Omi in a hellcat going through HELL for Cash!

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(Episode 33) Omi in a hellcat going through HELL for Cash! This podcast is about Omi in a Hellcat. We talk about the recent news that he is facing up to 500 years for a federal piracy fraud case. Omi in a Hellcat has amassed a net worth of upwards of $50 million and is facing federal charges for money laundering, piracy, and other serious charges. Let’s talk about this and see if there is anything we can learn from Omi In a Hellcat’s situation. ย ย 

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Omi in a hellcat going through HELL for Cash! (Episode 33) Karat Juice Podcast
Omi in a hellcat going through HELL for Cash! (Episode 33) Karat Juice Podcast 

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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 1:14
Come on in guys. Come on in guys. Welcome to another episode of the Karat Juice Podcast. I am your host Montay Lee, I hope you guys are doing well. This episode is going to air on October 5. And I’m currently recording this on Sunday. However, I hope you guys are doing well. If you haven’t done so already, make sure that you like, share, subscribe to the video. If you’re watching on YouTube. If you’re watching it on your podcast player anywhere you listen to podcast, share this with a friend, leave a review on Apple podcasts or whatever platform that you’re on, it really helps out if you enjoy the content. Now today, we are talking about none other than Omi in a Hellcat. If you don’t know who Omean a Hellcat is I’m going to give you a biography of of him. And we’re also going to talk about the legal trouble that he is currently in. And we’re also going to go over his response to what’s been going on in the news. And this is going to tie in because I’ve been talking about finances recently here on this channel. And what we need to be doing to make sure that we are securing the bag and we’re not fumbling it on a daily basis. And I think this information is very important. So we are going to we’re going to talk about it. Let’s talk so if you don’t know who owned me and a Hellcat is let’s go into that right now. Alright, so this is a biography. short biography on Omi in a Hellcat, so all me in a Hellcat real name alright. Business Network Music Alright, so all me and a Hellcat is an American born entrepreneur, investor and YouTube personality he is popular. What? He is mostly known for parading his lifestyle on his YouTube channel. The channel at the time of this article had around 720,000 subscribers I think he’s over 800k Now this was published back February 1. Alright, so that’s only there. Alright. So Omi in healthcare, he lives a good life. Even though he started small he worked, delivering pizza and reselling electronics and games on the internet before venturing into the IT world. He is currently living one of the most flashy and lavish lives a majority of people only dream of Alright, real name is Bill Charis quillow and born August 6 1986, in the United States, he’s African American married has a net worth of over $50 million. And how did he amass this wealth? Let’s go into that. So what does Omi in a Hellcat do Omi is involved in several businesses venture business ventures. He started from the bottom as a pizza delivery guy for close to five years later on, he ventured into another business. Unfortunately it paid off. He became an entrepreneur, it started reselling games. He then moved to the world of IT and established a hosting company. He hosted popular games such as Grand Theft Auto Five and Minecraft, among others. He went on to become an app developer, he successfully developed and sold several apps, Omar cares quillow also ventured into IPTV with streams television accounts, over the internet he found it the IPTV application known as Gear TV reloaded. Unfortunately, the app was shut down during an FBI raid in his home. Only in a Hellcat, business and IPTV enabled him to make a huge fortune. He used it for his entrepreneurship deals and construction and real estate and nightclub businesses. He owns a restaurant to nightclubs named Philly 21 a unicus. So Bill Cara squee LO is a popular YouTuber as well. A majority of the people know him from the Omi and a Hellcat utet YouTube channel The channel was created on February 5 2016, but he started posting regularly in May 2019. He uses the channel to showcase his day to day life at times he uploads some inspirational video clips to motivate his subscribers and fans. So far, the channel has gained around 720 1000 subscribers and millions of views. Omi and a Hellcats music after moving away from selling drugs, Omar cares cuido had a short stint in the music world he gained fame for his worldwide hit dubbed cheerleader a remixed version by German DJ Felix Ah, that was him

Are you serious? He signed to Ultra Music a part of I like that song, a part of Sony Music on 10th October 2015 he released the debut album me for you owe me and a Hellcat songs includes know the feeling waste my time callback chosen one only and a Hellcat was arrested in November 2019. For a raid by the FBI, the whole operation took place in course for around four to five hours. And then we’re going to get to that. All right. So that’s a brief biography on the guy here very successful multiple business $50 million net worth. Got into the IT world learn how to develop x and then he dealt develop apps. And then he eventually use those skills in that skill set to eventually create an IPTV application called gears reloaded where he was selling a streaming service to people and he amassed millions upon multi millions of dollars. At least over $30 million at the low end due to this application is what I’m hearing. So let’s go into the indictment. Okay. So according to New York YouTube star Omi in a Hellcat indicted in $30 million TV piracy scam, a famous New Jersey YouTuber was arrested by the FBI and charged in one of the largest illegal TV pyrite pirating rings ever known to his over 800,000 YouTube followers, as Omi in a Hellcat or as high end luxury vehicles collection Bill Charisse Guillaume 34 is charged with conspiracy to commit copyright infringement, tax evasion, and fraud for illegal online streaming service websites. Partners Jesse Gonzalez 42 and Michael Barone. 36 have also been charged according to the 69 page 62 count indictment the partners ran an illegal streaming services service from 2016 to 2019 have various times called reboot, gears, TV reloaded and gears reloaded that offered subscribers all inclusive access to content from the likes of Comcast Verizon, Verizon Fios, DirecTV TV, HBO and others for as low as $15 a month. Prosecutors allege they collected over 30 million in subscription fees, which they tried to hide by distributing to various apps and bank accounts. Charisse quillow, who live streams is live streamed his arrest Tuesday claims that he pays subscription fees for all of the subscriptions and content services that he later broadcasts out to historical subscribers. In November 2019 cares qui Lowe’s home was raided by federal agents who sees 35 million in assets and 57 luxury cars including Lamborghinis, Bentleys and Rolls Royces. They came back for things they allegedly I did. Alright, we’re going to get into his response. All right. So that’s the indictment. Alright. And we’re going to get into his response. We’re going to get into his response. But right now, what I am thinking about this situation is the thing that said about this situation is it appears the man has a great business mindset and entrepreneurial spirit. He understands how to make money, he understands how to market things. Why can’t you use those skills and that skill set that you have to do things on the up and up and be legit about it. You have the ability to develop apps you have the ability to market have to build Ready to make moves and to run successful businesses, it seems. So what I don’t understand is why do you have to be, you know, stealing IP from people. And I know he’s gonna have his day in court. And I mean, innocent until proven guilty. But I mean, there’s so much potential here, when it comes to just the business acumen and the business mindset. He’s a great marketer and everything when it comes to the business side of things. And it’s unfortunate that he hasn’t been using his skill set and his ability to make money on the up and up, because I do think there’s a lot of good qualities here on how he was able to amass so much wealth with his ability to maneuver to make money. I mean, you got to give him some kudos for that. But like, let’s get into his response to this entire situation, and see if there’s anything that we can learn from this ordeal, because I’ll get to it, but one of my thoughts is, it’s just like how much money is enough?

Do you really have to start and show off every little thing you had? The reason why you got caught up because he got on Instagram, he got on YouTube and everything. And he was showing off all of these crazy cars that he had. Lamborghinis. Lambo trucks, supercharged Hellcats Rolls Royces. Like he had an amazing car collection. Apparently, I never checked it out and stuff on YouTube, but from what I’m hearing, he has, like, the car collection of car collections. And that’s part of the reason why he got caught, it seems because the FBI or whatever, they looked into all of these cars, all of these wealth, all of these mansions, all these business businesses that he was buying up real estate and all that. And they were like home. He has about 700,000 subscribers on YouTube. Roughly that would that would equate to this amount of money. And it didn’t connect with how much money he was showing off and buying stuff with. It was just like, yeah, people that have you know, a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube make a good amount of money, but they’re not balling like that. And that’s kind of what got us started and go in so many words. So let’s see his response to all of this. So this is courtesy of Fox 20 And he gives his response to what happened in this situation, so I’ll pull it up here. Alright, so let’s see what he has to say.

Reporter 12:47
Arches tonight he’s talking to us. I’m Jason Martinez. Now the YouTuber in question, Omi in a Hellcat. 800,000 followers, luxury cars and an indictment on several charges Chris times yours. That’s right Jason after a two-year investigation and a 69-page federal indictment. Prosecutors say this famous local YouTuber ran one of the largest TV pirating rings they’ve ever seen. And true to his social media persona. Omi in a Hellcat says he’s not backing down. Known by more than a million followers for showing off his high-end cars expensive jewelry and megawatt smile. He’s the YouTube and Instagram sensation known as Omi in a Hellcat. But in the 62 count federal indictment, he’s known by his government name Bill Omar Carrasquillo charged with conspiracy to commit copyright infringement tax evasion and fraud.

Omi 13:54
I don’t think I ever did anything wrong. Obviously, I was running businesses wide open in the public. So now we just got to see we have gotten hammered in court now

Reporter 14:04
fresh out of federal custody and with a camera in hand. The 34-year-old social media star spoke with us outside his Swedesboro home the property dotted with nearly a dozen white high-end cars, SUVs, and motorcycles. You’re saying you’re completely innocent of those

Omi 14:21
I’m not completely innocent would be a false statement. Now Ignorance is no excuse for a long

Reporter 14:26
Carrasquillo is accused of running an illegal multimillion-dollar TV streaming Empire by retransmitting cable signals from companies like Verizon and Comcast. He would then charge a $15 monthly subscription to find the loophole.

Montay Lee 14:44
Great back in November. But let me just list let’s just stop there. How crazy does that sound? In theory man

Guys, if you’re in a situation like this, Listen, I’m not an attorney, I can’t give you legal counsel or anything. But if you’re in a situation like this and you’re indicted, and you have upcoming pending charges, felony charges, you could be facing up to 500 years. Don’t say, I found a loophole about don’t say nothing. Just go talk to your attorney, man. And that’s something that’s an issue that comes up far too often in this day and age. In the social media era. In the Content Creation era, people don’t know when to just shut up and don’t say anything. You don’t always have to respond to something on social media or on YouTube something’s just let your legal representation say what you need to say because things could get taken out of context. And like anything you say or do will be hold held against you in a court of law. So the fact that he said, I found a loophole is very problematic, to say the least, very problematic. let’s uh, let’s get to the end of this video. Here. Stolen

Reporter 16:26
2019 Carrasquillo’s home was raided by agents who hauled away more than $35 million in assets confiscated dozens of properties around Philadelphia, a Bentley, a Tesla and a Rolls Royce

Omi 16:40
Do I think that I that I blatantly just ran away from the law and try to evade and trotted money, none of that stuff I’ve ever done.

Reporter 16:50
Well, a federal jury may decide that in a trial that’s expected to come here in the federal courthouse in Philly sometime next year, you can find that entire interview I did with that social media star on our website, Fox 20 Or you could also scan that QR code on the bottom of your screen guys, Crystal calm,

Montay Lee 17:12
wow. Sometimes you didn’t need to shut up. You don’t always have to respond to everything. Okay. Sometimes less is more. And let me wrap to you guys real quick. How much money is enough? How much money is enough? Far too often in our community, we let stunning and trying to show out. Take away our freedom. For what it seems like he was successful. And he had good things going from the unique 50 million out I would rather have two or 3 million the right way legally invest it get compound interest. I talked about compound interest in one of my last videos, go ahead and check that out to see what I’m talking about. If you have two or $3 million dollars, sitting and making money for you, that’s better than getting 50 mil or 30 mil the wrong way. And then not being able to use it because you’re going to your time is going to be taken away. Guys, the most important thing that you can never get back I’ve talked about this before is your time. You can not buy back time. Time once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. So you need to value your time. Focus on using that skill set that mindset that you have the ability I know that people want money and money is not a bad thing. But it’s in moderation. And it’s the right way if you get money the right way, and you’re not deceiving people, excuse me to see the people or in jeopardy of losing your freedom your time then, by all means, be all you can be but far too often. This stunt lifestyle and the ability to want to flex and the the the want to just done for no apparent reason like is the reason why so many people are behind bars losing their freedom. It’s not worth it. At the end of the day, that’s what I want to say it’s not worth it. Okay. So, focus on gaining a skill set focus on obtaining money legally. Whether that be through running a business, whether that be through developing yourself and figuring out what you’re strong at what you’re good at, and adding value to others. other people, you can do it legally. It might not be 10s of millions of dollars, but it could be. But promise me, promise me that you do that promise me that you will not fumble the bag and your time and your life trying to stump like some of these people out here. It’s not worth it. Hey, I like cars. I like nice things and everything, but I’m gonna do it the right way. Alright, I’d much rather have $2 million in the right way than 20 million and be looking at prison. Be looking at losing your time. Your time is the most important thing that you have in this world. And a lot of people don’t understand that. So don’t get caught out here stun Na, if you’ve got a pending court date or anything like that. Just let your legal risk representation talk for you. Don’t go and flog about it. I mean, I know it’s I’m a Commonsensiologist I know it’s just common sense. But Goodness gracious man! You ain’t got to talk all the time. Sometimes you just need to shut up. Okay. And that’s been another episode here on the Karat Juice, keeping it short and sweet this week. I hope you guys are doing well. Staying safe out here with C-19. Apparently, still kickin and still apparently taking people’s lives. So be safe out here. And yeah, I’ll see you guys in the next podcast next week. And like I say every week, love somebody, hug somebody. Do something good for someone not expecting anything in return. Learn from situations like this. So it’s not you that is facing something like this just because you’re trying to start on a grant. And I’ll speak to you guys next week. Peace

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