Will Smith Resigns from Academy after FALLOUT from The Slap!

Will Smith Resigns from Academy

Its true, Will Smith Resigned from the Academy? You have been living under a rock if have not heard that Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on live TV during the Academy Awards. Will resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences according to a recent report… TMZ has confirmed. Will wrote the following to the Academy’s disciplinary committee … “I will fully accept any and all consequences for my conduct. My actions at the 94th Academy Awards presentation were shocking, painful, and inexcusable.” In this episode, we discuss the fallout from Will Smithโ€™s resignation from the Academy after slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars 2022 ceremony. Do you think this is a justified response? Tune in to find out more!

Will Smith Resigns from Academy after FALLOUT from The Slap (Karat Juice Podcast)
Will Smith Resigns from Academy after FALLOUT from The Slap! (Karat Juice Podcast)

Source courtesy of TMZ.

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Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock – the SECRET behind it! (Karat Juice Podcast)


Montay Lee 0:34
So either you’ve been living under a rock, or you already know that Will Smith made the choice to go up and slap Chris Rock during the Oscars here in 2022. And there’s a breaking story that just got released by TMZ. That indicates that Will Smith has something that he wants to say to everybody. So I’m not going to waste your time. I’m going to get right into it. So we’re gonna go right to the story, courtesy of TMZ.

Will Smith resigned from Motion Picture Academy my actions were painful in in excusable.

Okay, I’m listening. Moving on.

So indicates here Will Smith has resigned from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts in scientist, scientist, art, and sciences TMZ has confirmed will wrote the following to the Academy’s disciplinary committee. I will fully accept any and all consequences for my conduct my actions at the 94th academy awards presentation were shocking, painful and in excusable.


My only question is, why did he do this right when he got the award for winning an Oscar?

Nope! So that’s the article courtesy of TMZ.

Montay Lee 3:37
Will Smith, like I said before, in the previous episode, made an impulse decision that he will never be able to let down even though he’s resigning now, which is the right thing to do. At this point in time, it still makes me think and hearken back to when you had time you sat down people consoled you after you slap Chris Rock. You won an award, went on the stage and apologized to the academy pologize to all of these different people you cried, and you didn’t apologize to the person you slapped Chris Rock. I want to think this is genuine. But this seems like he was told by somebody to do this because why wouldn’t you apologize to Chris Rock? That’s the person that you embarrassed and humiliated on that stage. Do I think Will Smith is a bad person? No. Do I think he made a punk move? Yes. Do I think he was an emotional in that moment? Yes. Do I think he’s been letting somebody run his relationship? His wife? Yes. But Hindsight is 2020 Will Smith is going to have to pay for this Not just a monetary stuff not criminally, I don’t think. But as far as socially, I don’t think he’s going to be invited to things like he was before. Will he be banned? Did he resigned before he could be banned from the academy and you don’t want to be banned from the Academy. It’s some people that have been banned from the academy that have done some pretty heinous heinous stuff, one of those people being Harvey Weinstein.

Montay Lee 5:28
So, basically, what I want the conversation to be and what I want to just highlight again, is this is a cautionary tale. If you’re moving around and operating as a man, you need to be rooted in your logic, your reason and don’t let your emotions boil over because it can result in turmoil that can haunt you for the rest of your life. Chris Rock has been handling this admirably. He has tooken the high road, he did not act with emotion. He was shocked and flustered at first because it’s no man expects to ever be slapped in the dang faith. But Will Smith resigned. I think he’s starting to feel the shame of what he did in the moment. He got praise from the only person he was seeking validation from which is sad, Jada Pinkett Smith. But I think he’s come to his senses. And he realizes what he did was foul. And now he’s going to pay the consequences by being socially ostracized. And I bet they I believe it is a valid response for people to make sure that something like that isn’t tolerated because me I like comedy. I love comedy shows I love stand up. Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, to name a few Kevin Hart back in the day. I haven’t listened to his stuff as much recently, but I love a good stand up comedy special and what Will Smith did harmed the purity of that.

Montay Lee 7:10
If you have comics that are going to be trying to tell jokes on stage and they’re afraid that if their punch line hits too hard to roll, which is what I like it’s a it’s a precedent set where they personally come up and slap your assault you we can’t have that in this in this society. It just won’t fly can’t fly. So this has been another installment a quick hitter of the Karat Juice Podcast. If you enjoyed this episode, and you’re listening to the podcast, do me a favor as it really helps out. Rate the podcast either on Apple podcast Spotify or wherever you’re listening, five star five star five star, I really appreciate you and what I’m gonna do if I see some new reviews and ratings, I am going to start reading them off in the show either at the beginning of the episode or in an episode so you can get in the podcast if you leave a rating and a review and a comment. I’ll read off your review so I really appreciate you like the video subscribe to the channel to get more content like this. And until next time, peace.

Transcribed by Otter.ai.

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