Cardi B WANTS HER MONEY & Tasha K is AT RISK of..

After winning case | Cardi B WANTS HER MONEY & Tasha K is AT RISK of.Cardi is going hard at blogger Tasha K AGAIN. MTO News has learned that Cardi filed new legal documents in federal court, demanding a permanent injunction against Tasha K – asking the court to freeze her assets and stop Tasha from continuing to talk about her, MTO News has learned. Cardi won a defamation suit against Tasha K back in January. The jury awarded Cardi about $4 million. But Cardi’s legal team claims in the documents that Tasha continues to spread the very lies about Cardi B that landed her in court in the first place. According to the docs, Tasha bragged back in August that “Even if they did sue, b*tch I ain’t got but a dollar to my name bitch, what are you going to get? And there’s always bankruptcy bitch.” In this video, I will give my thoughts, perspective, and social commentary on the developing story that involves Rapper, Cardi B & Successful Youtube blogger, Tasha K.

Source courtesy of MTO news.

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