Ep. 54 Miss Grand Ukraine JOINS THE ARMY to fight RUSSIA!


Miss Grand Ukraine CLAIMED she ditched Heels for COMBAT Boots! While President Volodymyr Zelensky has been hailed a hero amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there’s another public figure who’s also winning international praise for her bravery. Anastasia Lenna, Ukraine’s 2015 representative in the Miss Grand International beauty contest, has gained almost 200,000 new Instagram followers since reports over the weekend that she had taken up arms against Russia. Anastasia Lenna, Ukraine’s 2015 representative in the Miss Grand International beauty contest, has garnered almost 200,000 new Instagram followers since it was reported she had joined the fight against Russia. Anastasia Lenna, Ukraine’s 2015 representative in the Miss Grand International beauty contest, has garnered almost 200,000 new Instagram followers since it was reported she had joined the fight against Russia. Lenna, 25, garnered global attention after she shared a message to social media Saturday declaring that “everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with the intent to invade will be killed!” New fans quickly clamored to learn more about the Kyiv-born brunette whose Instagram account is full of photos showing her in skimpy swimsuits and glamorous gowns.  In this podcast episode, I will give my thoughts and perspective on the state of attention-seeking behaviors in the culture and why is more prevalent than ever in modern society.

Miss Grand Ukraine JOINS THE ARMY to fight RUSSIA!.. ALLEGEDLY (Episode 54) Karat Juice Podcast

You can support Ukraine by donating to their plight by going to this link here. I have donated as I am an advocate and ally to freedom and democracy everywhere. Anything you can give would definitely be appreciated by Ukraine during these dire times.  

Source courtesy of New York Post.

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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 0:53
There are times in your life where you need to speak up about something. There are times in your life when there are certain things that you see in the world, in the way people are behaving in the climate of everything that’s going on in the world, as a human being that you need to speak. This is one of those moments. I don’t like to talk about politics. I don’t like to talk about things that I don’t know the entire complexity in nuance of. However, you guys saw that title. You saw that thumbnail. And I wanted to bring this situation up. Regarding Anastasia, whatever her name is, the Miss Ukraine, former supermodel and an image that popped up with her in military gear. If you’re not aware, and you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Russia chose to invade Ukraine for the reasons a plethora of them, but they chose to invade a democratic country here in 2022. For their reasons, and there are military personnel there civilians. There sit citizens in Ukraine right now. fighting for their lives. That’s a fact. My sympathy, well, wishes and heart goes out to those people who are fighting for their lives. I can’t even begin to imagine what they’re going through. I think a lot of people like to cap and talk about what they would do in that situation. But a lot of us really don’t know. I’ve never had to go fight in a war. I have family who have served this country. And whenever I can, and whenever I have the chance to if I if I walk past a military person, somebody that’s serving the country, I say thank you for your service, because I respect what they do. And they don’t get enough. praise and respect in my opinion. But the reason why I wanted to bring this up is because there was a story that came out about this young lady. I’ll get her exact name here.

Anastasia Linna I’ll pull her up on the screen. She went viral. Okay. Get the article

This is courtesy of the New York Post. Yes, you guys got it right, New York Post

February 28 2022 Who is Anastasia Lyna Ukrainian beauty queen speaks out after joining war against Russia that was published by The New York Post. It indicates here while President Vladimir so Lingxi has been hailed a hero amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There’s another public figure who’s also winning international praise for her bravery.

Anastasia Linna, Ukraine’s 2015 representative in the Miss grand international beauty contest, has gained almost 200,000 new Instagram followers since reports over the weekend that she had taken up arms against Russia. Linna 25 garnered global attention after she shared a message to social media Saturday, declaring that everyone who crosses the Ukrainian border with a tent to evey will be killed.

Track with me. New fans quickly clamor to learn more about the kiya born brunette whose Instagram account is full of photos showing her in skimpy swimsuits and glamorous gown gowns. According to her Miss grand international profile, Linda speaks five languages and has worked as a translator. The brainy beauty graduated with a degree in Marketing and Management from a university in Kiev, before pursuing public relations work however, the stunner says she longed for more excitement in her life stating I worked in Turkey as a PR manager and I got so bored I asked myself, will my life be so boring all the time. She decided to quit her career and pursue modeling full time. She ended up going solo and doing that. And she said I had a normal life just on Wednesday, like millions of people she explained in a post. I am not military, just a woman, just a human, just a person like all people of my country. She explained that these images of her holding weapons were not intended to promote violence. And they were snaps taken while she was playing Airsoft, a game similar to paintball and laser tag. So she posted on Instagram, I’ll put the photo post up that anybody who crosses the border will be killed when there are actual military personnel when there are actual civilians taking up arms to defend Ukraine. And while she did that, when they were invading, the moment they were invading, she gained 200,000 Instagram followers. I have nothing against people promoting themselves. I have nothing against people marketing. But to do it, when your people are actually going out there fighting and losing their lives is a bit tone deaf. I’m not doing this to disparage this woman. I don’t know her heart. But I want people to think before they post anything online. See me I stand by and behind everything that I say. And I know that everything I’ve said is not always right. I don’t claim to be. But there are actual people losing their lives because of a decision of President Putin to invade a democratic country. There are multiple countries all over the world, sending aid, sending support sending donations. I personally have donated to Ukraine’s cause because me personally, I am for democracy. I am for people to have the freedom to choose whatever government To choose whatever policies, whether you be democratic whether you be Republic, whether you be independent, I am pro anybody’s choice to choose to have the freedom to have their basic human rights covered all the new nuance in between that we could talk about it. But I find it very disturbing and just said that people she’s not the only one. You using a tragedy, like the start of a war to gain a following with pictures that are clearly not true. You’re dressed in military garb, you’re holding what appears to be a rifle and you say if anybody crosses the line, they’re going to be killed. What does that look like to you? It looks like you join the military which you have not I’m also going to put on the screen here now. And I’m going to play a video of what happened once the Russians invaded and what had to happen people who actually are defending the country there’s a stark difference and is not for Instagram followers and likes

Unknown Speaker 11:36
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Montay Lee 13:15
in Ukraine the men ages 18 to 60 were told to stay back and to defend the country that was a father saying goodbye to his daughter and his wife when the invasion happened you seen the difference

this irked me because not all but there are people who will literally do anything for clout. So you got 200,000 Instagram followers. But what does it mean at the end of the day when there are actual people losing everything

I got more there’s more to this this further context of this

this is the President of Ukraine standing with the people

Broadcast 14:39
leader for oxy tooth shimmed over wage leader for oxy tooth, all of our office President the tooth Premier Minister for truth, but the truth President taught Shima truth. National visco truth, Ramadan so spiritual truth She, me to the key shame. national awareness national dramatique Budi daily Slava. Nashim Zach is Nick come slower national Zacchaeus, Nizam slow green.

Ukrainian President Zelensky 15:48
This morning was a very tragic one for us, to cruise missiles hit hierarchy of the city, which is located to the borders of the Russian Federation. There were always many Russians there. And they’re always friendly. There were warm relations there. More than 20 universities are there. It’s the city that has the largest number of universities in our country. This is called the Freedom Square. Can you imagine this morning to cruise missiles hit this Freedom Square dozens of killed ones, this is the price of freedom we’re fighting just for our land. And for our freedom. This fight the fact that all large cities of our country are now blocked. Nobody is going to enter an intervene without freedom and country and believe you me, every square of Today, no matter what it’s called. It’s going to be called as today Freedom Square in every city of our country. Nobody’s gonna break us. We’re strong, we’re Ukrainians.

This morning was a very tragic one for us, to cruise missiles hit hierarchy of the

Montay Lee 17:39
sea the difference. That was President Zelinsky, addressing the United Nations, talking about how the Russians were attacking the civilian squares, in residential areas in the capital city. He’s the president. He’s still there. He said he’s not leaving. He’s fighting with the people. He is a politician and a president that you can rally around, fight for and believe in, because he is showing through his actions, the true meaning of democracy. So to attempt to benefit from something so tragic, to attempt to claim that you’re doing something that you’re not I just can’t. It just boggles my mind. So if you are willing to and you are able to do your part, spread awareness about what’s going on, donate. Do whatever you can. And yeah, I just wanted to get this off my chest because I know there’s a lot of propaganda. There’s a lot of fake news. There’s true stories that get mixed in with fake stories. But this one, I just couldn’t let it slide. Why? When stuff like this happens, do we think and it’s not just the women, but there’s publications who push a narrative. That’s false, that there are all of a sudden warrior princesses out here that are going to go take up arms and fight against the opposition. There may be a few exceptions, and those are exceptional people, and I thank them for their service and for their bravery. But that’s not what happened. in droves, the real situation is what what happened with that man saying goodbye to his wife and his daughter, because any man worth a damn and worth his merit is going to want his children, his significant other, his wife to go to safety. It’s just a natural order of things. But why do we have to push a narrative that there is like this plethora of warrior princesses out there that aren’t really out there? Like that, and don’t claim to be to get social status. Now, I’m not saying this lady should be canceled or anything. I think she knows she made a mistake. But compounding it. By continuing to move and do everything for clout, you need to look inwardly and understand that there are things larger than you. There are things bigger than us in this life. And what’s going on over in Europe could be happening here. So I know there’s more to this story. This isn’t a channel where I discuss politics, but I’m a human being and Dammit, this is something worth talking about. Because I’ve seen that the desire for attention, the desire for clout, the desire to have that type of notoriety is addicting. And it’s starting to be something that’s spreading even in situations where people are losing their lives. Where does it where does it stop? And I’m gonna in this one last clip of some very brave men. And, yeah, I’m all leaving like that support for you Gray. I hope that they come to a resolution and no more bloodshed and that democracy and freedom prevails. So, until next time, peace.

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