Brittany Renner CONFRONTED NBA player on Druski blind date!

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Brittany Renner CONFRONTED NBA player on Druski blind date! In this reaction, to the Druski blind date episode where Brittany Renner had some interesting and confrontational interactions with men while participating on the show. I will give my thoughts, perspective, and commentary on the Druski Blind Date show where Brittany Renner and five men (including an nba player) interacted with one another and it got HEATED eventually.

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Brittany Renner CONFRONTED NBA player on Druski Blind Date! (Karat Juice Podcast)


Brittany Renner CONFRONTED NBA player on Druski Blind Date! (Karat Juice Podcast)

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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 2:41
In this video we are going to be reacting to a video that drew ski did that involves Britney Renner and you guys saw the title you saw the thumb now we’re gonna get right into it and a question that I want to pose before we do that is she jaded or not? Here we go

Druski 3:10
so come on to this day alright

How y’all feeling the crap out this one?

Brittney Renner 3:30
Yes or no yay okay hi hello

Druski 3:44
how you doing? Everybody All right

Unknown Male 3:45
chat going crazy yes talking to them like shit

Brittney Renner 3:52
I’m trying to figure out why you’re so soft spoken. This is my age. Okay? Okay, okay okay

Druski 4:00
so hold on Hold the fuck up man.

Montay Lee 4:04
What’s up man? Put some respect on oh yeah like man she already violating my man she already violating them but it gets better than that. I put in the thumbnail there that I think what happens over time is so much dating so many much experience online and that like social media lifestyle, influencer lifestyle over time getting all these opportunities. You can get jaded. Everybody has been hacked, some kind of feeling of being jaded over time. I think it’s a normal thing to have. But as you’ll see in this video, I’ll just let I’ll just show you guys what I’m talking about.

Druski 4:57
Let’s come in a little cool this time. You gotta be so hot.

Lou Williams 5:02
That’s just how I am.

Brittney Renner 5:03
Which oh, good. So tell us about yourself a little. You know, what do you what do you do? Alright. What do you like to do in your free time?

Lou Williams 5:14
It depends on the day. I travel a lot.

I work out a lot.

Brittney Renner 5:18
Yeah. Okay.

Lou Williams 5:19
Say that it’s easy.

Druski 5:30
Just the first thing to say he work out, Healthy.

Brittney Renner 5:34
Is oatmeal, chocolate chip or raisin. I work out, you have great you have any kids?

Lou Williams 5:39
Yeah, I got two beautiful little girls.

Brittney Renner 5:43
Oh, same woman.

Lou Williams 5:45
Two. Complicated.

Montay Lee 5:48
I bet my three kids, two baby moms. If you guys don’t aren’t already familiar. He’s an NBA basketball player. That goes without saying that’s what he’s talking about working out. But he’s not trying to give it away. Let’s keep going.

Druski 6:12
Yeah, you just hold tight. Trust me.

Lou Williams 6:20
Yeah. Hi.

Brittney Renner 6:24
Oh my god. Okay.

Female Host 6:27
What do you know about Brittany? Like, what have you heard about it?

Lou Williams 6:31
I heard a few things like that things are bad. Everybody will get specific because I asked what everyone else does. I’m sitting across from you. Man. I know your lady is great. And you are familiar with I’m just familiar with you.

Brittney Renner 6:47
In what way you know my baby daddy.?

Druski 6:49
He might have been in your past, you never know.

Montay Lee 7:00
Yo, bro boy Druski said you might have been in his past. Alright, let’s continue.

Female Host 7:30
Are you looking for right now? Some love or a good time? Like what did she do you love or a good time?

Lou Williams 7:36
What did she didn’t? Yeah, like,

Female Host 7:37
what would you take her?

Brittney Renner 7:38
Oh, no, you know, say you got to figure it out. So yeah, pick your wife up with the last four that will hold.

Okay, well, I’m telling you right now, I want a husband and more children. So it was pillows

Montay Lee 8:02
I’m just gonna say this off rip, it’s gonna be very difficult for Britney Renner. To get a husband in more children, if she didn’t require that for her baby. child’s father, PJ Washington. It’s gonna be really hard to get a guy especially with the awareness age that we’re in now, with men, a lot of men are not clamoring to a wife up single mothers. That’s just the truth. So I’m not saying that it’s impossible for her to be able to do that. But it’s not probable. And as you guys will see, her attitude is not going to help in that as well. But I’ll let her speak for herself. Let’s continue that was so

Unknown Speaker 9:01
it’ll happen. It was definitely just looking for like a little good time and then we’ll see where it gets. You know,

Brittney Renner 9:05
we’ll see. Okay, so here’s the thing, Darwin, I really appreciate your time. But the reality is, is that you’re trying to figure it out. I don’t need to figure it out. I know what I want. And I’m like you’re just looking for their 100 pitches at the bucking bar that want to have a good ol hard good time. I’m not one of them. So I don’t even know where you’re sitting across from me. I have a 10 month old What the fuck do you want?

Druski 9:30
Oh shit.

Lou Williams 9:36
I just go sit here and just say I want to I want to wait five minutes. You know, so you got to build on it. If you had your blindfold on.

Brittney Renner 9:45
It’s not what you give. It ain’t what you’ve given me. You’re given me very much commitment fo very much problematic very much. You don’t know who you are. I know what I am. Right. So you can really rise in exit stage left

Montay Lee 10:07
the black or the black girls like the black girl, like, Look, she’s like, Oh, she’s like, um

you know, messed up. So that was a drew ski shout out to him, I’m gonna put a link to the original video in the description. But as I indicated in the title in the thumbnail of this video, is she jaded? I think that clip where it’s a blind dating show, where they bring people up to blind date, the person they do it with men and women in this one was Britney Renner. And just what you can see in that interaction. She is very set in what she wants, and she’s looking for commitment right away. And that is not something that is, first of all reasonable when you didn’t even require that of the man that you gave a child. Secondly, the attitude, anybody that has that type of attitude, that jaded attitude is not doesn’t seem like somebody that’s pleasant to be around. Now, do I think this is the true nature of Britney Renner? No, I think she’s putting on a show. She has this character that she goes into when she’s online because she doesn’t want to be played when she goes on these podcasts because it’s on some of the podcasts and things that she has been on. In the past. She’s kind of been exposed a bit with some of the things she’s talked about in the past, ie her book, when Cam Newton came after and said, Hey, I would not give you the time of day, not because you’re a bad girl just because I don’t want to be in your book. So basically, what I want to drive home hit home with here is I think Britney Renner is jaded. And it’s because of the experience, the experience, the options, all of the things that she did when she was young, high in her 20s out here on these social media streets doing her thing, not knocking her for it. But that’s not reasonable what she’s asking for, especially when she didn’t require that of the man that she gave the highest honor to a child. So that’s my thoughts on this. I hope she finds what she’s looking for, but with this mentality and just from what this podcast showed. If her mentality doesn’t change, it’s going to be very hard for her to lock down a man that she would respect and I’ll leave it at that with this video. Like the video subscribe if you enjoyed this, and until next time, peace

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