Ya wanna

know like the progression of my ass?

Co host 0:52

Lana Rhoades 0:52
so first was the BBL did absolutely nothing besides put marks on my body. super bad. I do not recommend it if you’re a skinny girl. Second, I flew to Atlanta, Georgia with my friend Stephanie at the time and we got illegal butt injections. In a hotel room. I got we flew to Atlanta, but we went to somewhere called Alpharetta. stayed at like a motel seven something like that. There’s a woman who came with like giant horse needles and a jug of silicone. It was literally like a huge jug it was like oily like oil, but it was silicone and horse needles like this big thing already said that. And she be like no painkillers nothing. And she’d be like just lay on the bed. And then she put little dots like on our butts where she was going to inject it and I’m talking about maybe like 20 injections with this huge horse needle. And you just sit there sober with her injecting your ass. The pain was so bad but I was me and my girlfriend at the time were so desperate because we both had very straight bodies like no hips nothing I was like top heavy before so I wanted to be like more womanly, you know? So that was like my second I did that two times my butt was way too big after the second time about a year ago I got part of my ass literally chopped off

Co host 2:11
I know I never got to see

Montay Lee 2:16
y’all hear that? I got part of my buns chopped off oh my goodness gracious. What are we talking about right now guys? This is nuts!

Lana Rhoades 2:31
that we were talking about one day Oh yeah. I never got to see since I was legit 15 years old. I’ve been saying I wanted about injections to my mom to everyone I used to Google in Indiana I’d be like in home in bed at night at 10pm googling the prices but injection

Montay Lee 2:47
Indiana chick alright shout out to the Colts.

Co host 2:49
I’m gonna save up every penny

getting a car I’m gonna save up money and get my son’s school buy me a car one day I swear to God like I will buy you a car with the nice that you have.

Lana Rhoades 3:02
Guys I’m not condoning.

Montay Lee 3:04
A guy will buy you a car with the nice buns.. wow.

Lana Rhoades 3:07
features put

out by actual doctors. They don’t look good but implants no like it looks horrible. BBL if you’re a skinny girl, they’re literally just going to take your money scar you up note your butt’s not going to be bigger butt injections. I have to say my experience was pretty good. Besides the fact that I made it way too big. And again, like I’m not condoning it. It’s extremely dangerous. But I just don’t think in the legal market. There is like a good alternative. Oh, my

question is

Montay Lee 3:33
There isn’t a good alternative. So

Lana Rhoades 3:34
what’s the difference?

How there’s hyaluronic acid, but injections that cost like $10,000 a session and they do pretty much nothing like your butt’s gonna look

Montay Lee 3:43
Youtube you hear this guys.. Do you guys hear? Do you hear this?

Lana Rhoades 3:47
They’re not permanent. Also, like even for that price. You’re not going to see like a result for the month that they’re giving you for that price because hyaluronic acid injections are so expensive.

Co host 3:58
So how did you even find the illegal ones? Like how did you Google?

She’s like you give me her contact. I am like,

actually yeah, we want my booking my flight to join

Lana Rhoades 4:09
I personally won’t share her contact just because it’s extremely illegal. And if you’re affiliated with someone who gets it done and they happen to die I was charged with manslaughter. I don’t share the contact with anyone like I want you all to have amazing beautiful butts but you’re gonna have to find it yourself. So I’m not just a

Co host 4:28
In general before you even found her. What did you do type it in on Google? No, no.

Lana Rhoades 4:32
So you have to know someone

Yeah, like you would have to work probably yes.

Montay Lee 4:37
Alright. Okay, I’m gonna get my thoughts on this. Okay, guys, and gals. I’m just going to start this off by saying I’m not the wisest person Ever. I’m not Einstein. I’m not a rocket scientist. I don’t know everything. But I do know that there is a solution to your problem. If you want a better gluteus maximus guys. Anybody class? Could anybody raise their hand? And tell me? What is the solution to this problem that everybody seems to be having all of a sudden? Oh, yeah, I see you. In the back of the class. I see the guy hands up. Oh, yeah. Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me. Please pick me. Yes, um, it’s called a squat. And the last time I checked, it’s free. guys, and gals, all you need to do if you want a nice Derry air, is you need to get into your mode of transportation, whether it be a bike, Scooter, a car traverse to your local gym, and you know what you go to the barbell rack, okay, or you just go to the area where you have some free space, and you literally do a 123 you can even do it in a chair. You can do a squat in the chair. You could do a squat the chair look. One where there. Oh, you’re going to hit Senate come down. Oh, my knee, my knee. But, guys, it’s free. You can get the butt for free. And you know what? It’s going to be better. Trust me, ladies. Trust me. A natural but that might not be as big and curvy is going to be more appealing. It’s going to look better. It’s going to sit better than you get in these fake boats. People walking around with these big disproportionate walking around looking like a grasshopper is not going to work. Okay. Stop it. Stop it. If you’re thinking about going to get one of those. Stop it. Do some squats. Do some Bulgarian squats. Okay. Be active. Do stairs. There’s so many options for you that you don’t have to go and get a horse needle in your butt and behind a Motel Six Come on. There was a story that I did earlier on this channel where a mom and a daughter they got charged because a girl died trying to go get these fake this fake buttons action tell it’s not worth it. The natural is better. Being fit and doing squats. I’m telling you it’s gonna sit better we can tell the difference it’s better trust me Do not try to get the easy fix with everything. Okay you’d be better off having no but then having some of these fake comical buzzers some of these girls have no trust me and and let me know what you guys think about this. I thought this was interesting because it was crazy, man. Do a squat. Come on, get intense. You know what I’m doing but hey, that’s been another video here on the Karat Juice Podcast channel. I really appreciate you guys for watching. Shout out to me shout out to you. Shout out to everybody out there getting these natural squats in and I’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace

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