Ep. 19 “Pay me & my man’s bills even when I’m done with you” – Blu Jasmine


On this episode… a condo in Miami area collapsed last week leaving many deceased, condolences to the families, and we discuss the latest in that situation. People flocking from Cali to Texas in droves. OnlyFans is moving away from Spicy Content and Blu Jasmine still needs her bills paid. This week on ‘Things that I wish I knew when I was 17’ … Don’t flaunt and stunt with a lifestyle that you don’t plan on upholding.





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Podcast Transcript:

Montay Lee 0:35
What’s up YouTube Karat Juice Podcast here for another video, you guys saw the title, you saw the thumbnail, you know exactly what we are talking about here today. So we’re going to get right into the content. Today we are talking about Blue Jasmine. And in conversation that was recently just posted on a great content creators channel, ate at the table, shout out to them, make sure that you check out their content, they have some great conversations over there. I’m going to leave a link to the description in the description to their content, make sure you support the original content creator. Today we are doing a reaction to some conversation that’s in lady’s hat. And particularly what Blue Jasmine said about getting proposed to and if getting proposed to is actually winning at the end of the day. So without further ado, let’s get right into the content. Courtesy of hate at the table on YouTube

Blu Jasmin 1:39
Yeah, I feel like there’s a lot of mine you know, you got to give and take away you got to give and take away man you got to train them like I don’t know how you that’s how. Okay, welcome my dog. So they’re easy to three times, and yeah, so it’s just like I don’t know man is easy.

Montay Lee 2:14
So Aaron, how did you I want to hear from you. When I went down.

Unknown Speaker 2:19
I did to get marine I’m be wrong. It’s like, I’ve always been like a rough and tumble rough and tough type girl. So I was always the, like, I was the woman that knew about football. I knew by video games, I knew that. I was always cool. Like you said, like, I was always cool, you know? And so we, whoever I dated, I got along with very well. Hi. But not but listen, it’s a journey. All right. It’s a journey. And I think that every relationship that was worthwhile to me, started on a vibe, it was on a friendship, which is how me and my husband met Yes, I haven’t dude at the time. And it was some bullshit around that. But my husband, we were just friends, we literally friends, we went to school together, we studied together, I didn’t even know he liked me like that.

Blu Jasmin 3:13
And from like the pattern that I’ve seen, I feel like if men could envision a bigger life with you than they can like by themselves Yeah, then that’s when they want you to be by the side like this woman could take me XYZ place and without her I don’t see that before her I see that. I feel like that’s a common denominator in the men that I

Montay Lee 3:33
know I’m gonna stop are right there with a man that you want to be with. This is my opinion here, a man that you want to be with, is already going to have a plan is already going to have a purpose is already going to have his thing going, you are just going to be an addition to that, and you are going to make his life easier. But you’re not going to elevate him. He should already be on the trajectory of what he’s going to be. And then you are in addition to that, not you being with him is going to be the reason why successful he’s going to be successful other wet either way. Because a man who’s on his purpose on his grind and doing the things that he needs to do is inherently motivated. He’s not motivated by women. That’s a big misconception. Okay, let’s get back to what they were saying. I just had to interject there. Let’s continue…

Blu Jasmin 4:38
in with like, every time that they’re with me they’ve uplift they’ve uplifted from the moment where you know what I mean? And then when I leave them they go back down but that’s

Unknown Speaker 4:49
I don’t really know

Montay Lee 4:50
You heard what she said right there? When she leaves the guys that she was with they go back down. You know what that sounds like to me? That sounds like a The men that she’s been dealing with, don’t value themselves or are, aren’t of as much value. She doesn’t respect them. Because, first of all, you’re not going to be leaving men who you respect who you have value in, she obviously didn’t respect these men, they might be high earners, but she didn’t respect them. That’s what I sense in that, okay? Because you’re not going to be getting proposed two, three times and taking the ring of a man that you respect in value that that checks off everything that you want, and then leaving, there’s a lack somewhere that she was seeing in some of those men. That’s why she didn’t accept and eventually get married to them. Or they decided to walk the other way with her. But usually, if a woman accepts the ring from a man that she values and respect, she’s gonna get married to that man. If that’s the case, I was like, to be honest, like,

Unknown Speaker 5:58
I think when you put it out there sometimes for someone when you put it out there, you’re what you want. You know, for me, I put it out there. I told my man when I met him, that Listen, I’m not gonna shack up with you for 10 years and a house. I’m not doing that if we live in together and we, this is the second year now what’s going on

Unknown Speaker 6:23
I will tell you this, I will tell you this. Me My husband, we both we left law school at two different semesters. He love Spring of a year and I left like the following semester. And I was like, Look, we ain’t married. We ain’t engaged. I’m going back to Houston. I’m gonna give me a job. I’m gonna buy me some real property. I’m gonna do XYZ and I did exactly that. And I was like, if you want me in your life, it is up to you to make that decision. Yeah, because in the meantime, I’m going to do me right? So ultimatum it was just a status. It was a status check. It was what I was going to do. So I feel like I feel like with without him I was gonna do that. So it’s like, if you feel like you want me in your life, that you need to man up and do what you want to do. Because you weren’t the only one that won’t me. Yeah. You feel me? Like like I’m a D list celebrity in Houston. You feel me?

Montay Lee 7:27
I actually like the Bible. What I’ll add to that is what she did right there was correct. I mean, she made it a requirement for him to be with her to marry marry her. She made it a requirement she didn’t give them an ultimatum she said Hey, this is what I want. And this is what I’m going to do and if you want to continue this, this is what I need. And then she went about her life and then he realized that she was adding value beyond what other chicks were doing out there and then he made her honest woman and I think that’s an A that that’s a good approach she didn’t she required something else beyond what a lot of women modern women are doing when they think dealing with the guy is actually winning getting proposed two three times is actually winning. I don’t know you guys talk to me is getting proposed to winning let’s continue with this here

Unknown Speaker 8:36
they know Me Me st street people in the streets know me so at the end of the day you always only one and don’t ever forget it and I think and I think when I made that no my go we was cold kicking in MBR bedrooms with Southern University last week when we were there. I guess they liked me here but in Houston they love me thank you and using the fourth largest city baby they love me I love some Aaron Campbell You know I’m saying so I think that pillow jolt in the system. What’s going on? Dude you want to do? Because they don’t do what they want to do

Unknown Speaker 9:32
that leads into like keeping the suspense and always keeping your partner on they told them no one like, like, I’m that bitch. Like

Montay Lee 9:40
keep doing that

Unknown Speaker 9:46
on arrogantly if that’s a good word, like it’s arrogant, but it’s an arrogant like I’m not trying to insult you, but I’m trying to let you know kinda like making kind of like I was said earlier which What you won’t do another woman will show it’s like Do you have to learn how to submissively let him know that without being so thoughtful in his face like

Montay Lee 10:17
just talking over each other at this point, I am going to end it there for what they are talking about. Put it back on me. So that last part that they just mentioned that they talked about, I thought it was important. Because it talks about keeping that competition there. And there is some validity to that. And what I would interject because I’m giving you the men’s perspective, the man’s perspective, just like what future says. Be don’t get too comfortable. I love that song. Right here. You guys ever listen to this, um, let’s see what the track is which which track number it is, oh, side see. Side see track to see that right there. Check out that song. too comfortable. Check that out. Check that out too comfortable, okay. And what he says is that is b Don’t get too comfortable. Be don’t get too comfortable talking about, hey, if you’re in relationship with me, things are going well, and everything that’s all well and good. But don’t get too comfortable. Because when somebody gets too comfortable in a relationship, it can derail the whole thing. Because that competition is good. It keeps people on their toes in a healthy way to say, hey, if you’re not up to par, and you’re not holding up, you’re into the bar end of the bargain, because I’m going to do that as a man, I’m gonna provide I’m gonna protect, I’m gonna keep myself in shape and fit, I expect you to do the same. And that’s one of the best things you can do for your significant other is to make sure that, hey, you are desirable, and there are other people seeking you that makes you attractive, people are attracted to people who are attractive. If your significant other goes out and never gets any attention from the opposite sex. That’s a problem. And you have to be secure in that. And just to tie it all in to what was being said in this conversation. I do not think that just getting proposals is a win. For women, I’m going to bring myself in here. I do not think that just getting proposals is a win for women. And why do I say that? Because the end goal for you in the end game? If that’s what you want is to get the ring and to get the title of wife. Oh, you could deal with a lot of guys, you could get a lot of proposals. But why are you not going through with the marriage? Nine times out of 10 you do not respect that man that proposed to you. Because if you respect to him enough, and he had enough value, you would go through with the marriage. So Blue Jasmine right here is kept talking about she’s been proposed to three times and all that all that stuff at that man was a man that she actually wanted, she would be married right now. And that’s just kind of my position on it. You guys can let me know what you think. Let me know what you think in the comments. I’m interested in knowing how you feel about this topic is getting proposed to winning in fellows. How many times have you heard a lady say, I’ve been proposed two to three times no ring. In men. What do you count? Do you count proposals? Or do you count marriages over here when it comes to winning? Because at the end of the day, it’s a woman’s It’s a man’s man’s job. The majority of time in the dating game to attract women. It’s the females job, the woman’s job to retain the man. And I think that gets misconstrued a lot with what we got going on. So hey, that’s been another video here on the Karat Juice Podcast channel. I really appreciate you for watching. Go ahead and like the video for the YouTube algorithm. Subscribe to the channel to get more content like this and hit the notification bell select all and enable your notifications. So anytime I dropped some content, you could be the first to watch it. I really appreciate you see you in the next video. Take care yourself. Peace.

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