Dababy & Danileigh DRAMA Act 1 & 2

Episode Summary

(Episode 39) In this podcast episode for the culture, we discuss Dababy & Danileigh & their evolving online drama. I’m Protecting Myself’! That is what Dababy said to Danileigh his child’s mother before he kicked her out of his house on IG (Instagram) live. Rapper, Dababy was not having it and he kicked his baby mother, Danileigh (singer) out of his house during a dispute according to reports. It was reported initially as a potential domestic situation and many were quick to blame the rapper, Dababy, for how he handled the situation. Dababy called the cops on Dani Leigh and he indicated that she was actually the aggressor in the situation. Dababy said that he started recording Danileigh to protect himself. In this episode we will dive into what has been reported. I will also give my thoughts, perspective and commentary on this developing story. Lastly, Dababy has been in the news constantly for controversial behavior, however, it is my goal to look at the context and nuance in every situation that I cover. Let’s talk about it. 

Check out the full videos on YouTube here:

https://youtu.be/99ZuY0tZlE4 Source courtesy of TMZ. 

https://www.tmz.com/2021/11/15/dababy-fight-with-baby-mama-danileigh-child-cops-called/ https://mtonews.com/danileigh-attacks-da-baby-in-front-of-child-u-aint-gonna-bring-a-black-man-down-vid DaBaby booted his baby mama from his house while she was trying to feed their infant child — or at least he tried to — before calling the cops in a nasty fight captured on video. The rapper filmed part of some sort of altercation Sunday between himself and singer DaniLeigh — whom he’s been seeing on and off for the past handful of years … and whom he now shares a daughter with, who was born in August. 

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