Millionaire Director, Ryan Coogler, ARRESTED for Bank Withdrawal?

Millionaire Director Ryan Coogler ARRESTED for Making Withdrawal? “Black Panther” director Ryan Coogler was briefly arrested and put in handcuffs in January after a Bank of America employee mistook him for a bank robber. The moviemaker was filming the sequel to the Disney-backed DIS, -0.63% comic book blockbuster in Atlanta earlier this year, when he went to a local Bank of America BAC, -1.39% branch to withdraw some money, according to the police report that was first shared by TMZ on Wednesday morning. The 35-year-old director was wearing a hat, sunglasses and a face mask — the last item has become a common accessory during the COVID-19 pandemic — when he approached a teller and passed her a withdrawal slip, the police report said. Coogler had reportedly written a note on the back that read, “I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please do the money count somewhere else. I’d like to be discreet.” In this video, I will give my thoughts, perspective, and commentary on Ryan Coogler and the story originally reported via TMZ.

Source courtesy of Market Watch.

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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 0:23
In this video, we’re going to talk about how a misunderstanding could have easily led to a tragic situation with a black man. So you guys saw the title and the thumbnail, and we’re talking about Ryan Coogler, who is a very renowned and acclaimed director. He was director of the Black Panther, and I don’t want to waste your time. So I’m gonna get right into the story here and it’s courtesy of Market Watch calm and indicates here. Police body cam footage shows Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler handcuffed after Bank of America teller thought he was a bank robber. This is a picture of Ryan Coogler. Here. He says the bank worked with him and addressed it to his satisfaction but the situation never should have happened. Black Panther Director Ryan Coogler was briefly arrested and put in handcuffs in January, after a Bank of America employee mistook him mistook him for a bank robber. The Movie Maker was filming the sequel to the Disney back comic book blockbuster in Atlanta earlier this year, when he went to a local bank of america branch to withdraw some money. According to the police report that was first shared by TMZ on Wednesday morning, that 35 year old director was wearing a hat sunglasses and a face mask. The last item has become a communist ESRI during the COVID 19 pandemic when he approached the teller and passed her a withdrawal slip. The police report said Kugler had reportedly written a note on the back that red I would like to withdraw $12,000 cash from my checking account. Please do the money count somewhere else I like to be discreet. The note and the large sum of money which trigger an alarm on the banking system appears to have made the Bank of America worker suspicious. When he said he would like a withdrawal slip, I’ll get my thoughts here. Then. The teller described as a pregnant black woman in the TMZ report flagged the transaction for her supervisor. They called the police and the authorities reportedly handcuffed Kugler and detained two other people who were waiting for the director outside in an SUV TMZ later posted the police body cam footage of the incident will show Kugler shock as a couple of officers around him and at least one is seen pulling a gun out of his holster and Kugler response whoa whoa what’s going on? He asked an offer officer tells him to put his hands behind his back and as he’s led away a Bank of America employee can be heard saying Good job officer Ryan Coogler was clearly stunned when cops pulled guns on him as he tried to make a legal withdraw from his bank account and it was all caught on police body cam footage and I’ll play that now Hey Sir we

got it goes on to say more body cam footage outside the bank shows Kugler calm calm but clearly upset. So you can play this

Ryan Coogler 4:15
let me come back we got it from the bank money everybody’s calling in from the bank. Yep, all right to do so. But can I speak to a manager in an office somewhere?

Ryan Coogler 4:51
Now it’s time to take money out. But up to this point. Every bank in America I ever go into my entire fucking life just never got a chance. Are you guys finding your perspective? Right? You’re the ones with guys invest? Yes. What was my perspective? Was my perspective at the bank, she never said it was a fucking problem. Well, I say hey, is that gonna be okay with you? She said, hey, I’ll put my own Korean put my own painting. She asked to see my ID. I gave it to her. And she goes in the back and I’m waiting for the footprint and then if people can come in I had a taken care of you taking care of a little while. Next thing I hear. I hear Gox that’s right here your Glock. I hear guys getting poured out from unholster Hey, sir, can I talk to you for me? Yes, I’ll set up so you see see my perspective. Yeah.

Montay Lee 5:48
Huh. He said it so a Bank of America spokesperson told MarketWatch over email that we deeply regret that this incident occurred it never should have happened and we have apologized to Mr. Kugler.

Mr. Coogler released a statement to TMZ and variety that read this situation should never have happened. However, Bank of America work with me and address it to my satisfaction and we have moved on. Wow. This news led to Ryan Coogler and Bank of America trending on Twitter throughout Wednesday and into Thursday morning, with many social media sites siding with the director. Imagine going to bank one to discreetly withdraw a large amount of cash from your account and you end up in handcuffs. I hope Ryan Coogler is taking legal action because that is a mess. Still others notice that approaching a teller and passing over a note while wearing a mask sounded like something straight out of a bank heist movie. However, in light of COVID 19 that standard that people are wearing masks a lot of places require them still. A sports journalist Jamil Hill tweeted the reaction to this Ryan Coogler situation is starting to feel very to America’s ish. And this incident comes to light during a period when the US has been facing a renew reckoning on race regarding George Floyd Derrick Shaw of in a lot of different things. Recently, President Joe Biden calls to fund the police during both a New York City visit last month and as part of the State of Union address, have drawn some criticism from supporters of police reform and the Black Lives Matter movement. Alright. I think the police need funding. However, I do think let me put it on me. So that’s the story there. This is my thoughts on it. I think it was definitely reasonable for Mr Kugler to, to pass a note, say he wanted to withdraw the amount of money that he asked for into hid from his checking account. He provides his ID he provides his card and his PIN number. That should be enough information there to see you’re a teller, you can look at the checking account and see that he has the money in there. I don’t see what the problem is. People wear masks all the time. And I can see what that large sum of money, you don’t want somebody just counting it out right there. Because then it’s a safety concern if you’re going to be carrying that amount of cash. So this could literally happen to any person. And I don’t like to speak about race a lot, I, I really don’t do that that much. I say, hey, whatever you’re trying to do in this world, you can get it done. complaining and talking about race all the time is not going to help you with the situation. But Dan, this definitely does play a factor with with what he went through, because it could definitely happen to any person. But it does seem like it’s something that happens more prevalently with people who share my complexion. So that’s my thoughts on this. I don’t know if he’s going to be suing or what have you. I definitely think they need to look at into whoever this employee was employee is because it’s just not reasonable. I mean, he has the money in his account, he acts to get it out of a checking account. He said, Just be discreet, please. It’s not like he was demanding anything that he didn’t have. And he didn’t have identification for at the establishment. But hey, let me know what you guys think. And that’s my thoughts on this situation. It was very strange when I saw this story. I was just like, really Ryan Coogler I mean, arrested for just trying to withdraw money from your own checking account. It’s crazy. So let me know what you think if you enjoyed this content go ahead and drop a like and subscribe to the channel to get more content like this hit that notification bell so you get notified anytime I drop and until next time, peace.

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