Podcast Tips | Don’t Worry About Being Perfect!

If you are looking for podcast tips & want to know how to start? Utilizing youtube is a great tool to grow your show and reach a wider audience. I think it is key to put things in the proper perspective when it comes to creating content online, whether that be on youtube, a podcast, I think this advice applies to any form of content you create. If you are focused on being perfect rather than acknowledging and enjoying the process for what it is.. it can halt your growth and stunt your progress. I don’t want that to happen to you.. the dreaded over analysis paralysis where you constantly, watch videos, read, and plan out what you are going to do. All the while… the action is not happening and you don’t do the most important thing… press record and just get started. Who cares if it is not perfect… it is not the goal or mission to be perfect… the proper perspective and approach to have is this. We are making are next video, episode or project are best and in the process we are striving for perfection and in the process we will achieve excellence with repetition, fortitude, and development. In this video, I provide podcast tips & creating content online. In particular, using youtube as a tool to grow your show and brand.

This video is a clip of the Karat Juice Podcast which was a live stream. Here is the full video:

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