Ep. 22 Where My Reward Mula At?

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(Episode 22) In this podcast episode about the culture. We discuss the cunning of a criminal mastermind, Jeff Bezos & Blue Origin making history. Kind ofโ€ฆ  with a successful commercial space flight. The importance of demonstrating respect as a parent. Also, the Bootleg Fire that is raging through the north west and its impact thus far. 

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Where My Reward Mula At? (Episode 22) Karat Juice Podcast
Where My Reward Mula At? (Episode 22) Karat Juice Podcast – Audio Only




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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 0:40
Hello, and welcome to another episode of Karat Juice. I am your host, Montay Lee, I hope everybody’s doing great out there and join their day. This is episode 22. And we’re going to get it started off a little bit like this. Before we do that, if you haven’t already subscribed to the podcast, please like and share. And for everyone listening on YouTube, make sure that you like the video. You lend me a BMW, if you haven’t already. A BMW is if you believe in my work, show me some love, like, share, subscribe for the algorithm, all that good stuff. So we’re gonna get right into it here. And the first thing that I wanted to talk about today was the Big Blue Origin, story and launch that’s happening this week. So apparently, billionaires are going to space in droves. If you haven’t heard already, Richard Branson, who was the founder of the Virgin Mobile empire, successfully went into outer space, I believe it was two weeks ago for a brief period with his Virgin Galactic company and all their innovations, and today is July 20. And according to this article from ABC News, Blue Origin launch live updates watch Jeff Bezos historic spaceflight. So apparently, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is set to blast to the edge of space and spend a few minutes outside Earth’s atmosphere Tuesday on the first crew flight from his firm Blue Origin. So the mile style, the milestone launch in the modern commercial space race comes on the 52nd anniversary of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is Moon landing in 1969. Though the spacefaring landscape has evolved by giant leaps since then, as billionaires emerge as key players driving the new race to the cosmos. So all of a sudden, it’s like, billionaires are going out of space. Like it’s a commercial flight. This is crazy. I never thought I’d see the day where, I mean, billionaires were just like, Yeah, I’m gonna create my own company, and I’m going to be going into outer space so easily. It’s really insane innovation and how far they have come recently, with being able to do what they’re doing. This is jarring. And it’s really impressive. My only caveat and my only concern with this new trend would be I understand that money and influence gets you a lot of options. But are people who have money going to be the only people ever to be able to experience this? Innovation, I know that there’s privilege that comes with having resources and having money. However, if it’s only rich and wealthy people being able to experience this, I feel like that would be a waste. Hopefully they have like a at least like the ability to how No, you have a couple of tickets for researchers and scientists or for like a normal everyday person to possibly get the chance to go into outer space at some point through like a lottery or something like that, because I already know they’re going to be charging arm a leg two kidneys half along to get these tickets. No doubt about it. So the article goes on to say that Liftoff of the inaugural Blue Origin flight is scheduled for 9am from a rural complex just north of Van Horn, Texas. And we have some updates on the flight and stuff right now. So this was 923. So capsule lands back on Earth. After approximately 10 minute journey, the capsule floated back down to the earth by parachute, and touchdown at approximately 9:23am It was so amazing. It was so amazing Damon can be heard as saying upon landing so. So they did it, they successfully made it happen. Jeff Bezos and three passengers returned to Earth after historic flight to edge of space.

Wow. So they have footage of everything that happened on ABC News. So apparently, this is a historic day, and they’re going to have more commercial flights in the future. At a hefty price. So yeah, some history when it comes to space and innovation and exploration. And it’s really cool. As a young kid always was drawn to space and learning about the planets and learning about stars and solar systems and galaxy. And even to this day, I’m a huge science fiction buff scientific science fiction movie. Some of my favorite movies ever are the Alien movies. All of them Sigourney Weaver, I’m talking about like the first. The first two were amazing after that, they got kind of shaky, but you can’t be alien to. So anytime I see people doing this, going outer space and space exploration and experiencing that weightlessness, it kind of reminds me of when I was a kid, and when my my joy for just knowing about the universe and space and time and how everything interacts and just feeling so small looking up at the stars. It kind of brings me back to that time and it’s a beautiful thing. So we’re going to move on from there to the next topic. And I wanted to spend some some time on this topic. So courtesy of TMZ. We have quite the story here guys. So Tulsa, us most wanted woman gets herself busted after asking on Facebook posts about reward money. This article was posted on TMZ on July 19. And the article begins by saying if the show America’s Dumbest Criminals, is ever revived. It’s got prime content courtesy of a woman in Oklahoma who got herself arrested after commenting on Tulsa PDS Most Wanted Facebook post about her whereabouts abouts. Don’t you got that right. So here’s the deal. Tulsa PD posted that Lorraine graves as the weekly Most Wanted for accessory to murder in a homicide that went down earlier this year. Graves comment was about the reward money. She asked what’s where’s the reward money at? Not smart. To say the least. you comment on your own Most Wanted posts on Facebook

the post was quickly flooded with comments from others including a woman who say girl, you better stay off social media. They can track you exclamation point exclamation point. A man respond it ain’t going to be as funny when you get process. The post drew around 1200 comments where is the comments sent? That’s all I got to say. So the day after the posts cops say detectives track downgrades and arrested her and charged her with accessory to murder. Her bonds been set at 500k. So there were two other suspects previously arrested earlier in the year and were reportedly hit with murder charges for a shooting that killed a 30 year old man at an apartment complex. As for the reward money, there was a Facebook commenter wondering the same thing. Because the person asked, Well, does she get her reward money? And just a guest? Hell no. So I wanted to talk about this because the pool in the draw of social media is so strong that even that it, it caused a woman to post on social media on a post from the police. That her Most Wanted. Point, they’re trying to figure out where she is. And she commented on it and asked them where they’re warm and yet, like she was going to get reward money for turning herself in. You can’t make this stuff up. This lacks all common sense. Like the amount of attention and just lack of awareness, you have to have to go that far. To just completely not think about how you look in this situation. It’s really ridiculous. So all I have to say is get off of social media, some of y’all you’re not the smartest to begin with. And then you’re compounding it by looking for attention and seeking attention on social media. And I’m glad she was caught it she was associated with that murder. I will say but goodness gracious. Goodness gracious. How stupid can you be? Wow. So yeah, I wanted to talk about that. And the second story I wanted to talk about here is courtesy of blog plug and it’s caption father records daughter wildly disrespect to him on the phone. So I wanted to play this and then get an in react to it. So here we go here

Unknown Speaker 13:07
with me, talking to you, I don’t mind talking to you. Would you want him to let me ask the question before you try to ask. How are you? You just said how are you?

Unknown Speaker 13:21
Oh my goodness me. Why are you so rude to daddy. I don’t mind talking to you. But that doesn’t give you a reason to the road. You got to honor your mother and your father. Okay, I don’t want to. I get that much. But you don’t have to be rude about it. I said, I don’t want to know that. I heard you the first four times, but you still need to stop being rude. That’s the whole thing about it. I’m telling you something. You’re not listening. Because I’m the parent. You can’t tell me nothing. That’s the thing. I can express my feelings. You definitely can. But you can do that without being rude as well. That’s the whole thing. That’s the key. Don’t be rude. Don’t be disrespectful. Okay, but you don’t have to talk over me. But you don’t have to talk over me. So if you don’t want to talk and you’re going to talk over me you could just be quiet. Just be quiet. And let me say what I got to say. You get that from your mama. But I love you and I miss you anyway. It just it just be quiet.

Montay Lee 14:23
Wow. There, there was a lot there. And that is hard to hear how to feel sorry for that brother. How does it get to a point with your daughter where she could be so disrespectful to you? Clearly it looks like there’s some influence from the people that she’s around. We’ll just say that. That is causing her to not have respect for her own dad and One thing that I’m seeing a lot is the single parent household, single parents raising one another, raising the kids pardon. When the single parent talks bad about that child’s parent, I don’t think they really know how much it affects them. It really doesn’t only affect them in the moment in their interactions with their parent, in their present day, it also if it’s not corrected and addressed through therapy at some point, because they’re not being demonstrated healthy relationships in a healthy functioning home, it affects them moving on when they start dating, and going into high school in college and ultimately become an adult, because they never got to see what the healthy relationship was, like, demonstrated day to day. So that was just hard to see, I saw it on social media and man that that child sounded like she was no older than like, maybe eight or nine, and she was talking to her pops like that. So as a culture, we got to do better at having, you can not be with somebody and you could still be cordial. Or you could still treat them with respect, and not demean your significant other that you’re not no longer with, especially if there’s children in play, I don’t have any kids. But far too often. People demean the other parent to their children. And then their children have. View significant others view people that their relationship with through a lens that’s negative, and it only hurts the child at the end of the day. And we got to stop that pattern, especially in the black community. Because far too often, there’s too many single parent households, where healthy relationships aren’t being diminished demonstrated on the day to day. And that’s part of the reason why there’s so many single mothers, single children that have never seen what a healthy marriage and relationship looks like. And at the end of the day, if we don’t call out this stuff, and realize that it’s not okay, you cannot be with somebody and still treat them with respect. Now, if the person is not worthy of any respect, and isn’t doing anything, to take care of their kids, that’s a whole nother thing. But clearly, that brother was trying to speak to his daughter trying to continue to have a relationship with her. And he was not given the respect that he was looking for in that situation, which is hard, because there’s so many people that say, Well, my father walked away, and my father doesn’t want to be in my life. He wants to be in that child’s life. So I just wanted to highlight that, that you can really affect your children, by the way that you interact with them. And by the way you talk about their parents, so just be mindful of that. So yeah, I wanted to talk about those things. And I also wanted to talk about, just do another check in. I’ve been liking the change of pace with how I’m putting together this show in this podcast. And I wanted to talk about the state of the country right now, especially when it has to do with

all of these natural disasters through the fires that are going on. So the last topic that I wanted to talk about today, I don’t know if you guys have heard, but according to CNN. There’s a huge fire going on in the Oregon area right now. So this was this article is published by CNN, today, July 20. And I don’t want to m and it’s entitled The bootleg fire in Oregon is so large, it’s creating its own Weather. So as hot, dry weather conditions continue to fuel wildfires across much of the United States. The bootleg fire in Oregon has become so intense that it is creating its own weather. The bootleg fire has scorched 537 square miles and in an area larger than Los Angeles and about half the size of Rhode Island. It grew to nearly 364,000 acres Monday and is 30% contained. According to the Oregon Department of Forestry spoke spokesperson Marcus Kaufmann. So I didn’t even hear about this fire because it had been so many different fires going on in the West Coast. I felt well I know, over the past couple of years, I haven’t even heard about this. I also haven’t been on the news crazy like that. I kind of take my time and I source some of the topics that I talk about. But I had to take a break from the news, like watching the news because so much of the news for the past couple of years had all been about like Trump or whatever, and the media and the way they’ve handled, getting actual news out has been questionable at best. So I’ve been doing trying to be more diligent in sourcing my own news and coming up on my own opinion. So I haven’t been watching the news broadcast per se. But let’s go on with this article. So it’s one of at least eight large fires burning in Oregon, and one of at least at bringing across 13 states. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the climate crisis has made deadlier and more destructive wildfires, the new normal. So much of the West remains under the threat of fire conditions Tuesday with nearly 3.5 million people under red flag warnings. According to a tweet from the National Weather Service, Weather Prediction Center, a Red Flag Warning means critical fire weather conditions are either occurring now, or will shortly according to the Prediction Center. So I did hear about this, there’s been excessive excessive heat warnings, which will continue for more than 337,000 people and nearly 650,000 More are under a heat advisory. I have heard about that on the west coast that there’s been like record heat waves for like the past couple of weeks. What I want to know and what I need to, I guess be more educated about is what are we doing per se that is causing these changes in the climate, According to these researchers and environmentalists? Because what my response to that would be hasn’t the earth, just through millennia through over the years always changed climates no matter what. Because if I recall correctly, there was an ice age where

most of the world or big sections of it were frozen. And blizzard like conditions, very tight. Blizzard type conditions, very cold. There were woolly mammoth, all that in areas right now that are tropical, and over 1000s of years, millions of years, or what have you, whatever way you want to slice it. Eventually, the climates changed and had become tropical become deserts, what have you. So is it global warming from our carbon footprint? Or is it just the cycle of the earth? My response to that would be I believe that we do have some impact on it. But I believe that a lot of the things that are happening right now are just a natural flow of things that are going to happen regardless, because when you when I see these natural disasters, I see these rapid changes in weather and changes in climate over regions over time. I think that it’s just the earth healing itself. It’s just the earth going through its natural rhythm. And in a way protecting itself. If it’s an area that’s been high, highly populated over so much time, it has to protect itself in some way. And I think about it like sharecropping, like like actually Agriculture. Like if you continue to plant the same plant, I’m not a farmer. But I believe if you continue to plant the same crop, and the same soil over and over again, eventually the nutrients in the soil will not produce a good harvest. So that’s why they rotate crops. I think and my theory is the earth is doing that to itself. It is. These phenomenon these natural disasters are causing shifts in where people are, where infrastructure are is, things like that, to heal itself in a way. Because if I remember correctly fire, even though it’s devastating at its onset, it actually like invigorates growth, and helps plant life and nutrients of the soil eventually. So I think there’s something there. And there’s something about all of these phenomenon of these like lightning storms, and all this fire on the West Coast. If I’m somebody that’s living on the West Coast, I think it’s time to consider leaving moving somewhere where it’s not fires and earthquakes and landslides. I mean, at what point do you continue to live in an area where it’s these constant fires? How will be afraid to build and establish roots on that coastline? Because do these places? I don’t know, did they get fire insurance? Because that’s something that you would have to have who’s insurance, the insurance? Excuse me, who’s insuring these houses after all of these? How holidays crazy infernals over the past couple of years, like the insurance rates over there have to be insane. So I just wanted to bring this to light because it’s been a constant pattern, I think. So. Let’s go on with the article. Temperatures in the region will remain up to 10 degrees above normal over the next 48 hours. According to CNN meteorologist Michael guy. There’s also a chance of dry storms, which lacked the precipitation that it desperately needed to help calm the flames. So while some sporadic rain is possible across the intermountain west, this is not really going to do much in the way of fighting any of the wildfires out west. Some rain may fall from afternoon storms, but not but it but it not it might not be enough to stop or put out the fires that are ongoing. So yeah, so according this this bootleg fire is changing the weather. This satellite image posted by the weather service shows smoke from the fires in Western Canada and the intermountain west billowing over the region. So as the sun sets across the central and eastern United States is evening, smoky skies filled the horizon due to distant wildfires burning across western Canada and that inner Mountain West. Yeah, they got a picture up and is literally like the cloud is gray from space. That’s nuts. They’re calling these Pyro cumulus clouds.

And they form when extreme heat from the flames of a wildfire forced the air to rapidly rise condensing and cooling any moisture on smoke particles produced by the fire these clouds essentially become their own thunderstorms and can contain lightning and strong winds. The fire is so large and generating so much energy and extreme heat that is changing the weather. Normally, the weather predicts what the fire will do in this case the fires predicting what the weather will do. And that along with the prolonged drought is also fueling the fire conditions. And Kaufmann anticipated the massive Blaze will continue to grow. So the fire is burning didn’t fuels that are extremely dry from a prolonged drought. Up until today the weather has been consistently hot dry with near single digit humidity. So even though all of that is happening, the bootleg fire I don’t know who named that but the bootleg fire is the third largest fire in state history. Wow. So hope everybody is staying safe on the West Coast. I think a lot of people are evacuating at this point. And yeah, it’s a dangerous situation happening over there. So take care of yourselves everybody. It’s probably in your best interest to consider relocation If you’re on that West Coast area, just a thought. Because it seems like this is a pattern that’s gonna continue to happen, at least for the foreseeable future, unless they get fire retardant homes and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. So, yeah, this has been another episode of Karat Juice. I appreciate you guys for listening. Take care of yourselves. Do something good for somebody not expecting anything in return, hug somebody, love somebody. Eat some good food. I know I am. It’s Tuesday. So tacos are in my future. So with that being said, Take care of yourselves. Be well, and I’ll speak to you guys next week.

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