Audacity Tutorial | How to Remove background NOISE!

This is an audacity tutorial where you will learn how to perform a noise reduction in the audacity program. This Audacity tutorial will help you with Podcast Editing & overall content recordings. In this Audacity tutorial, we will cover using the noise reduction feature in the Audacity program to reduce the noise in your audio recordings. If you have noise, dirt, and background noise in your audio whether it be for a podcast, Youtube content, or whatever you are creating. Poor quality audio can significantly hinder the quality of your content. I will give you some tips and tricks on how to clean up your audio recordings to improve the quality of your content using the open software program Audacity. This tutorial is very simple and easy and will help you to clean up your production value and will in turn help you produce crisp and quality content in the future.

Audacity Program:

Noise Reduction in Audacity So how does Audacity’s “Noise Reduction” feature work? It starts by having you select a few seconds of “silence” on the audio track you want to clean up. This lets Audacity analyze the “noise” you want it to remove. This sample should be free from any vocals, keyboard tapping, or even breath sounds. It should only be the sound of the room. To add this to your podcasting workflow, be sure to leave 10-15 seconds of silence at the start on each audio file you record. That’ll make the Noise Reduction process much quicker and easier, going forward. Once you’ve highlighted your section of silence in Audacity, click Effect on the menu running along the top of the screen. Then, select Noise Reduction, then click Get Noise Profile. There are some settings in this box that you can tinker with. But the default settings are almost always good enough for cleaning up the types of background noise we’ve discussed. These custom settings come in the form of 3 sliders, which you can slide to the right to increase the severity of the process. If you use harsh or extreme settings, you can start to destroy the vocals themselves. A classic sign of Noise Reduction overuse is an “underwater” sound on the voice, which is often worse than the noise you’re attempting to remove in the first place. Stick with the default settings here if you can. Another great source of information on how to use audacity is The Podcast Host. Check out the channel here for more information. Simply click OK and Audacity will run the noise reduction over the entire track. Play it back, and see how it sounds.

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