Will Smith checks into REHAB in wake of OSCARS slap!

Will Smith checks into REHAB CLINIC in wake of OSCARS slap!

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In this video podcast episode about culture, we discuss the latest report that Will Smith’s rehab admission for his mental health was sparked by the Oscars slap. This is in the response to the backlash Will Smith received after the public has shown immense support for Chris Rock in the aftermath of the awards ceremony. Reportedly will is trying to deal with the stress from that as well as more news dropping that includes August Alsina expressing more details about his entanglement with Jada Pinkett Smith.

Will Smith Rehab Episode

Will Smith checks into REHAB in wake of OSCARS slap! (Karat Juice Podcast)
Will Smith checks into REHAB in wake of OSCARS slap! (Karat Juice Podcast)

Source courtesy of en.as.com & TMZ.  

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Podcast Transcript:

Fat Joe 0:00
That’s about what happened. You know, as a minority, do you feel like it makes us kind of look back? People are saying, of course it does. You know, I’m saying of course it does.

Montay Lee 0:12
In this podcast episode, we are going to discuss a developing story that involves Will Smith, and mental health. And I think this conversation is worth having. Because in the culture, far too often, we don’t speak about mental health. So I want to do that here today. This is your first time listening or watching. This is the Karat Juice Podcast. For all of my audio listeners, do me a favor, rate and review the podcast if you enjoy this content, and YouTube stuff like the video, I don’t want to waste your time. So I’m going to get right into the content. The source today is courtesy of e n.as.com. And we’re gonna go right to them for the report please. So indicate Will Smith admitted to a luxury rehab clinic after Chris Rock Oscars slap. A Hollywood source has toe spoken to British outlet the son, saying that the actor will get help dealing with stress after his slapping of Chris Rock. Will Smith wrote on Instagram, violence in all of its forms is poisonous and destructive. My behavior at last night’s Academy Awards was unacceptable and inexcusable jokes at my expense are a part of the job. But a joke about Judas medical condition. Condition was too much for me to bear and I reacted emotionally. I would like to publicly apologize to you, Chris, I am out of line and I was wrong. I am embarrassed and my actions were not indicative. indicative of the man I want to be there is no place for violence in a world of love and kindness. The report goes on apologies and rehab for Will Smith will for his part has limited himself to apologizing, first to those present at the celebration, where he won the Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in King Richard and then apologizing to Chris and his family and friends through a statement posted on social media. But that’s not all such is the barrage of information, criticism and negative comments he is receiving. That he has said enough is enough, the actor has entered a luxury rehabilitation clinic to manage everything that is coming into his life after his slap of the comedian, as reported exclusively by the British newspaper, the sun. And they even have more reports here, which I think is part of the issue. Will Smith facing more humiliation as a man who slept with wife Jada signing a book deal. And that is in reference to the entanglement that involved August Alsina. If you guys have been following this at all, you guys will under stay in that. Another source is also saying well, he’s very upset, he will receive help to deal with the stress. All right, and they also go on to talk about what’s next in what’s going to be next in his career. What I’ll say about this is Will Smith made an emotional decision which he is now acknowledging. And I have talked about in past episodes that as a man, it is important to control your emotion, to not behave impulsively to have control and awareness of situations. And so you don’t end up in a situation like Will Smith is at this point. What I like to do here on the Karat Juice Podcast as I like to be fair, I like to make sure that I’m giving give I’m thinking about things logically and trying to move the conversation forward so that we can learn from incidents like this. What I will say is I will never knock on this channel, on my podcast on any platform that I’m putting out content on I will not knock somebody for getting mental health therapy. I think part of the reasons the culture is experiencing a lot of people with depression. A lot of people who have anxiety, people who don’t know how to to handle their emotions, that stems from people not acknowledging that they have a problem, and not going and getting the help that they need.

I think that having more conversations openly about mental health about people dealing with traumatic things is going to, at the end of the day, benefit the society as a whole and benefit individuals. So I like to hear this news that he’s getting help. I disagreed. And I thought it was wrong of him to slap Chris Rock, but I could separate the two, I think Will Smith is a good man, I think he has not been dealing with issues that he has going on in his life. And he’s allowed. He’s allowed his emotions to get the best of them, because he’s allowed somebody to be in his life. That doesn’t respect them. And I don’t want to go off into a tangent about that you can watch some of my watch, or listen to some of my previous episodes, to get that break down. But this conversation is about mental health. Me personally, I have not experienced depression, I have not experienced any severe anxiety, or anything like that. But I have spoken to people who have I have dealt with stressful situations, I have been stressed at times more. The majority of those times were when I was in college. And I had like a deadline that I needed to hit. Like, come with me, listen to me, you guys. And gals, have you experienced that time when you were in school when you were in college and you had midterms? I procrastinate at times, I had the habit to procrastinate on things and not study as much as I should throughout the entire semester. So when midterms comes, I kind of have that pressure to really cram and crunch and drink a lot of coffee, to try to retain as much information as I could, so that I could perform better during my midterm. So during that crunch time, where it’s like a couple of days before the exam, I’m cramming and trying to get as much information as I can drink and horrible for Folgers Coffee, just trying to pack all that information within a 72-hour window to take this midterm exam. That was a stressful situation. Me I kind of thrive in those situations because I like the pressure, it forces me to focus. But everybody’s not like me. And I know that some people can relate to how I deal with it. But what I want people to do is have awareness, recognize what triggers you recognize, recognize if there’s triggers or if there’s people in your life that are causing you to be impulsive, and to be emotional, and to be erratic. At that point, you have to make the choice. Do I want to keep this person around in my life? If they’re triggering, triggering these emotions within me and is one of the reasons why I’m behaving in a way that’s not productive and is not going to help me moving forward. That’s not to put blame on anybody else. You are in control of your life, you are in control of the decisions that you make. But I want to make that distinction that there are people who could be triggers to you and not compatible with you and you allow it to continue to happen and you think that you’re doing a good thing and that you’re being forgiving and that you’re being kind but that person is a toxin to you in your life. I want more people here in 2022 to hear me out. Your time is valuable. You are valuable, your mental health is paramount.

And I want more people to start having conversations with friends with family. With people you are close to and around, start having more real conversations. Because I think, and what I’ve observed and seen is people aren’t having the real conversations that they need to have anymore. And it’s forcing people to break at times. So I hope Will Smith gets the help that he needs. I hope will smith recognizes that He is in control of his life moving forward and the decisions that he makes, and that he makes better decisions moving forward. He’s filling a financial and social stain from all of this. And I think it’s valid and necessary. Do I think he should be canceled? No. But do I think this is a good moment for everybody in the culture to have a conversation about relationships, emotions, and mental health? Yes. So that’s what I’m doing here. On this podcast. I have another thing that I want to add to the conversation that I thought was interesting that Fat Joe commented on the Will Smith slap, and I’ll let him speak his piece about the situation. We’re not going to talk about what happened.

Reporter 11:41
You know, as a minority, do you feel like it makes us kind of look back? People are saying that

Fat Joe 11:45
Course it does. You know, I’m saying, of course, because the sack is, well, such a beautiful person, but he’s taken a hit. Because, you know, we’ve come such a long way. And we tell him, everybody respect us. And, you know, had it been 50 cent of Fat Joe, I would understand, but Will Smith. He’s like the best we got man, you know, I’m saying so it’s unfortunate that that happened to him. And because he deserves he’d been fighting so hard. He’s been working his whole life. He’s an expert example for us. And it’s unfortunate it happened to him. But people are definitely looking at that saying, we all know how to act.

Montay Lee 12:25
And that was Fat Joe giving his commentary on the situation, and I agree with them. I think it did make minorities look bad, because those are two very successful men who on a public stage with millions of people watching will made an impulsive decision that was childish. But I do think he will bounce back from this. I do think people having the conversation in the culture is good because it helps to move the conversation forward. And I want people to become more aware of their emotions and make more sound logical decisions and connections moving forward with others. If somebody is causing you to be emotional all the time, please subtract them out of your life. And that’s been another episode of the Karat Juice Podcast. If you enjoyed this content, this commentary and perspective on the culture do me a favor, rate and review the podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts, five star five star five star. You also could watch this episode on Spotify. I’m also on YouTube right now. So like the video, subscribe to the channel to get more content like this. And I don’t want to ramble on so I’m going to let you go and until next time, peace

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