WHY Tinder background checks for ‘SWINDLERS’ WON’T work!

WHY the Tinder background check for ‘SWINDLERS’ WON’T work! Tinder is rolling out tinder background checks isn’t a response to Simon Leviev’s alleged handiwork — detailed in “Tinder Swindler” — but if it prevents similar cases from happening, the app will be thrilled. Tinder just announced this week it will require the new tinder background checks for users, but we’re told the program has been in the works for some time. A spokesperson for Match Group — owners of Tinder, Match.com, and Plenty of Fish — tells TMZ โ€ฆ the criminal background check feature was something users have been demanding for a while. They say the company teamed up with non-profit organization Garbo back in 2020 to create a system that works for all users. The rep points out this partnership started well before the doc debuted this year on Netflix. In this video, I will give my perspective, thoughts, and commentary on Tinder’s new approach to making their platform safer, after Netflix’s Tinder Swindler got so much exposure and the prominence of Simon Leviev online after the Netflix documentary aired. Will the new tinder background check feature work? Tune in to find out!

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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 0:33
In this video I’m going to tell you why tenders new background checks that they say aren’t because of Simon Liviev and the Tinder Swindler documentary is not going to work. So this is your first time watching. I’m your host Montay Lee, this is the Karat Juice Podcast. Welcome. I don’t want to waste your time, so I’m going to get right into the content. So as you probably already know, the tinder swindler Netflix documentary caused a lot of buzz and stir online, because it was such a dramatic thing. When people realize that a man was swindling women online. I found it quite funny because that’s something that happens all the time with finesse culture to men, but that’s besides the point. But there’s an article courtesy of courtesy of TMZ that is talking about what’s going on with these background checks. So let’s go right to TMZ for the report please. So according to TMZ tenders new background checks not about swindler, but will still stop, copy cat. Let’s continue on with the article. There Simon Lee Livia right there. Tinder is rolling out background checks. And it isn’t a response to Simon lluvias allege handiwork detailed in Tinder swindler, but it prevents similar cases from happening the app will be thrilled. Tinder just announced this week it will require new background checks for users. But we’re told the program has been in the works for some time. A spokesperson for match group owners of Tinder match.com and plenty of fish tells TMZ the criminal background check feature was something users have been demanding for a while. They say the company teamed up with a nonprofit organization Garbo back in 2020 created the system and it works for all users. The rep points out this partnership started well before the DoD debuted this year on Netflix. Hmm, I find that interesting. It also says the process brings up offenses that are relevant to safety. And that includes financial crimes. They tell us it’s a great way for women to get a deeper look into their matches. And while they didn’t create the system for him, they say someone like Simon will be flagged instantly. Okay, I find this very interesting. It says the process brings up the process brings up and it’s a great way for women to get a deeper look into their matches. And while they didn’t create the system for him, they say someone like Simon will be flagged instantly. Why are they highlighting that? It’s a great way for women. I thought it was for all users. Right? Or is this something strictly just a background check men? Hmm, something is fishy, but let’s continue. It also indicates as you know, swindler was all about Simon and some alette. Some of his alleged victims, who claim he tricked them out of more than $10 million after meeting them on a dating app, and then ghosted them once he got what he wanted. There’s a picture of Simon being arrested in 2019. Since the dock drop Simon’s had quite the ride he got banned for most dating apps allegedly earn 30k on cameo and got a criminal court complaint filed against him from the wealthy family, which he claimed to belong. The match groups rep says although Simon has been permanently banned, he wasn’t someone they discuss in turn eternally, before the documentary. Do you believe that? I’ll give you I’ll help you out. Nope. All right. So that’s the article and I’m going to give my thoughts on this. So I don’t know if it’s just me. However, I find it peculiar, peculiar, that in the article it talked about women being a But to track people like Simon, why wouldn’t it just say people filter up? Because if it’s for all users, it’s about equality, right? Because let me let you guys and you guys and gals in on the secret. Who do you think on social media sites, social media in general dating apps gets finesse the most? Who do you think

on social media and dating sites gets finesse the most? i It’s my position. And I think a lot of people would agree with me that it’s actually women who do the most finessing online. Have you heard about sugar baby culture? Have you heard you talk about finesse culture, I’m getting the bag. You know, I don’t know, man, all those types of things. A lot of that culture, or I know you’ve heard about the phenomenon and the studies, I don’t have them pulled up right now. But there’s a lot of studies how women would have a guy on Tuesday, that’s just a guy that’s going to take them out for dinner, like having these like foodie dates have a guy in the in the phone for Wednesday is Thai food. Thursday is a steakhouse. Friday is Italian, like literally. And it has been documented that a lot of women use these dating apps, it’s just a way to get free food. Now, I’m not saying all but there’s a majority of people who recognize that the dating system has been rigged for the longest time actually against men, and it favors women so much. So if you’re going to come out with something that’s talking about a background check, cool. But you shouldn’t be highlighting that it’s a way for women to filter out men like Simon because if that’s the case, the same affordance and things needs to be going those same background checks needs to be going to the women, because there’s a lot of women who are on these dating apps as well. And they are not operating in the best way. And it’s a whole finesse culture to back that. Now, I’m going to get to my greater point, my greater point where I said, this won’t work. Do you know why this won’t work? Let me tell you something. Let me tell you something. This won’t work. Because do you know what the greatest and the most significant dating app is? I’m gonna let you in on a secret. It’s not Tinder. It’s not hinge. It’s not plenty of fish. It’s not any of those dating apps. The greatest dating app in the world right now is Instagram. You want to know why? There was stigma online dating and all that stuff some years ago. But that’s all past the greatest dating app. And the most used dating app right now is Instagram. You guys already know is going down in the DMS is going down in the DMS you already know. So is this what Tinder is doing going to change anything in the greater experience of things? No, it won’t work because most people meet on Instagram. And there are people who are legitimate and there are a lot of people who are fronton and faking about who they are. Look at all the people who have been getting caught with using the fake jets. People impersonating themselves scammers, all the PPP fraud and everything. So you have to just have discernment with who you are interacting with online. And doing some background checks on a couple of dating apps is not going to help. At the end of the day, the underlying issue, which is which is dating online comes with risk dating in general comes with risk. And I think if people operate it with a little more reality with what they actually should be able to attract, they can get better outcomes. Because the problem with the tender swindler was the women that were interacting with him thought that they were going to be swept off their feet by a bit like a millionaire billionaire prince of a diamond industry. Where, let’s be honest, let’s be real. That was them being very delusional and thinking that somebody that they met on Tinder was going to make them their number one, just off of a couple of you know, coffee shop dates, and, you know, quick links a happy hour. That’s just not reasonable to actually think that. So that’s my thoughts on this situation. I don’t think this is going to work. Let me know what your thoughts on this. I thought it was kind of strange that they highlighted in the Argo article that there’s something for women to be able to filter out and at the beginning it said all users I’m not buying that. A lot of people have said, Men get finesse all the time online social dating and stuff. We accept it, we understand and that’s why we have more.

We’re more real about things and have a lens where we understand reality for the most part. And a guy for NASA said a guy swindle some women out and they make a documentary about it. And now Tinder is changing the rules. So, yeah, I want to know what you guys think about this. So hey, that’s been another video here on the Karat Juice Podcast channel. Let me know what you think about this. Hey, and if you enjoyed this content, like the video, it’s free. It really helps me out and I appreciate you for watching subscribe to the channel as well and hit notifications to get notified anytime I drop. And without being too long winded. I’m gonna let you go. Peace.

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